Groove Cara Plus Review

Finding an affordable vaping device with impressive specs is hard to find. However, it is hard but not impossible. The new Groove Cara Plus Vaporizer is an improved version of the original Cara Pen.

The company has combined compactness, affordability, and heavy-duty features to develop something unique.

The Groove Cara Plus Vaporizer is undoubtedly a great device, but it has some flaws. I have used the original Cara Vaporizer and like its value for money.

This product is my latest vaporizer purchase, so I have used and reviewed it for you. This article contains every aspect of the Groove Cara Plus Vaporizer you need to know.

Groove Cara+ Plus Review

What’s inside the box?

groove cara plus review

I found the following things in the box:

  1. The Groove Cara Plus Vaporizer
  2. A coil-less glass cup
  3. A chamfered glass mouthpiece
  4. A USB-C charger
  5. A user manual


  1. The outer is stylish, sleek, and durable. 
  2. The glass chamfered mouthpiece is safe to use. 
  3. The chamber is coil-less to enhance the flavor.
  4. The heating time is fast.
  5. It has variable voltages for specific heating intensity.
  6. Its battery capacity is astounding for such a compact device.
  7. The loading, unloading, and cleaning process is simple.
  8. Safety features allow you to smoke without hurting yourself.


  1. The price is higher than other similar products.
  2. It is larger than the older version.
  3. The absence of precise controls makes it irrelevant for experienced vapers.  
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The Groove Cara Plus Vaporizer is compatible with concentrates and waxes. It does not support dry herb smoking because neither the chamber build nor temperature settings support it.

This vaporizer has a potent heating system and a simple design that makes on-the-go concentrate smoking more fun. However, there is no 510 thread connection for cartridges. 


I like the price at which the company sells the Groove Cara Plus Vaporizer. It is available online for 79 dollars. One might argue that it is high for a vape pen-shaped device but it is a complete vaporizer with variable voltages and a high-end design.

The older version of this vaporizer is available for less than 30 dollars. The company has improved the chamber design and overall build to enhance the vapor quality. 


The Groove Cara Plus Vaporizer is a sleek and classy vaping device with a solid build. It fits conveniently in hand because the size is compact. However, it is larger than the original Cara Vaporizer. The Groove Cara Plus Vaporizer is available in black color only.

I like the chamfered glass mouthpiece as it feels comfortable on the lips. The glass mouthpiece does not quickly get hot. The loading, unloading, and overall assembly are pretty straightforward. 


Temperature setting

The temperature settings integrated into the Groove Cara Plus Vaporizer are as simple as any other compact vaping device. It has three voltage-based temperature intensities that you can choose from. It lacks precise temperature settings, which is understandable.

You can opt for low (3.4 volts), medium (3.8 volts), or high (4.2 volts) intensity (depending on your preference). I like using my Groove Cara Plus Vaporizer at medium intensity because it provides an ideal balance between flavor and strength.

Heating element 

The original Cara Vaporizer had a coiled chamber that ruined the taste when you kept vaping continuously. The manufacturer developed the new coil-less quartz chamber for flavorful hits. The absence of a coil makes the concentrates less vulnerable to combustion and metallic smell.

Moreover, the quartz build maintains purity. The chamber is durable, but make sure that you do not apply pressure while loading it. Regular cleaning will maintain the fresh vapor taste and cleaner hits.

Heating time 

Despite being a compact device, the Groove Cara Plus Vaporizer has an efficient heating system. It heats the concentrates in less than 10 seconds, which is fast. The vapors are evenly cooked, and they do not combust the concentrates. 


I am impressed with how the company managed to house a 1700 mAh battery in the Groove Cara Plus Vaporizer. Even the most expensive and premium vaping devices underperform regarding battery life.

This vaporizer has a USB-C charging port that fills the battery in 2.5 hours. In my opinion, the charging time is inefficient for a type-C device.


Safety is the foremost feature to consider while purchasing a vaporizer. The Groove Cara Plus Vaporizer looks like a vape pen but has better safety features. The heating system has a 15-second safety cut-off.

This cut-off feature automatically switches off the heating element after 15 seconds. Furthermore, the mouthpiece is pure glass, so it does not burn your lips.

Easy usage

Using the Groove Cara Plus Vaporizer is very simple. You must remove the mouthpiece and coil cap to load the material in the coil-less chamber. Ensure you do not apply pressure, as this can damage the chamber.


Once you have loaded it, put the coil cap and mouthpiece back in the chamber. Now set your favorite voltage intensity. Press the single button on the body to cook and enjoy the tasty vapors.

There is no haptic feedback or LED screen available for more convenient usage. However, the LED indicators are sufficient to know the intensity.


The Groove Cara Plus Vaporizer is one of the most stylish and compact devices online. I wouldn’t say I like the price because, despite better features, it does not justify the 79 dollars price.

The key features that the company has improved are the vapor quality and the overall durability. The Groove Cara Plus Vaporizer is less value-adding than the DaVinci and G Pen product line. However, this vaporizer has different utility for smokers.

It maintains portability and vapor quality while selling for a comparatively lower price. The Groove Cara Plus Vaporizer is worth using daily without much fuss.

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