Best Mango Disposable Vape

Mango is one of the most iconic features when it comes to satisfying your taste buds. The fruity mango-flavored juice on a hot day is a blessing from nature.

However, you cannot carry a glass of mango juice everywhere. How do you satisfy your mind and heart with the goodness of mango while sitting inside your office?

This problem is solved by companies merging the flavorful mango juice with nicotine salts to relax your mind. The dopamine rush while consuming the mango disposable vapes is real.

It satisfies your brain with the light nicotine strength, and the flavorful mango juice helps keep you wanting more.

Different disposable vape brands sell mango disposable vapes. I have used many mango disposable vapes, but ranking the best is difficult. The product I mentioned below provides different features and values.

I suggest understanding the details carefully and then opting for a better product. The relevant mango disposable vape is the best product that you can purchase.

Best Mango Disposable Vape 

Mango Vapes Mad Mango Peach

mango vapes mad mango peach best mango disposable vape

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Mango Vapes is known for producing the best disposable vapes that provide amazing value for money. The company sells different flavors, including the Mad Mango Peach.

The Mad Mango Peach is a trademark product that combines mango goodness with the pinchy peach flavor.  This product is available online for 30 dollars. It is cheaper than most high-end disposable vapes.

The Mad Mango Peach is a sleek device with decent line patterns like a carbon fiber device. The mouthpiece is nozzle-shaped to ensure convenient smoking. The manufacturer has integrated it with the beast and standard modes.

It is installed with a battery and vape juice indicator that lets you assess the device’s remaining power. I like the airflow adjustment that lets you change the thickness of vapors and draw resistance.

The Mad Mango Peach has an OLED screen, which is not a common component in most disposable vaporizers. The vape juice and battery enable this device to produce around 8000 puffs per device. Each puff contains well-cooked vapors because the heating element has dual mesh coils with 0.8 ohms of resistance.

However, the standard mode lets you preserve the battery as it operates on a single mesh coil. The vape juice filled inside the chamber is 16 milliliters, and each milliliter contains around 20 milligrams of nicotine salt.

Lost Mary BM600 Triple Mango

lost mary bm600 triple mango best mango disposable vape

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The Lost Mary BM600 Triple Mango is one of my favorite flavors among the 34 unique variants. It is a compact device that fits perfectly in the palm. The 66-millimeter tall body is as small as it can get.

However, the compact size means the company has compromised the puff count. The small 350 mAh battery restricts the number of puffs to just 600. The Lost Mary BM600 Triple Mango is a non-rechargeable device prefilled with two milliliters of flavorful vape juice.

Each milliliter of the vape juice contains around 20 milligrams of nicotine salt. This device’s VG to PG ratio is astounding for balanced vapor stream density and throat hit. It has no buttons as the heating system is draw-activated. The sweet triple mango flavor is enjoyable, but 600 puffs end too early. Read Lost Mary BM600 Review.

Elf Bar 600 Mango

elf bar 600 mango best mango disposable vape

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The Elf Bar 600 Mango is a tall and slim device that fits in your hand. You can slide it easily inside the pocket, so I love it for easy on-the-go sessions. It has a 350 mAh battery that you cannot recharge. This restricted power supply enables you to extract only 600 puffs. Read Elf Bar Vape Amazon.

The heating system is draw-activated, and the tank contains two milliliters of flavorful mango juice. It comes pre-charged and prefilled, so consider it a ready-to-use product.

The company manufactures the Elf Bar 600 Mango in two nicotine concentrations. The 10 milligrams of nicotine per milliliter for vape juice is ideal for non-addictive smoking. You can purchase the 20-milligram variants as well, so your purchase is more specific.

Elf Bar Cigalike Mango Passionfruit

elf bar cigalike mango passionfruit best mango disposable vape

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The Elf Bar Cigalike Mango Passionfruit is a very compact product with a slim body that looks like a cigarette. It is a cylindrical device like a cigarette, and the 99 millimeters of diameter is admirable for an electronic device.

The company did manage to integrate it with a 280 mAh battery and a tank with 1.6 milliliters of e-juice. Every drop of the juice contains the sweet taste of mango and a prominent punch of passionfruit.

The Elf Bar Cigalike Mango Passionfruit is a mouth-to-lung smoking device with no buttons. You need to inhale, and a hot stream of vapors is cooked. You can produce just 400 puffs from this device. It is more than ten cigarettes combined. Each milliliter of juice contains around 17 milligrams of nicotine salt. It is healthier than the traditional cigarettes.

Aroma King Jewel Mini 600 Triple Mango

aroma king jewel mini 600 triple mango best mango disposable vape

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The Aroma King Jewel Mini Triple Mango is a pocket-sized dynamite filled with the sweet and creamy mango flavor. The loaded mango goodness is better than other diluted mango flavors. It contains two milliliters of vape juice. Each milliliter has 20 milligrams of nicotine salt. This two percent nicotine concentration is healthier than other nicotine substitutes.

The Jewel Mini Triple Mango is a compact device with a 500 mAh internal battery. However, I am not satisfied with the puff production of this product because the Elf Bar produces the same number of puffs with a smaller battery.

It can generate 600 puffs with a simple draw. The draw-activated heating system is similar to any other standard disposable vape. The battery installed inside the Jewel Mini Triple Mango is non-rechargeable. The VG to PG ratio is balanced for a premium smoking experience. 

Geek Bar 575 Puff Mango Ice

geek bar 575 puff mango ice best mango disposable vape

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The Geek Bar Mango Ice is a tough device with a sleek PCTG shell. It is heat and breakage-resistant. The heating system is built with a high-quality cotton wick that absorbs the vape juice before the heating begins. The tank is filled with two milliliters of flavorful and chilly mango ice. I am a big fan of menthol because it makes smoking more pleasant.

The Geek Bar Mango Ice contains a 500 mAh battery that heats the vape juice using 3.7 volts of electric current. The battery immediately powers the heating element when you make a draw. Each milliliter of the vape juice includes around 20 milligrams of nicotine salt.

You can also purchase it in 10-milligram variants for a healthier smoking routine. There is a battery life indicator to show the battery status. However, it is non-rechargeable. The vapors are flavorful, but 575 puffs are insufficient.

OK Vape Quartz Mango Ice

ok vape quartz mango ice best mango disposable vape

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The Ok Vape Quartz Mango Ice is a stylish vaping device with a red and yellow colored body like a ripe mango. It is prefilled with two milliliters of flavorful mango juice mixed with the goodness of menthol. Each milliliter of this vape juice contains 20 milligrams of nicotine salt. It is a way out for a transitional smoker who wants to quit smoking.  

The Ok Vape Quartz Mango Ice has a 400 mAh battery inside the body. It can produce 600 puffs on average, better than smoking 20 cigarettes. The battery is sufficient to cook the last drop of vape juice without recharging.

You can initiate the heating process by just drawing vapors with your lips. There is a silicone cap on the top to prevent contamination. It protects the vapors from automatically escaping the mouthpiece.

Things to consider before purchasing the best mango disposable vape 

Basic or combo

Before going into details, you should ensure the mango flavor you need. The most common and purchased mango flavor is basic. It has no other fruit or complementary taste added to it.

The basic mango flavor is sweet and easy to inhale. It is relevant for all those people who demand simple and predictable flavors.

Despite the simplicity of the basic mango flavor, consumers often demand innovation. Several companies combine the mango flavor with other fruits.

The products mentioned above contain combo flavors. I like the menthol or icy mango disposable vapes. Icy mango feels like licking cold mango ice cream.

Nicotine concentration

Why do people go for disposable vapes instead of ordinary disposable vapes? The main reason for opting for disposable vapes is the light nicotine concentration.

The light nicotine concentration will help you get rid of your addiction. You should check the nicotine strength of your prospective product before purchasing it. The best mango disposable vapes are

Puff count 

Puff count should be given due consideration before purchasing a mango disposable vape. More puff count generally means higher prices. You should go for more puff counts if your vaping routine is intensive.

Lower puff count devices are mandatory when purchasing a specific disposable vape flavor for the first time. Devices with lower puff counts are available at low prices.

Battery and rechargeability

The battery is an important component inside a disposable vape. Most disposable vapes are non-rechargeable. I suggest purchasing non-rechargeable products when purchasing two-milliliter devices.

The battery does not run out in these devices. However, the battery depletes in products with more vape juice. I recommend purchasing rechargeable mango disposable vapes when purchasing devices with more puff counts.

Durability and quality

Durability is not as relevant as other features I mentioned earlier. Disposable vapes are meant for temporary usage, so plastic and other polymer shells are sufficiently strong to keep the device safe.

Disposable vapes with metallic shells are rare. I suggest purchasing the hard plastic disposable vapes as they are durable. Moreover, manufacturing quality should also be taken into consideration.


Purchasing the best mango disposable vape might seem simple, but you will find many products with almost the same features. The abovementioned products are some of the best mango disposable vapes available online. Selecting the right product is a matter of individual requirements. 

The Mad Mango Peach, developed by the Mango Vape, is my favorite. It is a premium product with an excellent finish and long-lasting puff count. The OLED screen is easy to check and operate. Budget will be the main problem while purchasing this device. If you lack sufficient funds, go for other products on my list. 

The Elf Bar and Lost Mary products are available at an affordable price. The puff counts are 600, so you must compromise on them while ensuring affordability. Elf Bar Cigalike is a device made for those buyers who like vaping traditionally.

It is eye-catching, but the puff count is miserable. Aroma King is also a standard product with 600 puffs, and the vapors are loaded with flavorfulness. The Geek Bar Mango Ice produces chilly hits similar to Ok Vape Quartz Mango Ice.

No matter which device you purchase, opt for the right puff count, nicotine concentration, and mango flavor variation. The best mango disposable vape will complement your daily smoking routine. Do not go for a redundant disposable vape just because it is popular. 

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