Best Sweetener for Vape Juice

Do you feel your vape juice is not sweet enough to satisfy your taste buds? Sweeteners are readily available on the market to solve this problem.

Mixing a sweetener can enhance the flavor of your vape juice and buffer the unwanted sourness. However, adding anything unknown to a vape juice can be dangerous. Best Vape Juice.

This is where I come in. Over the years of vaping, I used many natural and synthesized sweeteners to make my vape juices more tasty and flavorful.

The article below lists some popular vape juice sweeteners and explains the critical factors to check before purchasing them. 

Best Sweetener for Vape Juice

One On One Flavors Ethyl Maltol

one on one flavors ethyl maltol best sweetener for vape juice

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The One On One Flavors Ethyl Maltol, also known as OOOFlavors, is widely regarded as a super strong sweetener for food. It contains vegetable glycerin and natural & artificial flavors. It comes in a one-ounce bottle filled with 30 milliliters of ethyl maltol. Read Best Vape Juice On Amazon.

The OOOFlavors Ethyl Maltol is my favorite sweetener for non-citrus fruits. You can add it to the non-citric vape juices to kill the sourness. The formula is free from carbs, sugar, and calories. It is gluten-free, vegan, and diabetic-friendly. 

Capella Flavor Drops

capella flavor drops best sweetener for vape juice

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The Capella Flavor Drops are perfect for enhancing the sugary taste of your vapor juice. It is available in a 13-milliliter bottle where each drop equals one teaspoon of sugar.

It contains crystal sucralose for sweetness, citric acid for a hint of sourness, and sodium benzoate & potassium sorbate to prevent the liquid from spoiling. It has zero calories like any other sucralose sweetener. Read Best Nic Salt Vape Juice On Amazon.  

NuSweet Liquid Sucralose

nusweet liquid sucralose best sweetener for vape juice

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The USA-based NuSweet Liquid Sucralose comes filled inside the four-ounce bottle. The bottle is 5.3 inches tall, so you can carry it anywhere.

However, it misses the dropper head, which cannot separate each drop. Furthermore, sucralose crystallizes on the edges, so clean the bottle afterward. 

Apart from the battle, each drop of the NuSweet Liquid Sucralose is as sweet as two teaspoons of table sugar. The composition of ingredients is the same as the previous product on the list. 

The crystalline sucralose will add the necessary sweetness to your vape juice. Citric acid, sodium benzoate, and potassium sorbate also help preserve the flavor and quality of the NuSweet Liquid Sucralose. It is free from carbs and calories. 

NoTE Liquid Sucralose

note liquid sucralose best sweetener for vape juice

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The NoTE Liquid Sucralose is a 100 times more powerful water-based sugar solution than ordinary sugar. It contains zero calories and zero carbs. A bottle contains 10 milliliters of concentrated sucralose solution. I did use the NoTE Liquid Sucralose before other products on our list.

It is not at par with the ones I mentioned before. However, it provides decent value. Each bottle contains 100 servings to last over a few months. This one-inch bottle made in the USA is the healthiest sugar solution you will ever mix in a vape juice. 

Things to consider before purchasing the best sweetener for vape juices

Type of sweetener

There are generally two kinds of sweeteners available online. The most common one is sucralose which is followed by ethyl maltol. Each one of these sweeteners has separate uses. 


Sucralose is 600 times sweeter than table sugar. It is the same sugar group, but the hydroxyl groups are replaced with chlorine. Chlorine makes sucralose more heat resistant than normal sugar molecules, so it does not denature at high temperatures inside the heating chamber of your vaporizer.

Sucralose does not contain calories because the metabolic system cannot break it down inside the body. This sweetener adds candy-ish flavor to your vape juice. 

Ethyl maltol

Ethyl maltol is not as popular as sucralose, but it does hold a place when sweetening fruit-based vape juices. It is ideal for sweetening non-citric fruits like strawberries, blueberries, etc.

Ethyl maltol buffers the sour and tart flavor that sucralose cannot. I would recommend adding ethyl maltol based sweeteners in non-citric vape juices. 


Sucralose and Ethyl Maltol are no doubt more effective and sweet than table sugar, but it does not mean that you have to pay high prices to purchase them. These sweeteners are available for less than 10 dollars per bottle.

Any vape juice sweeteners costing more than 10 dollars are expensive because the value provided by each product is almost the same. 

Quantity of sweetener

Many people ignore the quantity of sweetener filled inside a bottle. If you are using a sweetener for the first time, I recommend buying smaller bottles.

Even for repeated usage, small bottles are recommended because a few drops of these sweeteners are equal to teaspoons of sugar. In my opinion, you should purchase a one-ounce bottle. It will last a few months.


Purchasing a sweetener for your vape juice might feel like a tricky bargain, but it is not. These sweeteners’ overall utility and usage are as simple as I mentioned in my review. I prefer sucralose sweeteners because they have more versatile uses. The sweetness is more powerful and concentrated than any other variant on the market. 

On the contrary, ethyl maltol sweeteners are not bad either. They might have limited use, but the vapers consuming fruity vape juices will love them. The best sweetener for vape juice is a subjective matter. You must find the product that complements your use.

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