Best Micro USB Charger for Vape Pen

Micro USB chargers are one of the most commonly used vaporizer accessories. Almost all vape pens have a micro-USB charging port to fill the battery in no time.

However, some vape pens do not come with USB chargers. Even if they do, irregular current and harsh use might damage the wire or connectors. 

This article is the ultimate solution if your micro-USB cable is not charging your vape pen.

I gathered some of the value-adding micro-USB chargers from approved vendors. These cables tick all the required boxes to quickly fill your vape pen battery. 

Best Micro USB Charger for Vape Pens

AmazonBasics USB Micro USB Charger

amazonbasics usb micro usb charger best micro usb charger for vape pen

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The AmazonBasics Micro USB Charger is a standard accessory that you can use with all kinds of vape pens. It is available in three lengths, including 3, 6, and 10 feet.

One end of this cable is USB type-A, while the other is micro-USB. It is compact because the wire is thin. The material is flexible to let you twist it. 

The AmazonBasics Micro USB Charger has a fast-charging mechanism to quickly fill your vape pen battery. Check the Best Vape Pen Battery On Amazon.

This charging wire complements up to 2100 mA current. You can also use it to transfer your mobile data to a PC, as it provides 480 Mbps data transmission speed. The connectors are gold-plated to avoid corrosion. 

Veeape USB Cable Charger for JUUL Vape pen

veeape usb cable charger for juul vape pen best micro usb charger for vape pen

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Did your Juul device become useless because you lost or damaged the micro-USB charger? Veeape Micro USB Cable is the solution for this unwanted problem.

It is 2.6 feet long, which is not as long as other substitutes. This fast-charging cable fills your Juul battery in just 15 minutes. It has a magnetic absorption wire that has a dual port on either end of the wire. Read Best Vape Pen On Amazon.

Anker Micro-USB Cable

anker micro usb cable best micro usb charger for vape pen

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The Anker Micro-USB Cable comes with a bulletproof aramid fiber material that does not wear off quickly.


This material is covered by a strong but flexible PVC layer that gives it over 10,000 bend life. It is one of the most durable wires because it is five times stronger than an ordinary micro-USB cable.

The Anker Micro-USB Cable has a hard PVC layer on the connectors to make them secure. The wiring is a thick gauge with minimal resistance. This ensures faster current flow and data transfer.

Your vape pen will charge quicker using this micro-USB charging cable. It is three feet long. The company trusts the durability, so it provides an 18-month warranty with the Anker Micro-USB Cable.

Anker Powerline II 3-in-1 Cable

anker powerline ii 3 in 1 cable best micro usb charger for vape pen

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The Anker Powerline II 3-in-1 Cable is a versatile cord with micro-USB, type-C, and lightning connectors. The wiring is reinforced to ensure the cord does not get damaged by excessive bending and pressure.

This cord contains fast charging technology because it is tailor-made for mobile phones. However, you can use it with vape pens to make them charge quickly. The length of the Anker Powerline II 3-in-1 Cable is 3 feet.

It comes with a lifetime warranty, which shows that the company trusts its quality. It is available in white color, unlike other standard black micro-USB cables.

Things to consider before purchasing the best micro-USB charger for vape pens 


Before going any further, check the charging port of your vape pen. Vaping devices have three types of charging ports: mini, micro, and USB-C. After confirming that your vape pen has the micro port, you should only purchase a micro-USB charger. 

Speed of charging 

Normally vape pens come with slow charging cables that do not transmit enough current to your vaping device.

The charging speed matters a lot because a consistently fast charging cable will fill the battery quicker and maintain the battery’s health. The micro-USB chargers are not as fast as USB-C but can go up to a shy over 2000 mA.

Quality of connectors and wire

The fast-charging wire is of no use if the connectors are faulty. Connectors take electric current from one end and give it on the other hand to the vape pen.

Gold-plated or stainless-steel connectors are resistant to corrosion. I recommend giving due importance to the connector.

Moreover, the wire must not be very thin. Thin cables are prone to breakage. Hence you should purchase flexible wires with moderate thickness. 

Portability and compactness

The shorter the USB cable you purchase, the greater its compactness. Moreover, the micro-USB charging cable should be flexible to let you twist and keep it in your bag. Most micro-USB charging cables are portable and easy to put in your bag.


As evident from the products mentioned on my list, the USB cables are standard products. These USB cables lack versatility, and companies cannot innovate much with what is available.

However, you must check the necessary features like quality, current supportability, flexibility, and compatibility. 

Micro USB chargers are one of the most common vaping accessories owned by vapers. They provide you with the leverage to charge different vape pens one after another.

USB type-A ports make them easy to connect to laptops. The product on my list will help you charge vape pens quickly. 

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