Best Scale for Vape Juice

Vape juices are the most commonly consumed vaping material. Despite being so popular, these juices are difficult to measure, especially considering they are liquid.

Several electronic and analog scales are available to solve your vape juice measurement problem. I have picked only the digital scales among so many online options.

They are accurate and reliable, unlike analog devices prone to human errors. The digital scales mentioned on my list are one of the best for vape juices. They contain the requisite features to make the measuring process more straightforward than ever.

Best Scale for Vape Juice

Truweigh Element Digital Liquid Scale

truweigh element digital liquid scale best scale for vape juice

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The Truweigh Element Digital Liquid Scale is a durable weighing device made of stainless steel and sturdy plastic. It has built-in overload protection that enables it to sustain external pressure.

The weighing platform is 4-by-4 inches. Its maximum capacity is 500 grams, sufficient for measuring vape juice quantity. However, I am not impressed by the 0.01-gram readability as small amounts might go unread. 

The Truweigh Element Digital Liquid Scale has a totalization feature that helps mix different vape juices and waxes. I love the simple one-button calibration and prominent backlit LED screen. The programmable automatic shutoff feature allows you to set a suitable timer between 0, 60, 120, and 180 seconds.

You can interconvert the scales between grams, ounces, troy ounces, deadweight tonnage,  carats, and grains. It is a rechargeable device, and the box contains a USB charging cable. The durable build and efficient weighing machinery come with a 10-year warranty.

American Weight Scale Gemini 20

american weight scale gemini 20 best scale for vape juice

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The Gemini 20 is a compact weight measuring scale that you can conveniently carry inside your pocket. It has dimensions of 4 inches x 3.5 inches x 0.8 inches. The weighing platform is 1.3 inches wide, sufficient for small vape juice quantities.

The platform is stainless steel and has a clear flip-top shield to increase your measurement accuracy. It is also integrated with overload protection. The maximum capacity of the Gemini 20 is just 20 grams.

This maximum capacity is usually sufficient, but it does not feel right compared to other devices. The 0.001 grams readability is very accurate, so the smallest quantity of vape juice will never go unmeasured.

The Gemini 20 is integrated with a backlit LCD screen that shows the readings prominently. All the readings are convertible in six scales, including grams, ounces, troy ounces, deadweight tonnage, carat, and grains.

The Gemini 20 comes with a couple of 10-gram scales to ascertain accuracy. A 10-year warranty contract backs it because it is durable and long-living. 

My Weigh Triton T3 

my weigh triton t3 best scale for vape juice

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The My Weigh Triton T3 is an advanced version of the T2 scale. It has a lighter plastic outer that is not as durable as metal. The plastic cover that protects the platform can be used as a weighing tray.

This astounding design feature adds excellent value when portability is concerned. However, the size is not ideally compact as the dimensions are 4.9 inches x 1.4 inches x 7.2 inches. 

The My Weigh Triton T3 has a maximum capacity of 400 grams, which is more than sufficient. I did not like the 0.01-gram readability because it cannot read a milligram. The red backlit display is easy to read.

The calibration is automatic to save your efforts. A one-minute automatic shutoff helps preserve the battery. The My Weigh Triton T3 digital screen has a unit button at the bottom to convert readings. 

Things to consider before purchasing the best scale for vape juices

Maximum load and readability

Maximum load is the heaviest weight that a scale can measure. Ideally, this should be more than 100 grams (even if you measure vape juice quantity in 10 grams). Readability is the minimum weight that a scale can measure.

This should be as low as possible. However, I recommend buying scales with 0.001-gram readability equal to 1 milligram. 0.01-gram readability is also sufficient in most cases, but you should remain prudent. 

Material and size

Before purchasing a scale for vape juices, you should consider its material. Scales made of stainless steel and rigid polymers are the most ideal ones. Other than this, compact scales are preferable, but the platform should be wide enough to accommodate the required quantities of vape juices. I prefer buying scales at least 4 to 5 inches long because they are easy to carry and use.


You are the one buying the scale, and you will use it. Assessing the unit where you want to measure the vape juice is better. Most scales come with a convertibility feature, allowing you to switch to the relevant units. I measure my vape juice in grams; however, ounces and carats are also suitable. 

Other handy features

Scales have several other features that might seem simple but add value to the overall experience. First, a scale must be digital because analog devices are prone to human errors. The calibration must be one button. Auto shutoff saves battery, so you should go for it as well. Totalization is incredibly value-adding for accurate mixing. 


An ideal scale for your vape juices is available online, but you should know how to find it. The devices that I mentioned on my list are probably the best as far as measuring vape juices is concerned. 

The digital scales manufactured by Truweigh and My Weight are value-adding, but they have a common flaw, i.e., readability. Both these devices are incredibly durable and simple to use.

However, they do not fit perfectly inside the pocket. The Gemini 20 has 1-milligram readability and is compact enough to carry easily inside the bag. The maximum loading capacity of the Gemini 20 is a problem because it cannot weigh more than 20 grams. 

The Gemini 20 seems more relevant for my vape juice measurements. It suits my microdosing routine. I do not need larger loading capacities. However, portability is a plus because I might need it anywhere. At the party, office, or home!

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