G Pen Dash Review

Unlike other G Pen Vaporizers, the company has kept the G Pen Dash simple this time.

Like almost any other quality herb vaporizer, the G Pen Dash Vaporizer is made of sturdy material that has an interior with a lower temperature setting.

It comes with a convenient loading routine and magnetic mouthpiece that eliminates the hustle of twisting the cap out.

G Pen Dash Vaporizer is a very budget-friendly device that can be purchased by students. The quality is not as high as other premium products in the market such as Mighty Plus or Pax 3.

The price tag will justify every disadvantage. It is hard to believe that a product at such a budget-friendly cost can produce vapors as dense and flavorful as G Pen Dash Vaporizer.

However, it is true. The company has a history of surprising everyone with innovation that is hard to predict. Compact size, ergonomic design, smooth touch, and sturdy body accompanied with simple controls and better vapor quality all these features are lovable and market competitive.

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G Pen Dash Vaporizer Review

Outer body and design

g pen dash review

The outer shell is made up of an aluminum alloy which is a sturdy and durable substitute for other materials such as plastic and wood etc. Anything consisting of a metallic body is always perceived as a quality product that will last long.


G Pen Dash is a compact device that is hardly 4 inches long so it fits perfectly inside your palm. Nevertheless, you will encounter an LED light on the body which is a compulsory feature in G Pen devices.

There are airflow ports designed on the back of the device. The mouthpiece is magnetic and the design is ergonomic. Insulation is ensured despite having a metallic build. Other than this, you might find it hard to hold because the G Pen Dash is so smooth that it slips through your fingers.

Heating chamber

The chamber is made up of a glass-glazed stainless steel compartment that heats your herbs in no time whatsoever. The quality of vapors is better than those vaporizers that house only stainless steel compartments. However, the heating intensity and conduction are not affected.

Heating time

As we have already mentioned above, the heating chamber contains a stainless steel chamber which is covered by a thin layer of glass. Due to this slight tweak, the quality is maintained.

It also takes only 20 minutes to heat the herbs and generate vapors immediately. This feature plays a critical role in making the device portable and on a go.

Vapor quality

You will get amazingly even and accurately cooked vapors at such a low price. Often people perceive budget-friendly devices as low quality. This perception can be proven wrong by loading the device and starting to vape.

The quality is incredible, especially at the first two levels. The density of vapors rises when going up. On the contrary, the red setting (being the hottest) is somehow disturbing where the aroma diminishes as well.

Temperature range

The temperature range is not as high as you might like. If you are buying the device for casual use then you can sustain the 3 intensities provided by the company. On the other hand, experienced smokers will find it restricting to play with just three levels.

Temperature settings

G Pen Dash Vaporizer has one of the easiest settings to vape herbs. You can smoke at three different temperature levels that are associated with specific colors. The LED colors make them easy to remember. The list of all these colors and intensities is as under:

  • Blue – 190 degrees Celsius.
  • Green – 201 degrees Celsius.
  • Red – 220 degrees Celsius.

It is a simple and convenient combination, however, usually criticized by old-school smokers. There is no manual controllability as the device runs on preset levels.

Convenient usage

It is simple to use because the company has incorporated a heating system with three intensity levels. G Pen Dash Vaporizer can be operated via a single power button.

This feature is identical to all other G Pen devices. Press the power button 5 times to kick start. Press the button again 3 consecutive times to adjust the temperature levels.

The loading-unloading is simple because the magnetic lid is easy to lift and fit. Cleaning G Pen Dash Vaporizer is simple as well because the glazing of glass leaves no residue behind.

There is no mobile app support. However, the small size is easy to hold and handle. The colors associated with each intensity are convenient to remember and adjust.

Battery life

G Pen Dash Vaporizer has a 950 mAh lithium-ion battery. The capacity might seem higher than G Pen Connect Vaporizer but in reality, it serves only 10 sessions on average.

The session duration is not very long as well so you will return unsatisfied. However, the device has a pass-through charging system that allows you to smoke whilst it is charging. Consider it as a half-charging and half-direct power vaporizer.


G Pen company provides a 1-year warranty on every product that it produces. Dash is not an exception to this rule. The contract covers all manufacturing defects and below-par performance. Purchase G Pen Dash Vaporizer without a fear in your mind. Your investment is secure.

What we liked

  • The size is extremely compact.
  • It is perfectly insulated and durable.
  • The temperature settings are simple and convenient.
  • The handling is convenient because of the single-button control.
  • The colors make the temperature adjustment easy to remember.
  • Passthrough charging enables you to smoke whilst charging.
  • The magnetic lid is easy to lift so loading becomes easy.

What We didn’t like

  • The battery life is below average and it runs out in a maximum of 10 sessions.
  • The heat intensity levels are very limited so you will have inadequate room to innovate.
  • The body is slippery and the design does not provide a strong grip.

Final Verdict

A very budget-friendly device that comes with market prevalent features and simple settings. This device is a traditional vaporizer that maintains the compactness, durability, and simplicity that is a characterized group of value offered by G Pen devices.

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Is G Pen Dash the best vaporizer?

G Pen Dash Vaporizer has a fairly simple operating method with a traditional heating system that has no cooling mechanism whatsoever. Other than this, the device is compact and light to hold inside your palm.

The vapor quality is not as satisfying as premium vaporizers like the Mighty and Crafty but it surely works great, considering the price level.

G Pen Dash Vaporizer is one of those devices that provide an above-average quality but the price is average, rather below average. All in all, it is a strong contender for being the best vaporizer.

Is G Pen Dash worth the money?

The G Pen vaporizers are generally known for the uniqueness of the mode of operation. However, the G Pen Dash Vaporizer is developed with a view to keeping it as traditional as possible.

There is no specific discreteness in the design or controls. It works fine without a cooling system. Many consumers find it redundant and outdated but you are getting solid value at 50 dollars. Of course, no company offers premium features at such a low price level.

Is G Pen Dash safe?

The aluminum-alloy body is tough and sturdy enough to protect the device if it slips through your hands. Furthermore, it resists scratches to the maximum extent.

You will find the two lower intensities amusing and easy for the lungs. However, things heat up at the highest temperature setting where the device blows red-hot air into your mouth.

The size of G Pen Dash is 4 inches, which is why you cannot expect it to cool the vapors down before they reach your mouth. Other than this, there is a warranty claim offered to buffer the effects of manufacturing defects and low-quality functioning.

Does G Pen Dash smell?

The chamber is glazed with glass while the main material is stainless steel. The stainless steel enables the G Pen Dash Vaporizer to heat the herbs up quickly whilst the glass glazing ensures that the herbs do not attain a metallic smell.

The blue and green temperature settings produce aromatic and tasty vapors. However, smoking herbs continuously at the red temperature might trigger an ashy smell, depicting that the herbs are being burnt or overcooked.

What temperature should I set G Pen Dash?

Temperature settings are usually a subjective thing where the user has the independence to choose whichever temperature he wants.

G Pen Dash Vaporizer does not offer you much room to innovate amidst vaping sessions. There are 3 intensities available at your disposal, however, we would recommend you to choose the blue or green settings.

Do not set it at the red intensity because the device has no cooling mechanism to maintain the temperature. An intense vapor lover will always admire the smoking hot and dense vapors at the highest setting.

Can you use G Pen Dash while charging?

Yes, it can be used while charging. The routine is simple. When the battery dies, plug the device into the charging port. The passthrough charging allows you to vape while the battery is charging simultaneously. It is a nice feature to have because the battery is not as heavy-duty as we would have liked.

Does G Pen Dash get you high?

Getting high is easy, especially when you are inhaling quality material. The G Pen Dash Vaporizer is one of those devices that extract all the goodness from the herbs at any intensity.

The glass-glazed chamber is effective enough to prevent the herbs from burning. However, at the highest setting, the smell will deteriorate. The ease of usage along with the flawless heating and quality material will serve the vapors that will get you high in no time.

How long does the G Pen Dash battery last?

The battery lasts for 10 sessions max (provided that you are smoking at the first two intensities). The number of sessions reduces when you smoke at the highest temperature setting.

However, the pass-through charging allows you to vape whilst charging the device. It takes around 1 to 2 hours to charge so you should plan your smoking routine and battery consumption properly.

How big is G Pen Dash?

G Pen Dash Vaporizer is a small companion that provides strong and tasty vapors accompanied by easy grip and handling. The device is 4 inches long and made of metallic outer.

The vapors are strong but harsh at times because the size is so compact that the vapors have insufficient pathways to cool themselves down.

Should You Buy G Pen Dash?

G Pen Dash Vaporizer lets you vape using the traditional technology while other products in the G Pen family are unique on their own.

It might not feel as discreet as the G Pen Connect or G Pen Roam but it surely maintains the compact size and durability which we expect. It is an orthodox product that has a magnetic cap to access the chamber.

The chamber is glass glazed but the main material is stainless steel. This metallic conduction makes it quick to heat up. Apart from this, the single button controllability might trouble you initially.

However, once you know how to operate the temperature settings, it becomes easy to handle. The vapors are also very dense and aromatic at medium (green) intensity.

Being a budget-friendly device comes with disadvantages too. The biggest flaw that you would find is the battery life. It lasts around 10 sessions only.

Even less if you are vaping continuously at high temperatures. Another trouble that would face is the limited temperature options. The device allows you to choose between 190, 201, and 220 degrees Celsius only.

In the end, we advise you to at least try this device. If budget is your problem then this device is where you should invest your funds. On the other hand, you can choose high-end expensive devices as well.

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