Haze V3 Vaporizer Review

The Haze V3 vaporizer is one of its kind when it comes to vaping whether it’s concentrated, dry herb, or e-liquids. It works well with all of them. A long battery life that is rechargeable and a lightweight portable design makes it almost perfect.

It consists of dual bowls that’s one of the most unique things that help it stand out among others. With potent and flavorsome cloud vapors you are likely to enjoy this device for a long time.

Along with the fact that it is multifaceted, that means it can handle all kinds of vaping materials that work well. A major improvement to the mouthpiece ensures that the flavor is wholesome and delicious. So let’s deep dive into what this amazing portable vaporizer offers.

Haze V3 Vaporizer Review

How does it work?

The working of this device is simple and easy to understand. All you need to do is to fill out either of the two chambers or you can fill them both up at the same time, for multipurpose use.

The chambers can be filled with all kinds of herbs, concentrates, and e-liquids heating up of the device is a bit technical as you need to know which side corresponds to which chamber.

As the heating chamber will start heating once you move the switch on either side. To consume the vapor you need to slide the mouthpiece out of the device to inhale the vapor. That’s what makes it so compact as the mouthpiece is also placed inside the device.

The device makes it very easy to switch between both chambers as all you need to do is push down the mouthpiece inside the device and then move the switch over to the other side for the heating of that chamber to begin.

Then you can move the mouthpiece outside again and wait for it to be fully heated and then vape.

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Temperature setting:

The device comes with 4 preset temperature settings that are as follows:

Preset 1: 365 degrees Fahrenheit

Preset 2: 385 degrees Fahrenheit

Preset 3: 395 degrees Fahrenheit

Preset 4: 420 degrees Fahrenheit

These configurations will give you exceptional quality vapor and it will be potent and flavorsome. The density of the vapor has also been improved by a lot and provides exceptional vapor.

The convection heating method is much better than the conduction but depends on the users’ preference. This vaporizer works well in slow and easy vaping sessions rather than a couple of quick hits hence when using it you may want to take your time and enjoy the flavor slow and easy.

Vapor quality:

As mentioned before the vapor quality of all the chambers is excellent and gives top-notch high quality potent and flavorsome vapors. The best part is you can use either side of the vaporizer and use it for vaping either concentrates, herbs, or e-liquids and the quality of the vapor does not diminish.

One of the coolest parts about the vaporizer is the vapor path as it has a patented heat exchange system installed in the device. The vapor path is constructed with high-quality materials like stainless steel chambers and stainless steel vapor path that allows the vapor to cool down by the time it reaches your mouth.

The simple mechanism it uses is to pull the cool air from outside the device and then pass it through the eating chamber that will allow it to heat up and become flavorsome and then it passes through the stainless steel vapor path that allows it to cool down.

Pretty sleek isn’t it? The heating time of the device is 50 to 60 seconds and the best part is that the herb is evenly cooked throughout the process and you do not have to use a stirring tool to get an even cook.

Built quality:

The built quality is exceptional as the device is sturdy and has many compartments for different purposes. The switch on top moves about easily and doesn’t gt lose after a couple of uses.

The device is strong and sturdy and fits well into the hand. The battery compartment has its own opening and closing switch that allows it to close and lock on its own easily.

The mouthpiece is also hidden inside the device and it has two mouthpieces one being the glass and the other one being stainless steel. This again depends on the user’s preference on which one they want to use.

Battery life:

The battery inside this device is removable and replaceable by the user. The manufacturer provides batteries along with the whole package. The batteries used inside this device are 18650 2600 mah batteries which are very powerful for a device this small.

It also comes with a propriety charging dock that charges both batteries. However, it does take longer to charge the batteries as they are pretty hefty and it could take up to 3 hours to charge the batteries.


Naturally, the size of the device says it all. It is extremely portable and with powerful batteries, so it’s easy to take it outside with you and vape as much as you like.

The device will fit into your pocket or purse easily without being noticed. It is an extremely discreet device and serves as a portable device well.

Haze V3 Review: Final Words

A device with multiple chambers and the ability to vape anywhere you like is something hard to miss. It is an extremely portable device and makes it easy to vape in public as well.

The large battery size makes it all worth it. The device is easy to use and a couple of uses will give you a good idea of how to go about using it. The device is sturdy and will last you a long while, especially with three vaping options you can make a lot of use of it.

However, do not forget to sterilize the device before using it as sometimes the remnants of manufacturing oils can change the flavor of the vapor.

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