Ditanium Vaporizer Review

Ditanium Vaporizer has been one of the most loved vaping devices in the market for several reasons. First, it is a highly discreet device with a biodegradable wooden box. It is called Ditanium because it has dual heating features, and the core is titanium.

The dual heating features mean you can smoke dry herbs and waxes simultaneously. More specifically, there are two heating chambers. The ceramic chamber is for waxes and a glass stem for dry herbs.

It is a desktop vaporizer that has a considerably bigger size. No battery is integrated inside to enable you to smoke outside your house. The temperature controls are also one of the most searched features on the internet.

The major criticism this device has received is regarding the imprecise temperature settings and the absence of a mobile app and a prominent digital screen.


Many features are worth reviewing about this unique but heavy-duty device. For this very reason, we did a detailed review to let you know what the Ditanium Vaporizer has on offer. So without further delay, start scrolling to learn more about the biodegradable and efficient Ditanium.

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Ditanium Vaporizer Review


The Ditanium Vaporizer is compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates. It is amongst the rarest vaporizers that allow you to smoke dry herbs and liquid loads simultaneously. The liquid load is placed at the device’s core whilst the dry herbs are packed inside the glass stem.

Design and outer

The Ditanium Vaporizer is enclosed inside a biodegradable wooden box. This vaping vaporizer is an environment-friendly device with no plastic components. The design is simple as the heating element is placed inside the square-shaped wooden outer.

The interior is made of titanium metal, so it is durable and heavy-duty on the inside, unlike other vaping devices with glass components that are vulnerable to breakage.

Metallic e-nails are normally vulnerable to safety issues, but the wooden chassis is sufficient to block physical contact. A glass stem attachment is available to complement dry herb usage; however, the stem is horizontal, so the heating process can be tricky. Once the glass stem is fitted, it would need no you would not need any other support to keep it fixed.

Furthermore, the tubing is silicone, so it is resistant to breakage and insulated. Finally, the mouthpiece is metallic, so you must avoid continuous smoking to ensure safety.

Heating element

The heating element sits directly on top of the titanium e-nail. Being close to a direct metallic heating source can impair the smell and test. However, it is not the case here because the chamber is ceramic.

This ensures that the taste is preserved and no metallic smell intervenes in between. The dry herbs can easily get burnt, so the manufacturer has incorporated glass stem compatibility. You can place the dry herbs in this glass stem to heat them through the hot air streams.

Heating time

Before starting a smoking session, turn the Ditanium Vaporizer on and let it heat for a minimum of 5 minutes. Once the titanium nail and quartz change colors, you can place the load inside the heating chamber. The vapors would then be prepared in just 30 to 60 seconds.


Heating method

The Ditanium Vaporizer has a hybrid heating system where the load is heated using direct and indirect methods. However, this device is a pure convection device with a slight intervention of conduction heating.

It is understandable as the company has planned to make it a convection vaporizer, but the power of titanium nail still carries the direct heat to the loaded material.

Temperature range

The temperature range is vague, to say the very least. You can surf the internet all day, and we can promise that you will find nothing except that the highest temperature intensity of the Ditanium Vaporizer is 482 degrees Celsius. However, it would be wise to start from the 12 o’clock position and then increase the temperature level bit by bit.

Convenience of usage

As mentioned, the biggest flaw when considering convenience is the analog dial with no specific temperature levels labeled on the device. In addition, there is no digital display that can enable the monitoring.

You might also miss haptic feedback, auto shutoff, and remote controllability. The components, however, are easy to fit initially and clean afterward. Using Ditanium would be frustrating at the start, but it would make sense once you get to know the settings of your choice.

Power source

Being a desktop vaporizer, the Ditanium has no battery requirement at all. However, it is made to serve you at the table at your home, so you need a power outlet.


The warranty can be a problem, especially when glass components are faulty. Unfortunately, the company does not offer any warranty contract for glass components. However, a 90-day warranty is offered on LED lights. A 2-year warranty contract backs all other parts.


  • It allows you to smoke dry herbs and waxes at the same time.
  • The heating chambers are different for each kind of material.
  • The titanium nail is covered perfectly to ensure safety.
  • The glass stem and silicone tubing ensure that the vapors are pure.
  • No resistance is experienced while drawing vapors as the heating system is major convection.
  • The heating time is quicker than other substitutes in the market.
  • The highest temperature intensity is ideal for strong hits.


  • The temperature dial does not have accurate labels to enable precise sessions.
  • There is no digital screen or mobile app support to know what is happening inside the chamber.
  • The glass components can break, and they do not have a warranty cushion.
  • Unlike the Plenty Vaporizer, which is very portable, the absence of batteries and big size restricts the portability.

Is Ditanium Vaporizer the best vaporizer?

One can argue that Ditanium Vaporizer is similar to any other desktop device. However, several features make it a far better choice than other vaporizers. Starting with the wooden build, the manufacturer has kept it as sustainable for mother earth as possible.


It also brings a unique feature where users can smoke dry herbs and waxes simultaneously. Besides that, the glass components and highly efficient heating system keep the heating time short and the quality intact.

Is Ditanium Vaporizer worth the money?

The Ditanium Vaporizer is inarguably the best desktop vaporizer in the 250 to 350 dollars. It is not as automated or digitalized as other substitutes like Volcano Hybrid. Plenty Vaporizer also has an analog dial but that is accurate too.

Apart from the temperature settings, the device is pretty solid and unique. It has great vapor production where the clouds are dense and the air resistance is minimal.

The rarest feature, however, is the combination of dry herb and wax that can be smoked simultaneously. Furthermore, the Ditanium Vaporizer does not have any plastic component so it is entirely biodegradable.

Is Ditanium Vaporizer safe?

The Ditanium Vaporizer operates on the e-nail technology that gets red hot quickly. Many identical products have injury vulnerability because red hot metallic parts are extremely hot. However, this vaporizer has it all covered with an insulated wooden block.

Therefore, it is almost impossible to get burnt. Other than this, the vapors are evenly cooked, so your lungs will receive a constant taste and smell throughout the session. Moreover, Ditanium Vaporizer is environment-friendly, so it is safe in this aspect too.

Does Ditanium Vaporizer smell?

The metallic e-nail is red hot when you are operating this. This change in texture and color is normally perceived as bad. However, it is not bad because the ceramic chamber preserves the quality.

The minimal metallic intervention keeps the vapors aromatic and tasty. Moreover, the ceramic chamber ensures that the smell is maintained. The glass components also serve as the purest equipment available to vape.

What temperature should I set Ditanium Vaporizer?

As mentioned, the temperature settings are vague because the company has incorporated an analog dial. The dial has no label imprinted on the sides, so adjustment is a bit trickier.

The temperature can go right up to 482 degrees Celsius; however, we recommend keeping the dial at the 12 o’clock position. It is a standard temperature setting after which you can experiment and explore your favorite temperature intensity. We would suggest remembering the dial positioning as soon as possible.


Does Ditanium Vaporizer get you high?

The vapor production is better than all other ordinary vaporizers in the market. As a result, it can compete with the most efficient vaporizers that support desktop usage. Furthermore, it comes with an unprecedented combination of dry herb and wax usage where you can smoke both simultaneously.

This killer combo will get you high quickly, and you will receive an uninterrupted supply of vapors. Vague temperature controls might trouble you initially, but we assure you that this device will get you high quickly.

How long does the Ditanium Vaporizer battery last?

Ditanium Vaporizer is a desktop vaping device with no battery integrated into the system. The company has targeted the customers needing a vaporizer to smoke at their homes. With Ditanium Vaporizer, you need a power outlet to keep the vapors flowing.

Should You Buy Ditanium Vaporizer?

The Ditanium Vaporizer is made for all those youngsters who need an efficient vaping device for parties and gatherings. The device consistently produces well-cooked vapors that are neither taste-impaired nor pungent-smelling. In addition, this device is a well-crafted vaporizer that is designed to ensure user safety and environmental sustainability.

You would find it on the internet between 250 and 350 dollars. It is a budget-friendly desktop device that costs nearly the same as Plenty Vaporizer but lies in quality between Plenty and Volcano Vaporizer. The company has reduced costs by forgoing robust digital controls and cooling systems.

There are certain drawbacks, such as the vague temperature dial and the absence of a digital screen. An LED is integrated to help you know what the device is up to, but this does not show the exact temperature settings or battery life stats. The glass components are also vulnerable to breakage, so you have to handle them with due care.

In the end, we recommend that once you have determined your usage pattern and needs, you go for this product with your eyes closed. The temperature settings might be an issue initially, but you can learn by experimenting with different intensities. You need to handle this device with patience.

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