Best Juul Pods – Top Juul Flavors (20% OFF)

Certain companies are challenging traditional smoking routines in an industry full of discreet vaporizers and battery mods. One such company is Juul which produces unique devices.

These devices are compatible with a discreet cartridge called “pod.” Vape pods come with a limited e-liquid with a lower nicotine percentage when compared to other products and a better flavor.

When discussing the Juul pod system, forget the disposable and hookah vape pens. These pods made the e-juice refillable, making it more portable than other options.

It is a cheaper substitute while the flavors are premium. Youngsters love the number of flavors they can purchase from the market, but the availability of so many flavors can make the decision harder.

There are many flavors available on the Juul website and also ones that third-party vendors develop. However, to make purchase decisions more accurate and effective, we have compiled some of the most popular Juul flavors on the market.

You should give this article a read before going ahead with your purchase. Please read the description of each vape pod and know what it has to offer you.

Best Juul Pods & Flavors

Juul Menthol Pods

juul menthol pods
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The Juul Menthol Pods are refreshing smoking substitutes as they contain traditional menthol, making your throat chilly and cold. It is a pod that Juul develops on its own. You can find it on the official online store for 18 dollars.

The price might seem slightly higher than other pods on the market, but the Juul Menthol Pods mean more quality and better performance. The touch is smooth, and the flavor is stronger than other substitutes. Moreover, the Juul Menthol Pods have a classier appearance.

The company has made the Juul Menthol Pods available in groups of two or four. The purchase price is 11 dollars when you buy two pods, but the company reduces the per unit price by making four pods available for just 18 dollars.

You will find two different nicotine concentrations in the Juul Menthol Pods. The 5% nicotine content is filled with 59 milligrams in a milliliter, while the 3% has 35 milligrams in a milliliter.

The company has made the Juul Menthol Pods leakage-free and has a solid industry reputation. The official store also has the formula mentioned where you can find glycerol, propylene glycol, nicotine, benzoic acid, and menthol flavor.

Virginia Tobacco Pods

virginia tobacco pods
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The Virginia Tobacco Pods are among the most demanded flavors on the official Juul website. While many companies sell Jull-compatible pods, this brilliance is available on the official website. The Virginia Tobacco Pods are classier and smoother than other pods on the internet.

People associate nicotine with tobacco, but tobacco flavor can have low nicotine content. The company has done well in maintaining a strong tobacco flavor along with a low nicotine concentration.

The Virginia Tobacco Pods come in two nicotine percentages. It contains 59 milligrams per milliliter in the 5% nicotine pods while 35 milligrams per milliliter in those with 3% nicotine.

The official store has two packages where you can purchase the Virginia Tobacco Pods in either a group of two or four pods. While other competitors focus on nicotine salt only, Juul prefers developing a better formula.

The formula mentioned on the official website says that the Virginia Tobacco Pods contain glycerol, flavor, nicotine, and benzoic acid. These pods are more expensive and high-end than other substitutes on the market.

You can purchase two pods for 11 dollars and four pods for 18 dollars. The company has a good reputation in the vape pod industry.

Juul Alpine Berry Pod

juul alpine berry pod
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The Juul Alpine Berry Pod is a fairly expensive smoking refill to purchase. It is available on the market for 11 pounds. The higher price is because it is developed and distributed by Juul. It is available on the online store, and you can use it with any Juul device you might find online.

The Juul Alpine Berry Pod comes in two concentrations. The lower concentration has 9 milligrams of nicotine per milliliter, while the higher concentration contains 18 milligrams of nicotine per milliliter. One packet will contain four pod refills, a sufficient monthly stock (depending on the usage).

The Juul Alpine Berry Pod is an elegant-looking product in maroon and black colors. The taste will feel familiar, but you will find it hard to guess. Juul has combined red berries’ ripeness and mint’s coolness to give you a refreshing taste.

It is a modern mixture of the two most wanted flavors. The nicotine content is low but as addictive as any other product because the flavor is premium.

It contains 0.7-milliliter juice with the already mentioned nicotine salt quantity. You can extract 200 puffs from a single pod. It is portable if you want to use it on the go and can also quit smoking by reducing the nicotine intake.

Juul Mango Nectar Pod

juul mango nectar pod
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The Juul Mango Nectar Pod is designed explicitly for Juul devices. This pod is made for portable usage with a never-ending session duration. The Mango Nectar enables you to enjoy the tropical taste of summer with a nostalgic punch of concentrated artificial flavors.

These synthetic flavors are more concentrated and tastier than natural refills. The Juul Mango Nectar Pod is available for around 11 pounds. This means you can enjoy the goodness of mango nectar at an affordable price.

The Juul Mango Nectar Pod contains nicotine salt in a 0.7-milliliter quantity, which means that it is healthier than other substitutes on the internet. There are two concentrations available on the official website.

You will find 9-milligram and 18-milligram concentrations on the website to purchase pods according to your preference. Most people buy these light pods to give up on nicotine consumption. The company has reduced the nicotine content inside the Juul Mango Nectar Pod.

Four pods are included inside a single packet, so you will have a stock lasting over a week or two (if you are an average smoker). Each pod provides 200 puffs throughout its life. Overall, one complete pack will provide you 800 puffs which are 200 puffs per pod.

Juul Glacier Mint Pod

juul glacier mint pod
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The Juul Glacier Mint Pod is a refreshing pod flavored with the goodness and freshness of mint and the coolness of ice. The word “glacier” in the Juul Glacier Mint Pod depicts the vapors as chilly as the ice inside the glacier.

Now forget about regretting the tiresome day at work. Just return home and smoke the Juul Glacier Mint Pod to re-energize yourself. The Juul Glacier Mint Pod contains 0.7 milliliters of nicotine salt inside its formula.

It is addictive due to the flavor of mint in its formula, but it is healthier than other similar products on the market. It comes in a batch of four pods in one packet. Each pod provides 200 puffs, while the whole packet will give you 800 puffs until completely consumed.

Two nicotine concentrations are available where you can purchase 9 milligrams or 18 milligrams. The Juul Glacier Mint Pod is an excellent option for reducing nicotine consumption.

It is a perfect on-the-go device that provides a portable option to carry and consume when you need it the most. You can place it inside your bag because it is leakage-free.

Ziip Strawberry Lemonade Pods

ziip strawberry lemonade pods
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The Ziip Strawberry Lemonade Pods come in simple packaging containing a not-so-attractive image of strawberries and lemons. A newer user might find it a bit awkward.

Still, a regular pod consumer will agree that the Ziip Strawberry Lemonade Pods are the most flavorful refills available. The combination of strawberry and lemonade will make you remember the hot summers when you used to drink lemonade and enjoy your holidays.

The Ziip Strawberry Lemonade Pods come with variable concentrations. You can choose your preferred concentration, depending on the nicotine you plan to consume. The concentrations available on the official website are 1.8%, 3%, 5%, and 6%, so you can keep it as healthy as you want.

These concentrations are lighter than other nicotine products on the market, but you can choose how light you want. It is a simple and effective way of getting rid of nicotine consumption. However, the Ziip Strawberry Lemonade Pods are healthy, but they are extremely addictive due to their flavorful taste and aroma.

The quantity of liquid filled inside each Ziip Strawberry Lemonade Pod is 1 milliliter. Four Ziip Strawberry Lemonade Pods are in one packet, sold online for 16 dollars. This means that each pod will cost you 4 dollars. The Ziip Strawberry Lemonade Pods are compatible with all sorts of Juul devices.

Ziip Cappuccino Pods

ziip cappuccino pods
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The Ziip Cappuccino Pods are compatible with any standard pod vape. It is a blessing for those who like drinking coffee to get themselves going. The Ziip Cappuccino Pods come in four different nicotine concentrations.

You can purchase pods with concentrations of 1.8%, 3%, 5%, and 6%. These concentrations allow buyers to choose the amount of nicotine they want to consume. The caffeine flavor tricks your brain into believing that you have consumed coffee, and it becomes more responsive due to dopamine secretion.

The nicotine added in the Ziip Cappuccino Pods is nicotine salt. It does not ruin the taste because the company has developed a strong taste agent that can conceal the diluted presence of nicotine salt inside your favorite pod.

The Ziip Cappuccino Pods are sold in a batch of four pods, which they are packed inside one packet. Moreover, the capacity of each pod is one milliliter. The quantity of juice is good enough for you to smoke outside your home for a day or two.

Other than this, the price is affordable. The company sells the Ziip Cappuccino Pods for 13 dollars on its official website. The Ziip Cappuccino Pods are compatible with all the Juuls available.

Citrus Burst Eon Pods

citrus burst eon pods
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The Eon Pods are recently emerging as the most flavorful and demanded refills on the internet. It is giving a tough time to its competitors with the concentrated flavors sold at viable prices. The Citrus Burst Eon Pod contains a concentrated refill that most smokers would prefer over other similar products.

Now relive the nostalgic taste of sour and sweet oranges. The flavor pairs well with hot weather. The Citrus Burst Eon Pod is available on the official website in the batch of four. A packet contains four pods that are orange-flavored.

The main reason behind the popularity of this pod is the low nicotine content. It has 6% nicotine, which is roughly 6 milligrams. Nicotine salt is never felt while smoking the Citrus Burst Eon Pod. Low concentration is usually considered healthy, but this product is highly addictive due to its taste and aroma.

One drawback to purchasing this device is the unavailability of different nicotine percentages from which the buyers can choose the most relevant. The Cirrus Burst Eon Pod is the best seller on the Eon Pods website. The company does provide a persuasive price of 18 dollars. It is cheaper than other high-quality options, and the content is never compromised.

Ziip Iced Orange Pods

ziip iced orange pods
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The Ziip Iced Orange Pods are from a product line launched by Ziip Labs, which contains only the icy flavors. It includes a flavorful e-liquid that contains the citrus goodness of orange. Remember the icy orange juice that your mother used to make on the hot summer afternoons?

You should expect this when purchasing the Ziip Iced Orange Pods. They are cool and chilly with no extra flavor except orange. Now you do not need to cut and squeeze orange but fill and draw it.

The Ziip Iced Orange Pods have 1.8%, 3%, and 5% nicotine concentrations on the official website. The e-liquid contains nicotine salt, a pure nicotine source, but the company has maintained a low concentration.

This low content will keep you healthy. We do not promise you will eliminate the addiction because the taste is extremely addictive (not the nicotine content, as it is too low to influence your brain).

The amount of e-liquid that the Ziip Iced Orange Pods contain is 1 milliliter per pod. There are four pods inside each packet. The whole packet costs around 13 dollars, while each pod has a 3.25 dollars price.

The Ziip Iced Orange Pods are compatible with all Juul products. Just purchase it and enter the world of nostalgic and tasty orange-flavored smoking products.

Things to consider while purchasing Juul Pods


Vape pods are becoming more popular amongst smokers because of a specific feature, “the flavors.” Vape pods come in different flavors (similar to shisha and hookah pens). However, the only thing differentiating them from shisha and hookah products is that these pods are refillable.

Pods are a combination of concentrates and disposable vapes. Refilling is similar to concentrates, and the taste of disposables makes them unique. You will find many flavors on the official website. We prefer the icy ones for the chilly feeling while drawing.

Menthol and citrus flavors are more nostalgic. Caffeine and tobacco flavors are standard bearers to keep you active. There are other flavors on the internet that you can explore before buying a pod.

Nicotine concentration

The most relevant thing that comes next on the list is nicotine concentration. The nicotine pods usually come in standard nicotine percentages. These percentages consist of 1.8%, 3%, 5%, and 6%. Choosing the right percentage depends on your subjective preference.

1.8% and 3% are the lowest nicotine concentration. 5% and 6% are not the highest when comparing them to tobacco and waxes, but these percentages are higher than the two mentioned before.

Younger smokers mostly consume flavored pods to ensure they vape without affecting their lungs. In the end, your decision depends on whether you want more nicotine or not. You should check available concentrations before committing to the purchase.


Almost all the pods sold online are identical regarding flavors and other features. Pods are different from other vaping devices on the internet. Where other products come with discrete features and high-end prices, pods are more identical in features and come with more market-competitive pricing.

You need to check the price before making a purchase decision. It is always better to visit websites and look for the most cost-beneficial pod.

Number of pods

The packet of vape pods sold online contains a group of pods. The number of pods in each packet is different. You will find products with two or four pods in the packets.

The most common number is four. You should decide whether to purchase the packets with two or four pods. Quantity is essential as it covers your daily usage and reduces the per unit price.

Customer reviews

Like any other product sold on the market, the vape pods also contain customer reviews. Customer reviews are vital because they tell you everything about the flavor you are about to buy. The reviews on the website are also helpful in ensuring that the product complies with all the features and quality standards that the company promises.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are vape pods?

Vape pods are trending amongst youngsters and those who want to smoke without affecting their health. Vape pods are small cartridge-type products inserted inside pod vapes (vaporizers compatible with pods only). These devices are similar to the 510 cartridges but low on nicotine content and more flavorful.

What are JUUL products?

JUUL is known for producing the most discreet vaping devices on the market. The Juul online store has vaporizers that are only compatible with Juul refills. These refills are called pods. Juul also sells refills on the official store so the company can buy a pod. Juul has changed the market trend where disposable vapes occupied every smoker or concentrate vaporizers.

Are vape pods different from concentrates?

Concentrate vaporizers and vape pens are the most common and advanced devices on the vaporizer market. In most such devices, you will find that they are only compatible with 510 cartridges.

The vape pods are similar to the 510 cartridges, but a feature sets them apart entirely. Vape pods have lower nicotine concentrations, so they are more popular amongst youngsters and smokers who want to give up nicotine consumption.

Are vape pods different from disposable vapes?

As we have mentioned that the vape pods contain low nicotine concentration, one might ask that the disposable vapes also offer the same features, so what is the difference? Disposable vape is a complete vaping device with a limited puff count. You must purchase a new vaping device every time the older one is consumed. T

his means that the price would be comparatively higher, and puff counts would be less. The vape pods are just the cartridges that contain the juice, while the primary device is just a one-time investment. This means a pod will be cheaper and provide a higher puff count.

What vape pod flavor is the best?

You will find a variety of vape pod flavors on the internet. These flavors are broadly categorized into three categories. Classic, milky, and iced are the three vape pods for users.

There is no winner among the three because it depends on consumer preference. However, we have explained the most popular flavors sold across the internet. Just read our article to know more.


Juul pods are one of the most commonly known devices when discussing cartridges with low nicotine content. You will find many flavors on various websites on the internet. The flavors we mentioned in our article are not what the flavors are limited to.

You can visit online stores to search for the complete set of flavors and tastes that you can buy. The flavors we have listed in our article are the most popular according to the number of orders and website reviews.

These flavors are tried and tested by the writers and members of our team to give you an unbiased and honest opinion regarding what you should expect from a particular flavor.

We have explained each flavor sufficiently for you to make a purchase. Other flavors are available, so we have also mentioned what you should consider before purchasing those.

The vape pods are a very convenient and enjoyable smoking product. One should try it if one plan to give up on nicotine consumption and live healthier life.

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