Flowermate Hybrid X Review

Flowermate Hybrid X is one of a kind device that features both dry herb chambers and concentrates and e-liquids as well. the interesting part is that the manufacturer has utilized both ends of the device to provide the dry herb vaporization and concentrates and e-liquids on the other end.

The device has mouthpieces that attach to both ends and make it easier to switch between sessions. The device itself is a fine piece of manufacturing. It is sturdy and has buttons that reflect the use of each of the parts and is quite easy to understand.

This device is perfect for both who like to mix things up. Instead of carrying two or three separate devices, you can get the use of all three in just one device. Now let’s jump in and see what are some of the features of this device.

Flowermate Hybrid X review

How does it work?

The working of this device is simple yet not easy. You have to locate the dry herb chamber and the concentrates chamber. And if you intend to use the pods then that in itself can be very tricky as they are very tiny and screwing and unscrewing them can be difficult.

However, there is some ease in using filled pods instead of using the chamber as it is. On the other end the concentrate tank omes separately. So that you can easily fill it up with your favorite e-liquid and ensure it sits for a couple of minutes before use so that it is completely soaked in the e-liquid.

To power, the device on you just need to click the power button 5 times and that process is the same for e-liquids and the dry herbs as well. setting the temperature is also very easy with the use of the buttons on the top of the device.

The mouthpiece for the dry herb resides inside the chamber next to the heating chamber so you just need to open up the device and remove the mouthpiece and place it on top after removing the rubber protector.

On the other end once the e-liquid is good to go you can place it in the chamber. The dry herb mouthpiece is made of glass. The e-liquid chambers are made with different materials to keep the liquid safe and stop it from drainage.

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Temperature settings:

The device comes with precise temperature control which is amazing for dry herb vapors as you can play around with the temperature that you like and enjoy. The range is between 104 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

That is a massive range and allows for some very smooth and potent, flavorsome vapor. The taste and the vapor quality are very good. We recommend you start your sessions at 210 degrees Fahrenheit and then move up the ladder as it suits you.

For e-liquids, the range is between 20 watts to 60 watts. This again depends on the user’s preference. The e-liquids part of the device is very versatile as you can use any e-liquid you like and pop it in without any hassle except for waiting a few minutes for the liquid to settle down in the pod.

Vapor quality:

The vapor quality of the herb chamber is excellent it doesn’t burn up the herb quickly and it can be used for multiple sessions. The glass pathway allows for the vapor to cool down before reaching your mouth.

This is a massive advantage as you do not want to be vaping hot burning vapor. The vapor provides a high-quality portent flavor and makes it even easier if you use the pods provided. The herb pods ensure that there isn’t any cleaning or wastage of the herb.

All you need to do is neatly place the herb inside the pod and then place the pod inside the heating chamber. This saves you a lot of hassle. On the other end, the e-liquid is as good as the flavor you choose.

An interesting aspect to note about the e-liquid chamber is that the chamber has three settings for airflow. You can choose between maximum airflow, medium airflow, and minimum airflow.

All this is done by simply rotating the chamber and locating the air holes is also very easy. So when you are plugging it in find the hole for the airflow and then you can choose which one you want to use.


The battery inside this device is Samsung 2600 mAh battery and lasts for about two and half hours. That is a great amount of time considering the dual functionality of the device. Surprisingly enough the battery only takes 90 to 120 minutes to charge to a maximum.

However, it is recommended to sterilize the device before using it. Since some manufacturing oil materials and residue can be left inside the device and by sterilizing it you will get rid of all of that.

The process is very simple all you need to do is turn it on to maximum temperature and let it run for 5 minutes and repeat this process two times to complete the sterilization.


The device comes with its own carrying bag and you do not have to worry about the cartridges as the mouthpiece for the dry herb goes inside the device while the e-liquid pod can be packed into the sealed envelop it comes. It can fit inside your pocket and bag without any botheration so you can carry it anywhere.


Considering the dual functionality and extensive battery life we are very pleased to say that it is one of the best devices on the market. Even though it is a bit on the bulky side it still meets the expectations of the users pretty well.

The device is usable for all kinds of materials and has a very unique design where both ends of the device can be used. The herb chamber comes with pods that help keep it clean and avoids any cleaning hassle that you may have to face.

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