Groove Cara Pen Review

The Groove Cara Pen is the talk of the town because it surpasses every standard vape pen. This vape pen has a dual-quartz chamber with metallic coils to heat the concentrates efficiently.

For a new user, it might look like a standard vape pen. However, the Groove Cara Pen made me believe it had all the necessary features. 

This product provides all the requisite functions, but it does everything efficiently. The manufacturer integrated all the mandatory features, and that too for an affordable price.

This product is an ideal addition to the vaping fraternity. I have reviewed every feature the Groove Cara Pen brings, so keep reading to know everything.

Groove Cara Pen Review

What’s inside the box?

whats inside the box groove cara pen review

While opening my box Groove Cara Pen box, I found the following accessories:

  1. Groove Cara Pen
  2. A coil cap
  3. An extra quartz coil
  4. A pick tool
  5. A USB-A to USB-C cable
  6. An instruction manual


  1. It provides great value for money.
  2. The build is solid and durable. 
  3. The design is stylish as it has an ergonomic shape and compact size.
  4. The temperature settings are simple to toggle. 
  5. LED indicators make it convenient to handle. 
  6. The quartz rods wrapped in metallic coil reduce the heating time. 
  7. The USB-C charging mechanism fills the battery quickly. 
  8. It comes with a pick tool for loading waxes.


  1. The USB-C charging cable is short.
  2. The heating system is pretty standard with no flavor-retaining feature.
  3. An experienced vaper will never like it as it has no precise temperature settings.
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The Groove Cara Pen does not support dry herb smoking. However, the vaping materials are not limited to just herbs and flowers. This device supports smoking oils, concentrates, and waxes.

Oils are less vulnerable to combustion and taste hindrances. The chamber and battery are not compatible with the 510 cartridges.


The Groove Cara Pen is the most value-adding product you will purchase online. I bought this pen for just 24.99 dollars, but the overall performance was better than many vape pens. It provides excellent value for money with a durable build and efficient heating system. 

Design and body composition 

The Groove Cara Pen is a solid vaping device that will not break easily. I liked its smooth touch right when I unboxed it. The body looks standard, but its classy design and compact size make it an ideal device. It fits perfectly in the hand.

The body comprises three main parts: the mouthpiece, the heating element, and the battery component. The simple build does not require excessive assembly. The mouthpiece is vulnerable to overheating, as my Groove Cara Pen mouthpiece got hot when I continuously vaped.

Heating chamber

Like any high-quality vape pen, the Groove Cara Pen has a quartz chamber. The dual quartz rods inside the chamber maintain the heat throughout the session. Quartz does not ruin the temperature or impair the taste.


The thin metallic coils around the quartz rod increase the heating efficiency of the Groove Cara Pen. This vape pen has the traditional heating element that you need to screw on the battery. 

Heating time

The heating time is short because the thin metallic coils wrapped around the quartz rods effectively transfer heat to the oils. The Groove Cara Pen has 10 seconds of heating time which is almost immediate.

The heating chamber heats up quickly, but the quartz coils retain flavor. I love using my Groove Cara Pen when I am outside. 

Temperature settings

The Groove Cara Pen has three preset settings available for you to choose from. These preset intensities are voltage-based because the battery directly powers the heating element.

It has three intensities: low (white), medium (blue), and high (green). These intensities provide 3.4, 3.8, and 4.2 volts of current, respectively. 

Convenient usage

Using the Groove Cara Pen is easy because it has a single button that allows you to sit and smoke anywhere. The LED indicator lets you know the voltage at which the device is operating.

Moreover, the loading and unloading is also simple. It contains a pick tool to make loading less messy. The temperature settings are easy to remember and toggle. I liked the simple assembly based on just three parts. 

Battery life and charging

My Groove Cara Pen worked for an hour in one complete charge. I repeatedly toggled between the voltages, but the battery functioned correctly. The charging time is two hours with the USB-C port integrated at the bottom.

I felt uncomfortable charging the Groove Cara Pen because the USB-A to USB-C cable inside the box was short. A small LED indicator at the base lets you know if the device is charging.

Safety features

Safety is important while using a vaping device, but most vape pens lack sufficient safety features. The Groove Cara Pen has a 15-second cut-off feature that stops the heating mechanism immediately upon reaching the limit.


The mouthpiece is not glass or zirconia, so it heats after continuous smoking sessions. The body is otherwise insulated, and the battery does not heat up easily.


The Groove Cara Pen has won my heart with the value it offers for money. Purchasing a quality vape pen for just 25 dollars sounds unbelievable, but this device has proved it.

It has a solid build and a quartz chamber that produces flavorful hits. I like how the company kept LED indicators and single-button functionality simple. 

The Groove Cara Pen is not feature-studded like the DaVinci, Pax, Storz and Bickel, and G Pen devices; however, the low price justifies the limited functions.

I recommend this device to those who travel frequently or have a busy routine. The Groove Cara Pen requires no setting up or waiting.

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