G Pen Pro Review: Is G Pen Pro worth it? (20% OFF)

G Pen Pro Vaporizer is a versatile dry herb vape that is convenient for smoking without the hassle of dealing with irritants during usage.

It is specifically designed to look sleek and compact, avoiding taking up a lot of space while on the move, especially if you are looking for a vape that looks appealing in public or office while being used.

Most customers are unaware of the specifications and pros and cons of a certain vaporizer before buying – expecting every other vape to have the same features.

This includes heating time, smell, overall vape looks, and, most importantly, compatibility. However, choosing the right vaporizer can save time and money, making the first purchase experience enjoyable.

G Pen Pro Review: Is G Pen Pro worth it?

g pen pro review

Dry herb vaporizers have recently caught the eye of cannabis smokers, mainly due to their convenience and cost-efficient properties.

But at the same time, finding the perfect vaporizer is a bit confusing since we have a range of products in the market with almost the same results.

So we have found a fitting product to get rid of that dilemma. Here are some key features of the G Pen Pro Vaporizer to help you understand its offers.

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A portable vaporizer is expected to perform the best in heating. However, the type of heating does matter as it can determine the experience of users being the best or worst – especially when bad heating can cause irritants.

G Pen Pro Vaporizer is engineered to feature convection heating, slightly different from combust heating. Convection heating vaporizes the herbs using hot air, which creates a much cleaner vapor inside the chamber. Making that experience turn out to be the best for users.

Temperature Presets

G Pen Pro Vaporizer features three temperature presets. The presets act like steps to get the best heating, to vaporize most of your herbs in minutes.

These are indicated with led lights with three different colors to tell what preset you’re currently on. The temperature presets are as follows:

  1. Blue: This preset has a temperature point of 375°F.
  2. Green: This preset has a temperature point of 400°F.
  3. Red: This preset has a temperature point of 428°F.

These preset make it easier for new users to operate the G Pen Pro Vaporizer as they do not have to go through the hassle of adjusting temperature levels too high or low, with the added value of saving time in an office or public space.

Heating Element

The Heating Element used in G Pen Pro is based on a Ceramic oven that accommodates around 0.24g of ground herb material at a time.


The vape uses a convection heating method and is compatible with dry herb material only without adding concentrates to the mixture.

The presets collaborate perfectly with the type of oven used, resulting in clear vapors and removing any bad odor while vaping.

Heating Time

Most vaporizers have a heating time that depends upon the combustion technology used in the vape.

Heating time can also affect a user’s overall experience since many people prefer a quicker hit than modern, convection vaporizers.

G Pen Pro Vaporizer itself can achieve vaporizing heat in less than 30 seconds due to convection heating technology, which might have a delayed heating time but makes the vapor much cleaner as compared to combustion heating vapes.

While there might be a drawback, the irritant-free puff improves the vaping experience for many users.

Battery Time & Specs

The temperature presets of the G Pen Pro vaporizer are backed by a 2200 mAh smart-battery technology that has an automated on/off feature to provide efficient use, which acts as a guard to avoid burning an extra amount of herb.

This makes the G Pen Pro Vaporizer ideal for situations where you need a quick smoke, anywhere you are. The automated feature is designed specifically to avoid an early expiration of the battery.

This is a very valuable quality of G Pen Pro, as most vape users lose their vapes in a few weeks or months due to battery problems.

A weak battery also hinders the users in the portability of the vape as they cannot plug and use it anywhere if they are outside in public.  Furthermore, the average battery time of G Pen Pro is approximately 22-35 minutes which adds up to 12 sessions at the minimum.

Metallic Body

The G Pen Pro is a stylishly engineered product that will look good in your hands while being used. It has an insulated body made of metallic Aluminum, which makes the vape sturdy, but lightweight to the touch. The vape can easily be placed in a bag or pocket and is compact enough not to break due to the metallic body.


The aesthetic looks of G Pen Pro are coupled with a size that makes it easier for everyone to handle anywhere, whether at your home, office or in public. It is designed with an overall dimension of 116×25 x 24mm.

It feels so light and hard in the palms that the users feel confident holding the vape without being insecure about dropping it – it is very important not to drop it due to fear of contamination, so the friction pattern on the vape is designed to cater to such solutions.

One Button Technology

Another amazing part of the vape is the one-button technology that makes it extremely convenient to use, controlling all functions with a single click.

Users can easily control the temperature presets, turn the device on or off, and check the battery and other settings with the same button.

This feature is very convenient for users new to vaping as the complicated temperature adjustments in conventional vapes can either burn the ground herbs or completely confuse the users on usage.


The G Pen Pro has a Silicon mouthpiece, making it resistant to heat temperatures, and it feels smooth to the touch while vaping.

The mouthpiece is easily detachable for cleaning and maintenance. It is recommended to clean the mouthpiece with isopropyl alcohol for any residues stuck inside that might cause unpleasant odors.


The G Pen Pro has an internal battery that is easily rechargeable through a micro USB port. The 2200 mAh battery can provide 20-35 minutes of usage.

This might demand frequent charging for some users, so it is best to keep checking the battery life throughout the usage.


The G Pen Pro Vaporizer customers get a full 1 Year Warranty for the purchase.


The G Pen Pro comes with a small cleaning brush which, in general opinion, is a great accessory to clean up the ceramic chamber. Usually, it isn’t easy to clean the vaporizer’s chamber without a brush due to the narrowness of its oven.

What we liked

  • Cost-efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Stylish looks
  • Durable and portable body
  • Decent Battery life

What We Didn’t Like

  • No full temperature control
  • It cannot be used for concentrates.
  • Limited control
  • Not suitable for conventional vapers

My Verdict

Based on the information and user experience of G Pen Pro, the verdict about this stylishly engineered vaporizer could not be much simpler.

This vaporizer is designed for fast-paced, short-time, and quick hits so, if you are usually in a hurry while in public, this is the perfect product to help you enjoy the experience of your freshly ground herbs.

There might be a few drawbacks for the experienced, conventional vapers who enjoy more control over their temperatures. However, if you’re fairly new and need less work while vaping, the three temperature presets will help you adjust the heating process throughout the sessions.

However, speaking about the heating process, the 30-second heating time due to convection heating is a drawback for some users as this vape is highlighted to be ideal for quick vaping, but if the heating time is 30 seconds delayed, then the user experience takes a toll.

Nonetheless, the product performs great compared to its close competitors or other variants like G Pen Micro+ & G Pen Elite. Especially with the looks G Pen Pro offers, it looks much more expensive than its price on the market.

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Is G Pen Pro the best vaporizer?

Not necessarily the best vaporizer for old-time vaping users. Similar vaporisers, like the Mighty Plus & Pax 3, could perform better.

What comes in the G Pen Pro box?

The G Pen Pro comes in elegant cylindrical packaging, that includes the following items:

  • 1x G Pen Pro Vaporizer Kit
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x Pen Tool

How much is G Pen Pro?

The G Pen Pro is listed for $89.95 with a 1-year Warranty.

Is G Pen Pro worth the money?

As compared to other competitors, this vaporizer is fairly reasonable in price. So the company offering a convection heating feature at this price range is worth the money.

Is G Pen Pro safe?

The aluminum body makes this vape very strong despite being lightweight, and the silicon mouthpiece is heat resistant to avoid any burns. This is a very safe product to use.

Does G Pen Pro smell?

The vaporizer does not smell usually due to Convection heating technology, but some bad odors might be noticeable if the ceramic chamber is not cleaned properly before usage. Also, a sweet herb aroma can tingle your nostrils a bit.

What temperature should I set to G Pen Pro?

Temperature can be set to your preference but usually, the first preset (Blue) with a base Temperature of 375°F is used as a kickstart for vaping, then, you should gradually increase the temperature for a clearer vapor.

Can you use G Pen Pro while charging?

While it may be inconvenient to use the vaporizer while on charge, mainly due to its compact size, you can still use the G Pen Pro.

Does G Pen Pro get you high?

The G Pen Pro is a portable dry herb vaporizer with Cannabis as a medium. This can get you high.

How long does the G Pen Pro battery last?

The 2200 mAh battery can get you an average of 20-35 minutes in at least 12 minimum sessions.

How big is G Pen Pro?

The G Pen Pro is a small, handy, and sturdy vape that has an overall dimension of 116x25x24mm.

Should You Buy G Pen Pro?

The G Pen Pro is idly compared with the popular PAX 3 variant, mainly due to the performance similarities. However, the G Pen Pro Vaporizer is a budget option for people who want to enjoy their hits without breaking the bank.

This is also much more revolutionized in technology and a lot more stylish than its competitors. So if you want to look cool with a vape in public, this is the only product to have that kind of effect on your personality.

Lastly, at $89.95, this vape does a pretty good job, and we 100 percent recommend G Pen Pro Vaporizer.

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