Ghost Disposable Vape Review

The black and decent Ghost Disposable Vapes are making waves in the vaporizer fraternity. It is slim, but is it value-adding?

I will try answering every query regarding this classy disposable vape. Disposable vape brands are available in different flavors.

However, the Ghost Disposable Vapes have ended this trend by producing different variants. Each variant has unique features.

I purchased the Ghost XL online and tested it for common disposable vape features. It impressed me more than the normal vaporizers.

This article will explain why the Ghost Disposable Vape is considered among the best vaping devices. 

Ghost Disposable Vape Review


The Ghost Disposable Vapes are available in four sizes. The smallest and the most affordable is the Ghost XL. The Ghost Max is next in terms of puff count and quantity of juice.

The Ghost Mega has more vape juice and combines slimness and many puffs. The Ghost Box is the last but discreet vape with a shorter size. However, it produces the most number of puffs. 

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Body features

The Ghost Disposable Vapes’ body design and overall shape are applaudable. The company stuck to the decent black-colored outer. No matter which variant you are holding, it will feel smooth and comfortable. The Ghost XL, Max, and Mega are slim.

The slit mouthpiece is easy for your lips. The Ghost Box is different from other variants because it is short, not tall. It has a nozzle-shaped mouthpiece that most short disposables have.  The Ghost XL, Max, Mega, and Box are 4.1, 4.4, 4.4, and 3.3 inches tall, respectively. 

Flavor profile

The Ghost Disposable Vape comes in different flavors that you can select from. I enjoyed the luxury of purchasing the Ghost XL because it offered 27 flavors. The same number of flavors are available in the Ghost Max. Read Best Rechargeable Disposable Vape.

The Ghost Mega flavors are limited to just nine. The Ghost Box can be purchased in 12 different tastes. As a thumb rule, the heavy-duty variants have limited flavors.

Vape juice quantity 

The quantity of juice depends on the kind of Ghost Disposable Vape you buy. The Ghost XL contains two milliliters of e-liquid, which can be insufficient for a chain smoker. The Ghost Max is filled with six milliliters of nicotine juice.

A regular smoker should consider trying it, but other Ghost variants are filled with even more. The Ghost Mega and Box have eight milliliters of juice in their tanks. Higher juice quantity means more puffs.

I purchased the Ghost XL to assess the vapor quality. You can take the same prudent approach or purchase the eight-milliliter variants to avoid early reordering.

Nicotine strength 

The nicotine strength is the same regardless of the type of Ghost Disposable Vape you are purchasing. Each milliliter of the prefilled nicotine juice contains 20 milligrams of nicotine salt.

The overall nicotine salt concentration per device is two percent. A nicotine strength of five or less is considered light. This brand is an easy alternative to cigarettes. It lets you enjoy the flavorful e-juices with a light pinch of nicotine salts.


The Ghost Disposable Vape has no button integrated into its body. A gentle draw is sufficient to start heating and produce well-cooked vapors immediately.

There is no LED screen to communicate the accurate stats regarding the remaining battery and vape juice. The low price justifies the unavailability of advanced features. 

Puff count

As I mentioned earlier, the quantity of vape juice varies in each Ghost Disposable Vape model. The vape juice quantity can be used as an indicating feature to determine the puff count per device.

The Ghost XL can produce 800 puffs, which is super efficient for a 2-milliliter device. Eight hundred puffs might feel insufficient for regular smokers. However, Ghost Max produces 2000 puffs by heating 6 milliliters of vape juice. 

The Ghost Mega and Box contain the same nicotine juice quantity, but the number of puffs per device differs. The slim and long Ghost Mega serves 2500 puffs in 8 milliliters.

However, Ghost Box is more efficient as it produces 3500 puffs in the same e-juice quantity. The puff count is just an estimate, so the actual result might vary depending on the duration of every draw.

The battery is non-rechargeable, so you must rely on the pre-charged power source integrated inside the Ghost Disposable Vape.


The Ghost Disposable Vape is one of my favorite devices. It has the style and elegance that most disposable vaporizers lack. I liked the decent black color with a compact size.

It fits easily inside the hand, so you should say goodbye to the awkwardly shaped disposable vapes. 

I am a big fan of disposable vapes with versatile flavor profiles. The Ghost Disposable Vape provides flavorful juices and unique variants to fulfill different needs.

Whether you smoke rarely or regularly, the different variants of the Ghost Disposable Vape have you covered. Different vape juice quantities, puff counts, and physical features let you vape according to your needs. 

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