Dr. Dabber Light Review – Is Dr. Dabber Light Worth it? (20% OFF)

Dr. Dabber Corporation is known for producing the best vaping products that are budget-friendly and of great quality. The Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer is not an exception to this rule.

It is one device that looks very simple, but the vapor production is as dense and aromatic as any other premium product.

The design is sleek and compact, so holding the Dr. Dabber Light will feel like holding a pen. The device has only a heat setting that can be accessed using the power button.

The sole button controllability is something that most users find convenient to say the very least. The LED light in the base is not prominent so that you might have a problem with that, especially in the absence of haptic feedback.

The body is durable and properly insulated to ensure the vaporizer and the user are safe. These and many other features are waiting for you at the store. The only thing that you need to do here is to read and know what is on offer.

Just scroll through the article and enlighten yourself with the simplistic supremacy of Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer.

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Dr. Dabber Light Review

Design and build

dr. dabber light review

The Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer is similar to any other product the Dr. Dabber corporation produces. The body is slim, sleek, and durable. It is the nearest that a vaporizer can get to the definition of a “pen”.

It can be divided into three parts. The first component is the mouthpiece; the next is the heating element; in the end, you will find the power source.

The mouthpiece does not require twisting, and it is tight, so it fits perfectly in the heating chamber. The heating chamber has no floating or other similar technology that you would find in Dr. Dabber Stella.

However, simplicity does not mean that the chamber is useless. A protective rubber coating on the power and chamber component insulates them and provides a better grip.

An LED light integrated at the base of the device indicates whether the device is functioning or not. There is a power button incorporated into the battery component. This button and its function are explained later in the review.

Overall, it is a stylish device portable enough to slide inside a pocket. Party throwers and casual smokers will enjoy how the Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer works.


Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer is only compatible with waxes, concentrates, and oils. If you are a dry herb or flower consumer, you should opt for other devices in the market. It is an advanced device that extracts all the goodness from concentrates and waxes. Check Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer.

Heating system

The heating system is entirely conduction-based. This means that the waxes and concentrates are heated using direct heat.

Instead of heating the waxes using hot air, the device heats them using coils. One of the major reasons for adopting conduction heating is that waxes are least vulnerable to getting overheated.

Heating time

The heating time is short as the heating source is direct. When the waxes or concentrates are loaded and the power button is pressed, the heating countdown starts. It takes Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer only 2 to 5 seconds to prepare the first batch of vapors.

Heating chamber

There are two atomizers available inside the package. The device has a glass chamber that has a titanium ring. You would find another chamber made of ceramic that has the same build but has a comparatively thicker wall.

The titanium wiring is fragile so you should handle it with care. Despite having metallic wiring, the taste does not impair at all. The chamber capacity is not as high as other vaporizers as you can load only 0.1 grams of wax.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality is impeccable. Ask any smoker who has used the Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer about the quality; he would rate it as high as any premium vaporizer on the market.

The heating chamber and slow heating technology make the vapors flavorful and aromatic. The quality does not fall at any point during the session.

The clouds are dense and flavorful, as even the smallest amount of wax can produce a considerably large stream of vapors.

Convenience of usage

The Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer is a fairly convenient device to use. It has a single-button control mechanism where you must press it 5 times to turn the device on.

The LED light on the bottom depicts that your device is up and running. The company did not incorporate a haptic feedback mechanism, which would have reduced the battery life.

No prominent LED display indicates the temperature prevailing inside the chamber or the battery life remaining. Heating the waxes and concentrates is easy as you must press and hold the power button.

Loading the chamber is simple, as the mouthpiece requires no twisting. A picking tool comes inside the package to make loading more convenient.

The quick heating time is also a convenient feature to have because this compliments the on-a-go usage. There is no mobile app support available.

Battery life

The battery capacity is 650 mAh and sufficient to provide 100 hits per charge. Many users criticized the battery for being unsupportive regarding heavy smoking and extended sessions.

The criticism is somewhat valid, but we cannot expect heavy-duty functioning at such a low price. The ability to serve 100 hits per charge is an impressive battery score for casual smoking.

The device cannot be used while charging as the absence of both pass-through charging and the charging cable limits the user’s flexibility.

What we liked

  • The heating time is quick.
  • The ceramic and quartz chamber preserves the taste and smell.
  • The size is compact.
  • There is a rubber coating on the device to keep it insulated.
  • The battery is great for on and off smoking.
  • The controllability and temperature settings are simple.

What We didn’t like

  • The mouthpiece gets hot after excessive usage.
  • The battery is not ideal for heavy or extended usage.
  • The absence of preset levels and a prominent LED display will trouble novice users.
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Is Dr. Dabber Light the best vaporizer?

The Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer is not the best in the market as many substitutes are more value-adding and provide a better proportion of features. On the other hand, this vaporizer is a simple one to use.

The quality of vapor is exemplary in this price range. Portability is another feature that will make usage more convenient than ever. It might not be as feature-studded and heavy-duty as the Mighty or Crafty vaporizers, but there is enough value to make you happy.

Is Dr. Dabber Light worth the money?

Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer is a budget-friendly product that ensures that even students and financially stringent people can enjoy vaping. The vapor quality is premium, so you will get the full value for every penny you pay.

Buying Dr. Dabber Light is like making a small investment that will serve you until you save money to purchase a better product. It is great for on and off smoking. However, you should not expect it to provide extended sessions.

Is Dr. Dabber Light safe?

Safety is not a problem with the Dr, Dabber Light Vaporizer. The body is made of medically graded material that is properly insulated. The rubber coating on the battery and atomizer saves you from all sorts of burns and shocks.

However, the mouthpiece might get hot if the user continuously smokes. There is no auto-shutoff feature so you should plan your smoking sessions smartly to avoid wastage. The temperature setting is mild so your lungs will feel no stress while inhaling the smoke.

The device is leakage-free, so the waxes never leak from the chamber. Minimal metallic intervention in the heating process reduces the risk of a pungent smell.

Does Dr. Dabber Light smell?

There is no hindrance or impairment in the taste. No matter which atomizer you use, quartz or ceramic, the result is the same.

You will receive an uninterrupted supply of aromatic and tasty vapors that will get you high quickly. Despite metallic wiring, there are no traces of metallic or pungent smell when vaping.

What temperature should I set Dr. Dabber Light?

There is no temperature flexibility to play with at all. You receive a single temperature setting that you have to compromise on.

The sole setting is exceptionally effective in providing flavorful and aromatic vapors. It is simple to set as you must hold the power button for as long as you want.

Experienced smokers often criticize this limitation, but the taste and quality make them forget minimal control. However, you can heat the waxes as long as you want to (which is a positive to take away).

Can you use Dr. Dabber Light while charging?

The absence of a charging cable is one of the main reasons the Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer cannot be used while charging. Moreover, the company also states that the vaporizer does not support fast or pass-through charging. You have to wait until the device the charged to vape again.

Does Dr. Dabber Light get you high?

Is this even a question? The Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer is a rare device with simple usage but unexpectedly flavorful vapor production. The impeccable vapor quality will get you high in no time.

The temperature is consistent and mild. The absence of temperature controllability might irritate you initially. However, the quality of vapors will make you forget that in a matter of seconds.

How long does the Dr. Dabber Light battery last?

The Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer has a 650 mAh battery sufficient to serve 100 hits per charge. The battery is not as laborious as other vaping devices but you should consider the price tag before criticizing it.

The battery life is great for on-a-go and casual smoking. It is non-replaceable, so you cannot buy a spare battery to help your cause.

How big is Dr. Dabber Light?

The Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer is an extremely portable device with a 5 cm x 1 cm x 1 sm dimension. It fits easily inside pockets and pouches. Just ensure you do not break it while carrying it inside your pocket.

Should You Dr. Dabber Light?

A vaporizer made for all those youngsters and students who do not have sufficient funds to afford a premium vaping device. The Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer is a sleek device for an on-the-go smoking routine.

The heating time is short while the vapor production is exceptionally dense. The flavor and aroma are simply the best that you can get in this price range. The mouthpiece, atomizer, and battery components are easy to assemble and use.

A single button is used to control the device during smoking sessions. There are slight reservations about the battery life. Everyone demands a better battery life that can at least work a day or two.

However, demanding a heavy-duty battery at such a low price is unfair as the company has to forego something to keep the cost low. It is extremely portable due to its compact size and the perfect heating system.

The Dr. Dabber corporation is well-known for producing simple yet effective products that meet everyone’s needs. Just make sure you search for discount coupons online to reduce the price even more.

Without further delay, invest your savings in the Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer. A premium vaporizer can wait but your lungs cannot.

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