Elon Starter Kit by E1011 Labs Review

Elon Starter Kits ReviewVaping fraternity is introducing a new product every day.

No one would have thought that cigarette consumption will evolve into something compact and electronic, but this has happened.

The new Elon Starter Kit developed by E1011 Labs is making a name among smokers due to its convenient functioning and compact size.

The button-free function, along with an eye-catching design, is something that will surely catch your attention.  This article enumerates all the features that this device brings with itself.

So, before purchasing your next vaporizer, read through the following details we have compiled for you in this Elon Starter Kit Review. 

In the end, our opinion is not absolute, but it is based on credible research by our team.

Elon Starter Kit By E1011 Labs Review

Elon Starter Kit Detailed Review

Elon Starter Kit Main Features

  • Button-free functioning
  • Heat-up: 5 seconds
  • Battery life: 10-15 sessions
  • Heating system: Non-combustion
  • Cleaning: Automatic
  • Cartridge loading


Elon Starter Kit Design

The design is something which you will like the most about Elon Starter Kit. It is a sleek, stylish, compact, and lightweight products to fit in your hand. Most consumers who opt for this product are all party freaks or youngsters who like to look classy in front of their homies.

Button-Free Experience

Elon Starter Kit Button Free Experience

There is no involvement of buttons. The user needs to pull a cartridge out from the box and insert it inside the heating chamber (make sure that you insert the arrow side first).

There will be a bit of cartridge left outside, which will work as a mouthpiece. Now, wait until the light turns on (indicating that the cartridge is ready to be used). 

Perfect Heat-up

Elon Starter Kit Heat Up
The initial heat-up of the herbs is often a problem with most of the vaporizers. You will see people complaining about the long time which the devices take to cook the herbs.

This problem will never bother you if you choose Elon Starter Kit because this vaporizer prepares herbs in less than 5 seconds. Now, you can take the vaporizer anywhere and vape wherever you want, as this feature makes it convenient to use. 

LED Indicator

The LED indicator looks cool. You will find it convenient and handy when you are using the device as the indicator tells you about your cartridge’s heat-up, battery life, and consumption stats.

Heating System

The heating system is non-combustion, which means that there is nothing burnt to make ash or any other residual matter remaining inside the body.

This also ensures that the vapor taste is maintained throughout the session, and there is no wastage when you are done with the session. The cleaning is also automatic, so the device is instantly ready to let you consume the next cartridge.

Battery Specifications

The battery is not as good as you would like (compared to the heavy-duty gadgets in the market), but it is not bad either. You can easily smoke for 10 to 15 sessions on a go.

Apart from this, Elon Starter Kit has a type C charger, which is a fast-charging component and does work from both ends. You can take this device anywhere you like.


The compact and pocket-friendly size combined with considerably good battery life and fast charging makes Elon Starter Kit portable enough to take it with yourself to parties and trips.

Convenient to use

You will find Elon Starter Kit very easy to use as there is no need to grind the herbs into fine pieces. Just pull the cartridge out and insert it inside the heating chamber. Moreover, button-free usage and automatic cleaning is also something to like about this vaporizer.

Environment Friendly

The cartridges used in Elon Starter Kit are made of biodegradable material instead of plastic. This thing makes sure that you do not damage the environment and do not accumulate landfills.

What we liked
  • Easy to use as there are no buttons available.
  • Stylish design with compact size to make it look classy.
  • Automatic cleaning makes it more convenient to use.
  • The flavor is excellent as there is no direct heating involved.
  • Assures environment sustainability.
  • The charging is fast.
What We didn't like
  • Once you start smoking a cartridge, you need to finish it in that session or get wasted.
  • There is no controllability when it comes to variating the temperature levels.
  • It binds you to purchase cartridges from the same manufacturers as you would not find it anywhere else.


Elon Starter Kit is a life-changing one for those who do not like the buttons and complications in the vaporizers’ functioning. You might never come across a simpler product in the market as there is the least user interference required while the device is in action. 

The cartridge technology is fun most of the time, but you must also consider the drawbacks before committing yourself to it. The cartridges are specific to the company, so that you might find them rarely available at local stores, and it might also feel a bit more expensive than the old models. 

If you are an experienced smoker, Elon Starter Kit is not recommended to you as there is no control over the temperature settings. Elon Starter Kit is solely made for the newbies who have stepped their foot in the vaping market.

So, that was our Elon Starter Kit by E1011 Labs Review. I hope you liked it. Feel free to leave a comment & share your thoughts. I would love to reply. If you are interested in buying, please use the button below.

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