Eureka Disposable Vape Pen Review

The Eureka Disposable Vape is gaining popularity with the rise in CBD consumption. This highly portable and easy-to-use disposable vape contains natural extracts from hemp plants.

The extracts from the hemp plant help you stay healthy and motivated, but are these claims true?

There is no doubt regarding how effective cannabinoids are in mental and physical health.

However, you should ensure the Eureka Disposable Vape contains the right value and CBD goodness to ease your pain.

In this article, I have explained every feature this disposable vape brings. Everything explained below is what I experienced while using it.

Eureka Disposable Vape Pen Review


  1. It is easy to use and carry.
  2. The company has worked on the design.
  3. It is psychoactive to boost your brain performance. 
  4. The heating time is immediate.
  5. You can opt for different strains and flavors.
  6. Different potencies make it more versatile for different kinds of users.
  7. The battery is rechargeable, so you can extract the juice completely.


  1. The temperature controls are not precise. 
  2. The company does not promise the quantity of juice and the number of puffs. 

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Body features 

The Eureka Disposable Vape is a very slim and compact device that fits perfectly in hand. I like its decent color scheme and sleek finish.

A triangle logo on the face shows that the device has 500 milligrams of potency, while the diamond logo depicts 1000 milligrams. The color of the Eureka Disposable Vape varies with the strain you purchase.

The Indica strain is blue, the Sativa is red, and the Hybrid is green. I love the decent color scheme and simple design of this disposable vaporizer.

Strain specific

The Eureka Disposable Vapes come in two different series. The classic series has no flavor variations, but you can choose different strains. You can select Indica (blue), Sativa (red), and Hybrid (green). Read Elf Bar Vape Amazon.

You should go for a strain after determining its purpose. Indica helps you relax and sleep in bed, sativa is more psychoactive to keep you motivated throughout the day, and Hybrid combines both. 

The fusion series does not focus entirely on the strains. It has flavor variations to keep young smokers engaged.

The flavor profile is versatile because it includes concord lime, strawberry lemonade, melon madness, tropical twist, very berry, and mystery. The fusion series is more colorful and glowy than the classic version. 

Formula and chemical composition

The Eureka Disposable Vape is filled with cannabinoid oil. This oil is psychoactive because it contains THC that will help keep you active. On the other hand, terpenes relax your brain so that you can sleep anxiety-free.

The quantities of terpenes and THC vary between 80-90% and 86-99%, respectively. The exact composition depends on the strain you purchase. Read Zaza Disposable Vape Review.

Rechargeable battery

The Eureka Disposable Vape has an internal battery to recharge and consume the juice. Nowadays, batteries in most non-rechargeable disposable vapes die before the juice is fully consumed.

This device is compatible with all sorts of micro-USB cables. The charging port is at the bottom of the base. It allows you to smoke when the device is charging. 


I like the fact that the Eureka Disposable Vape is available in variable potencies. The 500-milligram device is sufficient for a normal intake.

However, I prefer the 1000-milligram version, where you can cure the never-ending anxiety and motivate yourself.

The higher concentration is ideal for people with recurring nervous breakdowns and fear of facing what life throws at them. This option is handy for controlling cannabinoid intake if you have a medical condition. 

Method to operate

The Eureka Disposable Vape is breath-activated like any similar disposable vaporizer. It does not require mastering the button pattern because the heating system is entirely button-free.

You will receive a batch of well-cooked vapors immediately after making a draw. Yes, it is this simple. 

Heating system 

The heating system integrated within the Eureka Disposable Vape is made of ceramic. This ceramic hardware prevents impairment of taste and flavor even after continuous smoking sessions.

The heating chamber has no heavy metal component, so do not worry about the pungent metallic smell. 

Safe ingredients

The cannabis oil filled inside the Eureka Disposable Vape is 100 percent natural. It contains MCT extracts from pesticide-free hemp plants.

This disposable vaporizer’s PG-to-VG ratio is ideal because the vapor stream is thick and continuous.

The Vitamin E extracts keep your skin healthy. I support the carbon dioxide-based extraction method because it is solvent-free (alcohol-free). A third-party laboratory has verified all these ingredients to ensure your safety. 


According to the official website, the Eureka Disposable Vape can be purchased only in Arizona, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, and New York.

However, you can buy it from other online platforms. These third-party platforms deliver everything around the world. 


The Eureka Disposable Vape might not look unique, but the cannabinoid oil filled inside it outperforms every nicotine-based product.

It is healthier and more effective than several options available online. I like how the company has maintained a healthy THC quantity for psychoactive healing.

It has different potencies to keep your brain active. However, the company did not mention the exact number of puffs per product.

I have already extracted 2500 puffs from my Eureka Disposable Vape, which is still not empty. It provides great value and taste at such an affordable price. 

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