Hydrology9 Vaporizer Review: Is it Worth it

Hydrology9 challenged all the conventional methods in which a vaporizer operates. The body is extremely stylish and eye-catching.

Party freaks, especially the youngsters, are becoming loyal to this product and the reasons are different. Many people love the way the manufacturer has integrated a water tank to maintain the vapor quality.

Other buyers rate this masterpiece as a very cool device that is portable and stylish to vape at parties and far-off trips.

The looks are not the only cool thing that you receive while investing your hard-earned money in the device. The water tank absorbs all the unnecessary amounts of heat from the vapors so that you receive a stream of well-cooked but mild vapors.


The battery is not up to the mark but the durability and vapor quality are something that will impress you the most. All these features are discussed in detail.

We suggest you keep scrolling and know more about the Hydrology9 vaporizer so that you get enlightened before committing to a purchase.

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Hydrology9 Review [Cloudious9 Top Rated]


hydrology9 review

Let’s start the review by calling this vaporizer the wizard from the sapphire valley. Hydrology9 is a very unique vaporizer when the design is concerned. It is a decent-looking metallic and blue shade device that gives a cool look.

The body has metallic connections for easy assembling which is necessary during the filling process. Other than this, we need to study different parts that it consists of.

First of all, you will find a metallic base that contains the battery, chamber, and heating system. Then comes the glass chamber that holds the water. The mouthpiece is also extremely stylish with a metallic lid to give an attractive look, to say the least.


Hydrology9 is a specialist when it comes to cooking dry herbs. The company has developed it to handle all sorts of herbs stuffed inside the chamber. On the contrary, this thing is bad for versatile smokers because the device is not suitable for concentrates.

You should consider this factor before buying this product because you surely won’t like to spend more money on buying a separate concentrate-oriented vaporizer.

Heating time

The heating time is not that long. It will take around 10 to 20 seconds to prepare vapors for the very first draw. This makes it the first choice for many online streamers who like an on-a-go vaporizer. During these 20 seconds, the vapors are cooked evenly and accurately to ensure a better user experience.

Temperature range

The temperature range is also not as ideal as most of the other devices in the market. You will get narrow temperature levels to improvise with. Moreover, this range is entirely preset so you cannot innovate and the choice is limited.


There are 5 different temperature settings available with different colors. The colors make it easy to know the level at which the herb is being heated but the range is still a problem. The automatic heating options are:

  1. Blue – 200 Celsius
  2. Yellow – 210 Celsius
  3. Orange – 220 Celsius
  4. Purple – 230 Celsius
  5. Red – 240 Celsius

Heating system

The heating system is entirely based on direct heating where the vapors are exposed to the traditional conduction method.

The manufacturer has integrated a stirring mechanism to make sure that the herbs are continuously mixed to avoid the impairment of vapor smell. The vapor path is made of glass to further reduce the chances of metallic taste.

There is no convection heating and the cooling system is there to absorb all the unnecessary and harsh levels of heat from the vapors before they reach your mouth. Even the mouthpiece is insulated perfectly to make protect you against any sort of burn.

No leakage

The best part about carrying a Hydrology9 in your bag or the pants pocket is the leakage-free action. The water tank contains a valve system to keep the water content intact and prevent the flow of water outside the body. On the other side, the water path is well designed to keep the device compact and stylish.

Battery life

Battery specifications can be frustrating most of the time. It takes about 3 hours for Hydrology9 to charge completely. The battery drains within 90 minutes which is below par, especially considering the features provided by other vaporizers in the market.

If you calculate the battery life to charging time ratio, you would see that the value is 0.5 (which is nearly poor).


The controllability is physical. This means that you cannot handle the device using a Bluetooth app or other wireless means.

There is one other thing that bothers us is that the device consumes way too much battery considering the controllability is physical and the Hydrology9 does not need to connect itself to a wireless app.


The company offers the same 2 years warranty contract like any other reputable vaporizer brand. This period covers all the manufacturing defects and quality-related issues.



  • The stylish look and new edge design are loved by many users.
  • The heating time is not ideal but better than the majority of other substitutes.
  • The heating system is unique and worth trying.
  • One of the few products with a vapor cooling system.
  • The system is leakage-free so you can carry it in your bag while traveling.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty contract to assure quality failure.


  • The vapors are inconsistent and the draws are thicker.
  • The temperature range is narrow and the settings are preset so you cannot innovate.
  • Controls are physical and there is no Bluetooth app support for convenience.
  • Battery life is the worst with almost double charging time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hydrology9 the best vaporizer?

The Hydrology9 vaporizer is the best is still a debatable topic but the discussion of it being a unique vaporizer is valid. The Hydrology9 has a water tank system that cools the vapors before they reach your mouth.

This feature prevents your lungs from receiving red hot vapors that might put stress on them. Moreover, the looks are admired by almost all the buyers because there is metallic and glass built with several colors at different temperature levels.

The battery life and the inconsistency of vapors can be a problem, but this vaporizer is still termed the best casual party vaporizer available.

What comes in the Hydrology9 box?

The box contains almost everything that you need to start vaping. You will find a Hydrology9 device with a USB cable and an adapter.

Other than this, you will require a cleaning kit to take good care of the outer as well as the inner parts. The company provides a cleaning kit in the package with a user manual for convenience in use.

How much is Hydrology9?

The Hydrology9 vaporizer is sold in the market for a price of 300 dollars. This price is higher than the market and most of the potential buyers leave the product for being at much higher levels of price.

Is Hydrology9 worth the money?

Hydrology9 is by far the most stylish vaporizer that you will find in the market. The water tank along with the vibrant colors will mesmerize everyone who will see you vaping on the online streams and parties.


The device is certainly not worth as much as any other vaporizer in the same price range if you consider the combination of the feature. On the other hand, if looks and class are your foremost priority then paying a 300-dollar price will prove to be a fruitful investment.

Is Hydrology9 safe?

Medically, this vaporizer is the most suitable for vaping because each stream of vapors is cooled down at a mild level. This feature puts the least amount of stress on the lung and trachea.

The mouthpiece is insulated properly to reduce the risks of getting burnt. The charging cable and adapter are high-quality so there is no risk of electric mishap.

Does Hydrology9 smell?

The Hydrology9 vaporizer has several factors which diminish the vapor taste and smell. Conduction heating is the first thing where the herbs are heated directly.

Direct heating can ruin the fun at high temperatures. The company has introduced a stirring mechanism, but the vapors are still inconsistent, and you might feel the draws getting thick over time.

Furthermore, the water tank requires a regular change of water to reduce the pungent taste that you might experience when the water gets old.

What temperature should I set Hydrology9?

Keep the temperature between low or medium settings to maintain the quality of vapors. The heating system is conduction so heating the herbs at a high temperature for an extended time will ruin the flavor.

Even a medium-high temperature is not a problem because there is a cooling system to absorb unwanted heat from the vapors. High-temperature levels also reduce the overall battery life of the device so you need to consider these factors while traveling or being outside your home.

Can you use Hydrology9 while charging?

We recommend you not to use the device while charging it. The battery takes almost 3 hours to charge completely while the battery is consumed in around 90 minutes. This means that it takes almost double the time to charge the Hydrology9 vaporizer.

When a user uses the device during the charging, the heating system and water bubble cooling system consume 2 units of charging while gaining 1 unit of charging. The battery will suffer a great deal of load if you do this.


Does Hydrology9 get you high?

This is a very popular myth where people believe that getting high depends on the type of vaporizer that you are using but this is not the case. It is entirely dependent on the type of herb that you are smoking. Yes, several factors can increase the pleasure while vaping.

This device has an efficient cooling system that ensures a mild and well-cooking stream of vapors. The draws are a bit thick so this might interrupt the pleasure but in general, the experience is pretty good.

How long does Hydrology9 battery last?

You can easily manage 4 to 6 bowls after completely charging the battery. The battery depends on the temperature that you set while using the vaporizer & the length of the continuous smoking session.

A single bowl can give you give 6 to 7 hits so the tally reaches 42 hits in a single charging cycle (using the optimal power settings). The battery timing is approximately 90 minutes if you are looking for the estimate in minutes.

Should You Buy Hydrology9?

Hydrology9 is regarded as one of the most stylish vaporizers in the market. There is a specific consumer base that loves the product for the newer and unique technology. The vaporizer is quite popular among youngsters and the reasons are evident.

You will find almost all the other products with the same dull plastic body or a shiny metallic outer. There is no other product introduced that can break this trend but the Hydrology9 has been one major innovation in this regard.

Who would have thought that the thermal absorption feature of water will be used in a vaporizer to cool the hot stream of vapors?

The cooling system and the looks are the foremost things that you should consider before purchasing the product because these features are the only real win while using this product.

All the other features are either market equivalent or worse than normal market criteria. The problem in opting for this product is the battery life and the inconsistencies in the flow of vapors through the vapor pathway.

Our review has discussed all the factors that will either prove convenient for you or inconvenient. The real compatibility depends on your usage.

As a general guideline, this product is suitable for casual smokers with looks as a preference. We do not recommend this vaporizer to chain smokers or to those who vape now and then.

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