Best Vape Pipes: Is it worth it? (20% OFF)

Some prefer traditional smoking pipes in today’s world, where vaporizers have become immensely popular. There are hundreds of simple smoking pipes available on the market.

Each one of these pipes provides a different value than the other. The primary function remains the same but the name has been changed to vape pipes. Do not confuse this name with vaporizers.

While vaporizers use a set of excessive electric components, these vape pipes usually contain no electric part to keep it all simple and affordable. The modern pipes’ external and internal design is tweaked to make them discreet.

Purchasing modern pipes does not feel like buying a classic smoking pipe anymore. The manufacturers have developed unique ways to reduce the effect of the combustion of herbs. You would come across many features in the vape pipes that preserve the quality of vapors.

We have compiled some of the best-selling vape pipes in the current market. The value provided by these hand pipes is different so we have discussed how each one of these products operates.

In this article, you will see the pros and cons of these models, and the rest will be your choice. We will also discuss the features that you should keep an eye on while purchasing a vape pipe.

Best Vape Pipes

Genius Ultra Vape Pipe

genius ultra vape pipe
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The Genius Ultra Cooling Magnetic Hand Pipe is the simplest smoking pipe you would get on the market. It is metallic with a simple assembly consisting of just three pieces.

The usage is also simple; you have to slide the cover off the main body. The cover is one piece, while the rest of the two pieces build the main body.

The body consists of two metallic slides attached by four powerful magnets. Space between the two surfaces is negligible and you will find dimples on either surface.

Almost 2000 dimples (a thousand on each slide) help perform some key functions. These help dissipate the heat to cool the smoke before reaching your mouth.

Moreover, the excessive tar in the smoke retains between the dimples to prevent contaminants from entering your lungs. It is easy to clean and handle since the assembly and handling are easier than other substitutes.

You will find the chamber on one side of the pipe and a mouthpiece on the other. You can fill herbs in the chamber and ignite them like any other smoking pipe.

It slightly feels bigger than the traditional pipes but the slim design makes it more portable and easier to carry. No battery is installed inside the Genius Ultra Cooling Magnetic Hand Pipe, so you should consider it a simple smoking pipe with some added features.


  1. The assembly is simple.
  2. Smoke is filtered as tar is accumulated on the surface of metallic bars.
  3. The usage is simple as the chamber is accessible.
  4. Ignition is simple.
  5. The metallic cover keeps it pure.


  1. The metallic body is prone to overheating after consecutive use.
  2. The size is larger than other pipes.

Marley Natural Vape Pipe

marley natural vape pipe
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You would find many glass pipes available on the market but the Marley Natural Black Wood Walnut Spoon Pipe is one of the newest and the most discreet devices you would come across.

It has two kinds of components which include wooden and glass components. The mouthpiece is made of wood to keep it insulated while you are drawing hot smoke.

Moreover, the stem (wooden mouthpiece) is rounded on the edges to make it more comfortable. You would also find a wooden base attached to the glass chamber to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance.

The chamber is made of a thick layer of glass that keeps the smoke pure and keeps you safe when holding the pipe. You must fill the glass chamber with well-ground herbs and ignite it from above.

However, igniting can be problematic since you must heat it from the top instead of the bottom. The wooden stem and the base can be removed with ease. This means that cleaning is simple.


  1. The glass chamber keeps it pure.
  2. The mouthpiece is insulated.
  3. The edges are rounded for a better feel and touch.
  4. The size is fairly compact.
  5. The cleaning is easy due to the detachable pieces.


  1. The glass components are vulnerable to breakage.
  2. Igniting herbs can be problematic.

Freeze Pipe Hand Pipe

freeze pipe hand pipe
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The Freeze Pipe Hand Pipe is an incredibly convenient pipe to use. It is more discreet than other options available on the market. The Freeze Pipe Hand Pipe is made of glass with a round-shaped compartment on one end.

Above this compartment, you will find an opening where the heating element is placed. The element is made of glass with holes at the bottom.

The round compartment is attached to a coil through which the vapors travel to your mouth. The coil is surrounded by glycerin liquid that must be frozen before using the device.

The company has opted for the glycerin liquid because it does not melt quickly. You must freeze the pipe (including glycerin) for around an hour. The detachable chamber is simple to fill and clean.

Once you start ripping, the frozen glycerin around the coiled smoke path cools the smoke efficiently. There is no chance that you would face a hindrance or a deterioration in the flow of the aromatic smoke and the overall quality.

It is one of the most effective smoking pipes in reducing the temperature of the smoke and maintaining the feel throughout the session.


  1. The glass components keep the smoke pure.
  2. The chamber is detachable, so loading and unloading are simple.
  3. The frozen glycerin surrounding the coil is effective in reducing the overall temperature. It does not melt that easily.
  4. Cleaning the device is simple as the chamber is detachable and simple to evacuate.
  5. The airflow is uninterrupted, especially because the chamber is well-perforated.


  1. The glass components are vulnerable to breakage.
  2. Size can be an issue when you are traveling.

Freeze Pipe Hammer Bubbler

freeze pipe hammer bubbler
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The Freeze Pipe Hammer Bubbler is a bulky device that produces a cool stream of smoke in seconds. The material is all glass, and the pipe has three main components.

The first part is the mouthpiece which includes the coil containing glycerin liquid. This component has two openings on either side. One side is the mouthpiece, while the other is where you must fix the bubbler.

The company does provide a clip to fix both parts tightly. Besides the bubbler and coil components, the next part you would find inside the box is the borosilicate chamber.

The usage method is the same as the other Freeze Pipe model discussed above. You must freeze it for at least one hour to let it function effectively.

The chamber is placed above the bubbler and after the first draw, the bubbler purifies the vapors and then travels through the frozen coils to cool down immediately before reaching your mouth.

There is a koozie included in the box. You can strap it on the frozen component to keep it cold longer. A grinding card is also available to grind the herbs before loading them inside the heating chamber.


  1. The glycerin liquid melts slower than water.
  2. The bubbler filters the smoke to make it purer.
  3. The mouthpiece does not get hot.
  4. The chamber is easily accessible.
  5. It has an unrestricted flow of air through the coil.


  1. The bubbler makes it a lot more bulky.
  2. The glass components are vulnerable to breakage.
  3. The base is not stable due to its uneven base.

Glass Monster-Themed Spoon Vape Pipe

glass monster themed spoon vape pipe
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Like any spoon pipe, the Glass Monster-Themed Spoon Pipe is straightforward. This vape pipe is a 5 inches long device entirely made of glass.

The body is painted and designed to resemble the Monster Inc movie character “Mike Wazowski”. While the color and shape are not the same, the overall concept is still the same.

It has a Halloween-ish design, with the monster having long pointed teeth, horns, and a grin. You will love it if such scary devices are usually your first choice.

However, there is one thing that you must consider before buying this device. The Glass Monster-Themed Spoon Pipes are handmade, so each unit’s shape and design might vary.

The chamber is located below the eye of the monster. The chamber is considerably big and accommodating. You will also find a carb hole on the side of the bowl.

The pipe has no filtration system, so we recommend playing a screen on the pipe opening to ensure you do not suck the small herbs into your mouth.


  1. The design is unique and eye-catching.
  2. The usage method is simple.
  3. The bowl size is quite accommodating.
  4. The carb-hole is great for controlled hits.


  1. Small pieces of herb might flow through the pipe to the mouth.
  2. It can break easily since it is all glass.

Vintage Only Silicone Sherlock Glass Bowl

vintage only silicone sherlock with glass bowl vape pipe
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The Vintage Only Silicone Sherlock is an extraordinary mix of the old-school Sherlock design combined with the goodness of silicon. While you would find numerous glass, metal, or wood vape pipes, the Vintage Only Silicone Sherlock holds its place in the users’ hearts.

It is a multi-colored vape pipe that is not vulnerable to breakage except for the bowl, which is made of glass. The glass bowl is detachable, so you can easily load and clean it. It also preserves the taste and aroma since silicon-based chambers are prone to plastic smell.

The bowl-holding compartment is flat, so it remains stable when you place it on an even surface. The device is integrated with a grippy pattern to make it easier to hold.

It comes with a cleaning tool, a foldable stand, and a pouch to make handling more convenient than ever. The multi-colored body might not suit the aged or mature smokers but the Bob Marley’s fans would love it.  The touch of classic Sherlock pipe design is soothing to the eyes.


  1. The silicon body is more durable than glass.
  2. The glass bowl preserves the taste while heating.
  3. The detachment of the glass bowl keeps it safe when traveling.
  4. It is a compact device that you can keep safely inside your bag.
  5. The Sherlock design makes it look classier than ever.


  1. The multi-colored body might not suit mature people.
  2. Vapors can be harsh if the ignition is not done properly.

Multi Wood Carved Vape Pipe

multi wood carved vape pipe
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The Multi Wood Carved Pipe is one of the simplest vape pipes on the market. It is handmade and the design is immensely detailed, making it eye-catching for you to use at parties.

The body is 5.5 inches long, while the passage is extremely narrow. You can disjoint the pipe into three different pieces. This makes it simple to clean and use.

The Multi Wood Carved Pipe is an affordable device for users with a limited budget. Moreover, it is portable so you can carry it while traveling. The bowl size is not bad either, making it an ideal portable vape pipe.


  1. The assembly is simple.
  2. The design is detailed for those who prefer well-crafted devices.
  3. The bowl size is larger than other substitutes in the same price range.
  4. The compact size makes it a portable vape pipe to carry with you.
  5. The material is high quality and you can clean it easily.


  1. The vapors can be harsh since there is no cooling mechanism.
  2. You need to use it with filters to prevent pieces of herbs from flying into your mouth.

Things to consider before purchasing the best vape pipe

Purity of vapes

People go for newer versions of vape pipes mainly because of the improved taste and aroma. These models have a bubbler, filter, or any other part that can absorb the smell caused due to combustion.

Several devices have frozen liquids around the vapor path to cool the vapor before they reach your mouth. Vapors’ overall feel and taste are important as producing low-quality smoke would render the purpose behind spending extra bucks and preferring these pipes over the traditional ones.


Durability is a necessary thing in all vaping devices. Nowadays, most vape pipes contain many glass components to make them discreet.

While such components add value to the overall experience, the durability is slightly impaired as the user has to handle the device with greater care. Another important thing to check is its stability.

Most vape pipes do not have a stable base, so they are vulnerable to falling over and breaking ultimately. Metallic and wooden vape pipes are generally more durable than glass-based. Still, if you want to purchase a vape pipe with glass components, you should opt for the ones with borosilicate.


Portability is an important feature to consider before purchasing a vape pipe if you are a frequent traveler. More often, you will easily find a vape pen that is convenient to carry.

However, if you want advanced features, you must know that the portability of the vape pipes will get compromised.

There are certain products with impeccable taste and flavor of vapes but these models have additional components such as bubblers and purifiers. These things are difficult to carry on a long journey.


Your budget defines the kind of vape pipe that you would be able to purchase. The fanciest and improved vape pipes are usually sold for around a hundred dollars. You will find several other pipes on the market that are both simple and cheaper.

Many products cost way less than a hundred-dollar bill. However, we would suggest not going over this price range since the most value-adding vape pipes are easily available in this price range. The room for innovation and improvement is narrow, so you cannot expect a different technology in every other vape pipe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vape pipe?

Vape pipes are a simple version of electric cigarettes. No electric components are involved, so it costs less, and the handling is simple. These vape pipes are mostly made of glass or wood to give them a more traditional look.

Vape pipes are the nearest substitutes to traditional smoking devices such as cigars and pipes. It runs on the direct ignition controlled and performed by the user himself.

Are vape pipes different from traditional smoking pipes?

Traditional smoking and modern vape pipes are closely related since the overall usage method is the same. However, there are certain features that you would find more impressive in the successors.

The design is more stable than the older products with slightly impaired portability. The filtration mechanism in bubbler-compatible vape pipes is something you would never find in old smoking pipes. Some other features, such as the freezing components, are integrated to make the vapors more pleasant.

Are vape pipes good for health?

The vape pipes are operated in almost the same way as the traditional smoking pipes. However, several components are integrated to ensure the smoke is filtered before it reaches your mouth.

Water bubblers supporting vape pipes are available to keep it pure and absorb all contaminants.

Furthermore, the freezing mechanism often ensures the vapors are cool and chilly when inhaled. All such features were not present in the traditional pipes and you had to inhale a combustion-stricken hot stream of vapors.

Are frozen glycerin vape pipes good for health?

Yes, these vape pipes are healthier than other substitutes available. The coil through which the vapors travel is not perforated, so glycerin is never in direct contact with the vapors.

Moreover, the frozen glycerin cools the vapor, making it easier for your throat to inhale. However, it would be best if you never opened the glycerin compartment. You should also never taste or ingest it.

Are vape pipes addictive?

The vape pipes are addictive as vaporizers and cigarettes. Addiction has nothing to do with the device that you are using. It all depends on the herb that you load inside the chamber.

The stronger the herb, the more addictive it will be. However, the frozen and filtered vape pipes are more addictive and pleasant than the others.

Which pipe material is the best?

Vape pipes are made of all sorts of materials. The most common are; glass, wood, silicone, and metal. None of the materials is the best, as each has its pros and cons.

Glass is taste-preserving and pure but it is prone to breakage. The silicon is durable but it impairs the taste of vapors. Moreover, the wood is durable but does not produce the perfect vapors. Metallic vape pipes are prone to overheating and pungent smells but are the most durable and efficient on the market.

Should You Buy Vape Pipe? Final Words

Vape pipes are growing in popularity due to their simplicity of usage and the manufacturers’ affordable prices. The user can control the heating independently since the ignition is direct.

The components, especially glass parts, are improved and designed carefully to ensure the device is as portable and stable as possible. The company installs various filtration and cooling mechanisms to ensure the user receives the best hits.

Youngsters and novice users might find it hard to initially smoke using the vape pipes as the heating depends on how well the user has controlled it.

Despite this, the learning curve is not that steep and you will get hold of it in just a few bowls of usage. People often believe these products are injurious to health but use these vape pipes for aromatherapy.

Compiling the vape pipes we have listed above is competent enough to provide you with the most impressive vapors.

You should only monitor what you need and the product that complements it. You need to understand your usage requirement to identify the best vape pipe available for you to purchase.

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