Best Vape Carrying Case – Vap Pen Case

Vape pens are the most compact vaping devices that one can purchase. These pens are so small that users often lose or break them when traveling.

One can purchase a carrying case to secure the vape pen to avoid this situation. When I wanted to purchase a vape pen carrying case for the first time, the abundant options got me confused.

After trying for so many years and trying different vape pen carrying cases, I found some products more value-adding than others.

In this article, I have listed all those carrying cases that served the purpose effectively for me. The information stated below will make your purchase decision simple and effective.

Best Vape Carrying Case – Vape Pen Case

Thule Subterra Vape Carrying Case

thule subterra powershuttle electronics carrying case best vape carrying case

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The Thule Subterra Carrying Case is made for general electronics but works perfectly as a vape pen holder. It comes in black. The body is made of premium nylon material.

I have listed this product on my list because of its mini-style body. It has a zipper that seals the compartments perfectly to prevent your vape pen from falling. Read Vape Pen Amazon.

The Thule Subterra Carrying Case is the easiest to put inside my pockets due to its compact design. It effectively organizes your vape pen accessories, such as coils and cartridges. The interior has meshed pockets with elastic loops to accommodate vaping accessories of different widths. 

Unlike other bags that innovate unnecessarily, the Thule Subterra Carrying Case has a simple design. The dimensions are 21 cm x 7 cm x 14.5 cm. The material is durable, and the zipper will last longer than other products. 

Visnow Electronic Cigarette Carry Case 

visnow electronic cigarette carry case best vape carrying case

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The Visnow Electronic Cigarette Carry Case is a small container that easily fits inside your pants and bag pocket. The package contained an electronic cigarette case and a flag when I ordered this product.

I liked the 6.9 in x 2.7 in x 1.5 in dimension. It has a simple zip design which is easy to open and close. It is available in seven colors: black, pink, silver, rose red, deep blue, camouflage, and purple.

The Visnow Electronic Cigarette Carry Case has a hard outer that protects your vape pen from external pressure. It is fairly sealed with the zip.

The hard body is water resistant, but the whole case is not waterproof because the zip has fabric. The compartments inside this case are made of meshed fiber. These compartments are elastic to accommodate vape pens of different widths.

Diserk Wick and Wire Vape Organizer

diserk wick and wire portable vape organizer best vape carrying case

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The Diserk Wick and Wire Portable Vape Organizer is an ideal product for a chain smoker. It differs from similar bags because it is compact, easily accessible, has many pockets, and can be tied to the belt.

This carrying bag has a strong belt loop to help hang it to your belt. The belt loop is supported by reinforced stitching that makes it durable.

The Diserk Wick Vape Organizer has separate compartments for a mod battery, external (removable) battery, e-juice bottle, and tank. The bag looked rough when I ordered, but the strong nylon feel confirms that it is more durable than other options.

The flap makes this bag heavy, but the accessories are securely placed inside. The body is not as hard as metallic cases, which is a drawback. It is not water resistant.

Things to consider before purchasing a vape pen carrying case


A vape pen carrying case should have the right dimensions to accommodate your vaping accessories. The case you are about to purchase must have enough space in its compartments to fit the vape pens.

Generally, these vape pen carrying cases are compact enough to slip inside your pocket. The dimension should never compromise the compactness, or it would kill the whole purpose of the portable vape pen. 

Durability of material

Material is the next thing you should check in a vape pen carrying case. I prefer cases with a hard body that can sustain the external force.

They do not deform, but the metallic outer is vulnerable to corrosion. On the other hand, you will find nylon bags that are the best ones available in the fabric category.


It is better to go for a sealed carrying case to keep your vape pen secure. The seal is imperfect, but the zipper helps block the dust and contaminants from entering the case. I am a big fan of carrying cases with zippers. 


I do not recommend purchasing a vape pen carrying case with too many compartments. You should keep it simple to avoid creating a mess.

The compartments should be mesh (similar to the products mentioned above). The elastic holder also adjusts with the shape and size of the accessories. 

Price and brands

A carrying case should be high quality, but the price should not outweigh the benefits. People often purchase expensive cases that cost more than the vape pen itself.

Moreover, you should always prefer brands over unknown devices. Brands provide a standard quality that does not change from product to product. 


A vape pen carrying case is an important accessory in your smoking inventory. A good case will protect your vape pen from external pressure and keep everything organized for later usage.

The vape pen carrying cases mentioned above are my favorite. They have the best features to serve the cause.

The Thule Subterra Carrying Case and Visnow Electronic Cigarette Case are identical in size and shape. However, the material is different. The former is nylon, while the latter is metallic.

The Diserk Wick and Wire Portable Vape Organizer are different. It looks like a tool bag and has the same durability. These products tick all the boxes for me. The ultimate decision is yours.

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