G Pen Dash Review: A Best Budget Vape

Grenco Science has benchmarked quality and durability with its high-end vaporizers. It has a wide range of vaporizers that are quite popular among many smokers worldwide. The G-Pen Dash is another masterpiece that allows users to smoke dry herbs whenever needed.

The device has a unique design and a very simple interface, so you will immediately fall in love with it, even if you are a beginner. This article will dig deeper to know what G-Pen Dash offers. Unlike other G Pen Vaporizers, the company has kept the G Pen Dash simple this time.

Like almost any other quality herb vaporizer, the G Pen Dash Vaporizer is made of sturdy material with an interior with a lower temperature setting. It has a convenient loading routine and magnetic mouthpiece that eliminates the hustle of twisting the cap out.

G Pen Dash Vaporizer is a very budget-friendly device. The quality is good compared to premium products such as Mighty Plus or Pax 3.

The price tag will justify every disadvantage. It is hard to believe that a product at such a budget-friendly cost can produce vapors as dense and flavorful as the G Pen Dash Vaporizer.

G Pen Dash Vaporizer Review: At a Glance

g pen dash review
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The G-Pen Dash is a cool-looking dry herb vaporizer. It comes in a tin-shaped box and feels quite premium. The device has a compact design. It is compatible with dry herbs only, so you won’t be able to smoke any concentrates in it.

G-Pen Dash is made with high-quality aluminum, is quite handy, and has a smaller size that can easily fit in your hand or pocket. It is single-button operated, so you don’t struggle to use it.

The device has no screen showing temperature or battery but three lights that indicate different messages with changing colors. When you pick up the device, you will see a G logo on the front, an LED light above that, a button in the center, and air holes above the button that aid in cooling the heating chamber and increasing the airflow.

Furthermore, G-Pen Dash comes with three temperature levels, 190°C, 205°C, and 220°C, and these temperatures can be identified through LED colors. The device has a solid 950mAh battery that is fully charged in 1 to 2 hours with the help of a type-c cable.

It is important to mention that the device parts are removable and can be easily assembled. A device with detachable components is easier to clean, and if a part gets damaged, it can be replaced.


  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Temperature can be controlled as per your needs
  • LED lights for battery status and temperature levels
  • It can be used while charging
  • Hepatic Feedback
  • Conduction Heating
  • Aluminum Body
  • Simple Design
  • Smaller in Size and Lighter in Weight 
  • A stir tool also comes with a G-Pen Dash.
  • Magnetic Mouth Piece
  • Comes with 1-year Warranty


  • Not compatible with concentrates
  • Not suitable for group sessions
  • Small herb chamber that only holds 0.2 grams

Conduction Heating

The G-Pen Dash has a built-in conduction heating system and heats the herbs in 30 to 40 seconds. The best thing about the electric vaporizers is that you don’t have to use any external heating device like a hemp wick, lighter, or torch, as you do with bongs and pipes. The conduction heating is safer, and you won’t burn yourself or anything around you, plus the flavor remains clean and pure.

Temperature Control

G-Pen Dash allows you to set the temperature according to your needs. The device comes with three temperature levels 375°F or 190°C, 401°F or 205°C, and 428°F or 220°C. By pressing the button, you can change the temperature.


The battery is the heart of any chargeable vaping device, and it should last longer to get the maximum out of your device. The battery is also important when you are a frequent traveler and must get the hits while out.

The G-Pen dash has a 950mAh battery that will do the job for you and works well for a sizeable device. However, if you are more of an experienced smoker, you will surely look for a bigger battery. The battery on the G-Pen Dash gets full within an hour or two and lasts 8 to 10 sessions. 

Additionally, the battery is charged with a type-c cable that comes in the box. Another impressive thing about the device is that it supports pass-through charging, which means you can get the much-needed hits while it is on charging.

Hepatic Feedback

The G-Pen Dash also has a haptic feedback feature that will vibrate when it reaches a certain temperature. This feature is very useful as it lets you know when your herbs are heated and ready for drawing.


If we talk about the portability of the G-Pen Dash, then you will be glad to know that the device is quite travel-friendly thanks to its compact design and smaller size. The device is lighter and can easily fit in the palm of your hand or pocket, so you don’t have to spare extra room in your backpack while traveling.

Simple UI

Another amazing thing about the G-Pen Dash is that it has no complicated interface, and you will never get lost in that list of settings. The device has a single button with an LED light indicating temperature levels.

Vapor Quality

The G-Pen Dash is a low-budget device, but its vapor quality is pretty satisfying. Though it is better than many devices on the market, it will get you the hit you crave. Though the device has a helix insert, you will experience hot vapors, especially at high temperatures, which might be disappointing. Moreover, if you are a beginner or smoke occasionally, it will fulfill your needs, but if you are looking for big vapor clouds, there might be other choices. 

Does G-Pen Dash Justify the Price?

The G-Pen Dash is a sophisticated vaporizer available for $69.95 on the website. The price point seems adequate if we see the features the device offers. However, a few devices at this price point allow you to smoke both herbs and concentrates, so you can go for those if you are looking for a device that will enable you to smoke all kinds of materials.

What’s in the box?

The G-Pen Dash comes with the following components.

  • G-Pen Dash Vaporizer
  • Stir tool with keychain
  • Type-C charging cable

How to Clean G-Pen Dash?

As mentioned in the article, the G-Pen Dash has detachable components that make the device easier to clean. We suggest you use Isopropyl alcohol to clean the device. You must take cotton swabs, soak them into the iso, and clean the mouthpiece chamber and other removable components.

Some experts suggest the vaporizers should be cleaned gently with alcohol swabs and washed with warm water. You should let the components dry before assembly and use them to avoid inconvenience. Always clean the vaporizer after every use so you can get a clean and pure flavor; plus, this will add to the life of your vaporizer.

Can you use G-Pen Dash while charging?

Yes, the G-Pen Dash can be used on charging, as it has a pass-through charging feature. So now you don’t have to wait for the device to get fully charged to use it.

How long does the G-Pen Dash battery last?

G-Pen Dash comes with a 950mAh battery that gets fully charged in 1 to 2 hours and lasts 8 to 10 sessions.

Does the G-Pen Dash smell?

Yes, the G-Pen Dash leaves an odor, but it is not quite noticeable and can be removed if you turn on an exhaust fan or open your door window.

Can you smoke concentrates in a G-Pen Dash?

The answer is no. You cannot smoke concentrates in the G-Pen Dash, designed only for dry herbs.

Can you buy G-Pen Dash in installments?

You can purchase the G-Pen Dash in easy 4-month installments through Sezzle, but only if you buy it from the G-Pen official website.

Is G-Pen Dash Convention or Conduction heating?

The G-Pen Dash has a conduction heating system with a temperature range from 190°C to 220°C.

How to Use G-Pen Dash?

It is quite easy to use G-Pen Dash, and you don’t have to struggle too much.

  • Firstly, you must remove the mouthpiece and fill the herbs in the chamber under that. 
  • Remember that the herb chamber can only hold 0.2 grams of herb, so don’t pack It tightly.
  • After packing the chamber, attach the mouthpiece and switch on the device by pressing the button five times.
  • Now, it is up to you what temperature you need, and press the button three times to select the desired temperature. 
  • After the device reaches the temperature, it vibrates, and you can get the hits.
  • It is recommended to pull slowly, so you don’t mess up the herb’s flavor.
  • Always empty the chamber after each use to keep it clean and get the best flavor.

Final Verdict

The G-Pen Dash is a budget-friendly vaporizer that allows you to smoke your favorite dry herb anytime and anywhere. The device is lighter and has a very compact design adding to its portability. G-Pen Dash also allows you to smoke even when your device charges, which is great.

Overall, the device’s performance is good, and you will not be disappointed after purchasing it. However, the device might not be a good choice for experienced smokers as it has a small battery and cannot deliver the vapor as other high-end vaporizers.

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