Best Hybrid Vaporizer: top Rated Hybrid Vaporizers (20% OFF)

Hybrid vaporizers are a rare category you would hardly find online. These vaping devices house a combination of conduction and convection heating methods.

Only companies with capable research staff and a demanding customer base try to develop products with such high-end features

. Having two different heating systems in a single vaporizer might seem like an expensive investment, but it does provide you with an efficient vapor production time and premium taste. 

The question still arises regarding the most suitable and value-adding hybrid device available. Several brands have these products in their portfolio.

We have enlisted some of the most prominent hybrid vaporizers on our list. Read the article and educate yourself about the product that satisfies your needs. 

Best Hybrid Vaporizer: Top Rated Hybrid Vapes

Davinci IQ2 Carbon Vaporizer

davinci iq2 carbon hybrid vaporizer
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The DaVinci IQ2 Carbon Vaporizer is a premium, limited-edition vaping device developed by DaVinci Tech on its anniversary. The company has tweaked the original IQ2 Vaporizer by replacing the metallic body with a 3k weave carbon fiber material.

It provides a lavish and high-end design with perfect insulation. It is as light and durable as other high-quality outer materials. The DaVinci IQ2 Carbon Vaporizer has a dual heating system with a combination of conduction and convection technology. The heating chamber is made of ceramic to ensure the taste remains intact.

An isolated air path maintains the temperature, so the quality remains high amidst sessions. The temperature settings are precise and can be changed via mobile app or physical means. Controlling the DaVinci IQ2 Carbon Vaporizer is simple; you will have effective haptic feedback to make life easier.

Besides, a similar LED grip communicates the device status, while the mobile app contains detailed insights. The auto-shutoff feature is a simple yet useful feature to have in this high-end device. The company has also reduced the charging time. Check Davinci IQ2 Carbon Review.

Charging time was a major issue in the original IQ2 Vaporizer, as it took over six hours to recharge. The DaVinci IQ2 Carbon Vaporizer has 1.5 hours of charging with an hour of battery life. The battery is replaceable, so you can carry an extra set to extend the session duration. 

Mighty Plus Hybrid Vaporizer

mighty plus hybrid vaporizer
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Storz and Bickel are one of the leading brands among the best vaporizer manufacturers. The company is known for producing heavy-duty and hybrid vaporizers. One such product is the new and advanced Mighty Plus Vaporizer, an upgraded version of the Mighty Vaporizer. 

Despite having the most efficient hybrid heating mechanism, the Mighty Plus is popular for other improvements the manufacturer has made to the product line. The design is more stable than the previous model as fins are added to the base.


The outer material is retained, so you should expect the same durability from this product. The Mighty Vaporizer is tailor-made for dry herb smoking and aromatherapy because of precise heat settings.

You also receive a preset booster temperature which enhances the heating efficiency to the next level. Keeping this in mind, this brilliance can produce the most flavorful vapors in less than a minute. Check Mighty Plus Review.

Storz and Bickel’s products are known for a comparatively slow heating time, but the result always leaves smokers wondering. The chamber is made of ceramic to prevent deterioration in taste. The capacity is increased for longer smoking sessions.

The research team has added the USB Type-C charging mechanism, the fastest available feature. This supercharge enables the device to recharge 80 percent in just 40 minutes. The company provides a 2-year warranty to keep you on the safe side. 

G Pen Elite II Hybrid Vaporizer

g pen elite 2 hybrid vaporizer
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G Pen Elite II Vaporizer is an advanced technology enclosed inside a compact zinc alloy body. The mouthpiece is made of zirconia to keep it insulated, and a magnetic connection keeps it attached to the body. This vaporizer is known for its efficient heating mechanism, where the vapors are produced and heated with the help of conduction.

There is convection heating that activates every time you take a draw. The G Pen Elite II Vaporizer blows hot air through the conduction-heated material to ensure you receive a consistent stream of vapors. The manufacturer has installed a spiral air path that allows the vapors to cool down.

The G Pen Elite II Vaporizer is simple to control because there is a TFT LED screen to assist you. The LED screen is also draw-activated, giving you a premium feel. The screen is colorful with custom settings to opt between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Check G Pen Elite 2 Review.

The interactive user interface ensures you feel the luxury of having a premium product in your hands. A sensory haptic feedback mechanism is installed to make handling simpler and easier. 

The battery installed inside the G Pen Elite II Vaporizer can last over an hour and a half. This battery life is understandable and admirable at the same time. The company also provides a cleaning tool. This ensures easy loading and unloading of materials. 

Boundless CFX Plus Hybrid Vape

boundless cfx plus hybrid vaporizer
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The Boundless CFX Plus is often considered the smallest hybrid vaporizer available. It has a compact size and grippy patterns on the body to ensure it does not slip from your hand. The heating mechanism, as we all know, is hybrid.

The conduction heating system heats the herbs directly, while the convection heating system blows a stream of hot vapors through the preheated dry herbs. A ceramic chamber is installed inside the device to ensure the conduction heating does not burn the herbs.

A zirconia cooling path is there to dissipate any unwanted temperature hike. This makes the temperature constant and ensures that your lungs experience no excessive pressure. The temperature settings integrated inside the Boundless CFX Plus are dual.

You can set the temperature precisely between 121 and 221 degrees Celsius. On the contrary, there are preset temperature levels available. These levels have 192, 204, 212, and 220 degrees Celsius intensities. Having a dual temperature setting system is a luxury to have as well. Check Boundless CFX Plus Review.

Despite having the best heating features, the Boundless CFX Plus is known for something else. There are a lot of class factors in the overall design and look. The company has installed a colorful LED display on the face of the device. This display is classy and contains an upgraded user interface.

It shows several stats, including the remaining battery life and the temperature settings at which the device is operating. The device also has an automatic shutoff feature to ensure safety. The battery is sufficient to give you 6 to 8 sessions on a single charge. It has a USB Type-C port that enables you to charge it faster. 

Airvape X Vaporizer

airvape x hybrid vaporizer
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Are you a fan of slim electronic devices that easily fit in your pocket? If yes, then the Airvape X Vaporizer will surely impress you. It is one of the slimmest hybrid vaporizers you will find online. Reviewers and customers usually need help to believe that the company has integrated a dual heating mechanism inside such a compact device. 

On the outside, the Airvape X Vaporizer might seem fragile. However, the body is made of stainless steel. This means that the body is durable as well as rust-resistant. The first thing you would appreciate while holding the device is the smoothness.

The rounded edges surely feel like a comforting feature. Besides this, the mouthpiece has a magnetic connection that lets you easily take it on or off.  The Airvape X Vaporizer is developed for dry herb and concentrate smoking. A ceramic chamber is installed to ensure the taste is preserved. The company has carved the chamber with utmost care and precision.

It is shaped oval to make sure that most of the material receives even heat. This is the only reason why the heating time is just 20 seconds. Moreover, a hot air compartment below the heating chamber enables the device to keep the temperature consistent. Check AirVape X Review.

The Airvape X Vaporizer has precise temperature controls between 93 and 220 degrees Celsius. There are just two buttons on the device to toggle between the intensities. The overall handling is simple: vibration feedback and an automatic shutoff system.

A 1.3-inch wide LED screen is installed to help determine the status. The Airvape X Vaporizer has a 1300 mAh battery that charges in an hour. The charging port is a micro USB.

Things to consider while purchasing?

Heating time 

Heating time indicates whether the vaporizer has a conduction heating system. Some products scam their customers by claiming to be hybrid vaporizers, but they are conduction or convection devices.

Hybrid vaporizers have both components, so the first is identifying whether a vaporizer has conduction heating. The less than a minute heating time confirms that the heating system is conduction. 

Consistency of flow and temperature 

The second part of a hybrid heating system consists of a convection heating mechanism. Convection heating is simple to detect since this method includes hot air flow through the material.

A consistent flow and maintenance of similar temperatures prove that your vaporizer has a convection heating system. A convection system is a comparatively high-end heating mechanism, so you should also know that it is hard to find in cheaper products. 

Chamber and air path 

Once you have confirmed that the vaporizer is a hybrid, the next things are the complementing features. One such feature is the chamber and air path.

It is always preferable to purchase a device with a zirconia or ceramic heating chamber less vulnerable to taste deterioration. Moreover, a zirconia or glass vapor path also preserves the temperature levels. This is essential for unrestricted flow and faster cooling.


Brand name

As we have already discussed, hybrid vaporizers are high-end products. Normally, you will find such products in stores established by brands or well-reputed businesses. Small vapor manufacturers rarely invest their money in it. Search the internet for the most popular brands and always prefer them over other unknown companies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hybrid vaporizer?

As the name suggests, a hybrid vaporizer combines two completely different heating systems. A hybrid vaporizer has a conduction element that can heat the material quickly.

Besides this, a convection heating system operates side-by-side, which blows a constant stream of hot air through the material. Both these systems are different in the heating process, but it provides diversity for those who want to experiment. 

Are hybrid vaporizers worth the money?

The hybrid vaporizers are comparatively more expensive than the other simple models available. The reason behind such high costs is the diversity and the different components installed inside the device.

It will use every penny you spend by providing a long-term solution to your problems in a simple device. Invest in these products and get a companion for a long time. 

Final Words

Hybrid vaporizers are developed for those who demand quality. As discussed in our article, hybrid vapes are more expensive than single-purpose vaping devices.

Conduction heating is the most efficient way to cook vapors. It uses a direct source to heat the material inside the chamber quickly.

Once the vapors are prepared, convection heating starts playing its part by blowing hot air through the material. These features are hard to find in other simple and cheap vaping devices, so hybrid vaporizers are considered high-end. 

Considering the luxurious hybrid heating technology, these vaporizers are suitable for users with no budgetary limitations. The Mighty Plus Vaporizer is a safe bet if your savings are sufficient. Storz and Bickel are known for the best vapor quality, but they have certain size issues.

If you demand compactness, Boundless CFX Plus Vaporizer and Airvape X Vaporizer are the best options on our list. The most premium product we have mentioned is DaVinci IQ2 Carbon Vaporizer without a single double.

It might lag in some aspects, but it is a limited-edition product worth purchasing. We have listed all the relevant features you can compare to make a decision. Just opt for the product that fulfills your needs and go for it.

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