Dr. Dabber Stella Review

Dr. Dabber Stella is a vaporizer made to provide optimal vapors with impeccable flavor. The box that contains the Dr. Dabber Stella itself states that it focuses on less heat but more flavor.

The company has integrated a ceramic chamber like any other quality vaporizer. Furthermore, the battery life is also something that you will love about this incredible product.

The design is great and it feels great when you hold it. It contains the Dr. Dabber logo which itself presents and guarantees qualities.

Like any other product in the same product line, you will find the value that you did not receive before.

There are several interesting features that will amuse you. The best one from the lot is the vortex airflow and the battery voltage adjustment.

Dr. Dabber Stella is one of those devices that provide the quality that it promises. It is not that expensive too (costing around 100 dollars). The price might not be exceedingly high but still, money is money.

Will you be doing justice to your hard-earned money by purchasing the Dr. Dabber Stella or it is just a wasted investment? Read through our review to understand the technicalities.

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Dr. Dabber Stella Review

Build and design

dr. dabber stella review

The design of Dr. Dabber Stella is compact and slim like any other vape pen. It feels smooth and silky when you hold it. The body is sleek and glossy which seems classy. It is made of medically graded material to keep it hygienic.

You can use it in business meetings as well as parties. The device is divided into 3 parts: the mouthpiece, heating chamber, and the battery component where the button rests.

You will find 2 airflow adjustment holes on the chamber component. This ensures better quality than the products that operate on the basis of traditional technology.

The airflow is produced in a vortex-like pattern which heats the vapors evenly. There is a silicon filter attached below the mouthpiece to avoid the splashing of oil while drawing.

Heating time

Dr. Dabber Stella has a fairly fast heating time that is perfect for on-demand vapor production. It takes 5 seconds to heat waxes and oils on average temperature levels. The heating time might get a second or two more if preheat temperature is used.

Heating chamber

The heating chamber of Dr. Dabber Stella is made of ceramic but this ceramic is modified to ensure better heating and perfect flavor. The material is alumina ceramic.

It preserves all the goodness while the heating is even. The chamber capacity is 0.3 grams. The chamber is incorporated with a certain floating technology that keeps the temperature even.

Temperature range

The temperature range is not as wide as any other wax pen that produces a stream of vapors as hot as hell. It has a preheat preset that starts mildly but the higher settings are a little stronger than the preheat mode.

Overall, the temperature range starts from 460 Fahrenheit and ends at 775 Fahrenheit, which is not very wide but considerably sufficient to produce strong hits. The company has focused on keeping the quality high instead of overinvesting in the heating intensity.

Temperature settings

The temperature settings are simple. You will come across several colors that will confuse you if you have not done sufficient research. However, we will tell you what each color depicts and which setting is the best one.

It starts from the purple color, then green, cyan, and orange at the very end. The temperatures that will prevail at each color are following:

  • Purple – 460 Fahrenheit
  • Green – 550 Fahrenheit
  • Cyan – 630 Fahrenheit
  • Orange – 775 Fahrenheit

The vapor quality rule is as simple as any other vaping device. The lower the temperature, the lower would be the intensity but the higher will be the quality and flavor. With an increase in temperature, you will receive less flavor but stronger and denser vapors.

Battery life

Dr. Dabber Stella has a better battery life than the older models in the same product line. The main reason behind this improvement is the introduction of voltage variation technology to make sure that a small amount of voltage is used at lower temperature levels.

This voltage change saves a lot of battery. It runs long enough to serve 40 to 60 hits after complete charge and at low to medium temperature settings.

The charging time is short because the charging type is type C. It also comes with the pass-through charging feature that enables you to vape while the device is charging.

Convenient usage

Dr. Dabber Stella is a very simple device to use in addition to the premium quality of vapors produced. The majority of your usage will revolve around the sole power button which is shaped like the Dr. Dabber logo.

You need to click the button 5 times to turn the device on. Once you have turned it on, the next step is to click it thrice to enter into the temperature setting mode. Click the button twice to switch between the levels. Yes, it is this simple.

It provides haptic feedback to let you know that the device has processed your command. This feature is extremely rare in vape pens. Even the Puffco vaporizer lacks vibration feedback.

Another thing that will make your usage more convenient is the magnetic attachments. There are presets that help a novice smoker to enjoy. It is simple to hold while the fast charging and pass-through features are also convenient to say the very least.


Warranty is an important thing to consider before buying any electronic device. The Dr. Dabber Stella comes with a 1-year warranty to secure you financially. The warranty does not cover breakage and mishandling so you should watch out for that.

What we liked

  • The vapor quality is incredible.
  • The size is compact and the design is easy to get hold of.
  • The heating time is fast.
  • Alumina ceramic chamber preserves the smell and flavor.
  • Vortex airflow ensures that the vapors are evenly heated.
  • The voltage adjustment technology saves a lot of battery life.
  • Preset temperatures are easy to use.
  • All parts are magnetic so that adds to the convenience.
  • Fast charging time along with pass-through charging.

What We didn’t like

  • The mouthpiece is not properly insulated so it gets really hot after 3-4 sessions.
  • The automatic presets involve minimum user intervention.
  • It usually slips through the hands.
  • The vapors are not as dense as Puffco or Boost.
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Is Dr. Dabber Stella the best vaporizer?

Dr. Dabber Stella is a strong contender for being the best vape pen ever produced. It is definitely the best one designed by the Dr. Dabber corporation. The design is unique and the technology used to save the battery life is efficient as well.

You will find it simple to handle where the single button functionality serves everything that you want. The magnetic attachments and ceramic chambers are simple yet quality features to have in your vape pen.

It is not as efficient and value-adding as the Mighty, Crafty, or Pax Vaporizers but it is the best that you can get in the budget-friendly vape pens.

Is Dr. Dabber Stella worth the money?

The Dr. Dabber Stella costs a shy less than 100 dollars. A novice user would think that it is overpriced after looking at the size. If you have the same thoughts on your mind then we will recommend you to use this device a couple of times.

You will fall in love with this efficient and high-quality vape pen. Concentrate vaporizers generally have an advanced piece of technology installed in them.

For this very reason, they are often priced higher than traditional herbal vaping devices. Dr. Dabber Stella, on the other hand, provides value at an affordable price. The value and features are explained above.

Is Dr. Dabber Stella safe?

Safety is not an issue with Dr. Dabber Stella generally. The body is made of medically graded material which is the safest to use. The alumina chamber makes sure that there is no metallic smell while the vortex airflow keeps the temperature even.

The voltage adjustment technology also plays a critical role in keeping the temperature of vapors under control. There is one downside of the Stella Vaporizer, the mouthpiece is not properly insulated so you might burn yourself if you use it constantly for a long time.

Does Dr. Dabber Stella smell?

As we have mentioned, again and again, Dr. Dabber Stella is a premium vaporizer when considering the vapor quality and technology on offer. The company has installed an alumina ceramic chamber to avoid metallic or plastic smells.

Other than this, vortex technology mixes the vapors produced. It not only keeps the vapors evenly heated but also avoids the risks of metallic smell or any other hindrance when the vapors are on their way to your mouth.

What temperature should I set Dr. Dabber Stella?

The temperature settings are all very flavorful. You would not feel a major impairment in taste due to the ceramic chamber, advanced airflow, and voltage adjustments. Since you have only 4 preset options available, playing with Dr. Fabber Stella becomes easy and fun.

Apart from flavor and vapor quality, the only thing that you should keep in mind is battery consumption. At low temperatures, the voltage supplied by the battery is low so it would drain slowly (the opposite is true for higher temperatures).

You should opt for lower temperature settings (purple and green) to make sure that the battery lasts longer when you are traveling.

Can you use Dr. Dabber Stella while charging?

Dr. Dabber Stella has a short charging time. It supports fast charging because it has a type C charging base. Apart from this, the voltage variation saves a lot of your battery.

It has the passthrough charging feature to make sure that the user is able to vape amidst charging. However, when you buy this device, you must charge it completely before using it.

How many hits do you get from Dr. Dabber Stella?

Dr. Dabber Stella serves 40 to 60 hits on average. The numbers are pretty solid, however, they can be bettered by vaping at lower temperature settings. If you need more hits, smoke at the purple or green temperature.

Does Dr. Dabber Stella get you high?

The vapor quality is identical to what you would get when you are using a premium vaporizer. This great vapor flavor and taste are accompanied by efficient battery performance.

The convenience is ensured since the device can be used via the power button only. All these convenient and quality-assuring features will get you high in no time.

Just place your oil, wax, or concentrate inside the alumina ceramic chamber and start vaping. The uninterrupted airflow would not let you get sober while you are smoking.

How big is Dr. Dabber Stella?

The Dr. Dabber Stella is an extremely slim vaporizer that fits perfectly inside your palm. It has dimensions of 6.5 cm x 4.5 cm x 3 cm. It is a vape pen so we all know that it will be as compact and thin as a pen.

Should You Buy Dr. Dabber Stella?

The Dr. Dabber Stella is a concentrated vaping device that is available at a fairly affordable level. It is market competitive in pricing and a market leader when you consider the proportion of value on offer.

The build is pretty solid with medically graded material for healthy vaping. The design is the same as the older models, but a little bigger.

The voltage adjusting technology not only preserves the vapor quality but also ensures that the battery life is not wasted.

This feature does limit the temperature intensity so there is a downside to this as well. We mean, the box itself states that the Dr. Dabber Stella is produced to serve good quality, not high temperature.

If you are a student or labor that has a limited budget then Dr. Dabber Stella is one of those devices that you should consider buying especially due to the proportion of value that you get for just 100 dollars.

Reconsider the pros and cons that we have enumerated above and know what the company has on offer. Do not commit to the purchase if dense vapors are your need. A flavor chaser, on the other hand, will love this device.

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