Best Hookah – Top Rated Hookahs

If your grandfather was a chain smoker, then we already know that you are aware of hookahs. Hookahs are the most traditional type of smoking raw tobacco after cigarettes, cigars, and weed joints.

Like any other traditional smoking method, hookahs have seen a reduction in usage. The world has seen more compact and smaller substitutes taking its place.

Are hookahs going extinct? Is it possible to purchase the best hookah pipe on Amazon? Well, this is not the case.

Several companies are trying to make hookah pipes more compact and easy to carry. Modern hookahs have an aesthetic design, a purer flavor, and a more durable build. All these advancements have maintained (if not increased) the demand for hookah pipes. 

These hookah pipes are sold on various platforms on the internet. You will find them on the official websites of the manufacturers, verified dealer websites, and Amazon. Amazon does not allow vaporizers and weed products in their store.

However, hookahs are an exception to this rule. The products mentioned below are the best hookah pipes on Amazon. We have described each product and listed what you must consider before purchasing a hookah. 

Best Hookah – Top Rated Hookahs

ASANMA Micro Cube Acrylic Hookah

asanma micro cube acrylic hookah best hookah
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The ASANMA Micro Cube Acrylic Hookah has changed the routine smoking procedure. It is one of the most popular hookah devices on Amazon. It has brought the most eye-catching and high-end components, making it an ideal device for parties and gatherings.

The body of the ASANMA Micro Cube Acrylic Hookah consists of two main components: the main vape take that is 7 inches tall and the long stem that is 6 inches long (excluding the tank).

The ASANMA Micro Cube Acrylic Hookah has two ports on the tank to connect two hoses for smoking. You can also use a single hose at a time, which depends entirely on your requirements. All the components are very easy to assemble.

There is a silencer above the tank to reduce the bubbling noise. Above this, you need to fix a column and stem that are metallic and sturdy. Then comes the ash catcher that keeps your room clean. The charcoal holder and silicone bowl are both heat-resistant and efficient. 

Most ASANMA Micro Cube Acrylic Hookah components are silicone, while the base is acrylic. The company provides you with four LED lights in different colors.

The light operates on 3AAA batteries. The package also includes a remote control to switch the lighting. The device weighs 4 lbs, and you can carry it in a bag provided by the company.   

Tricase LilOne Pink Mini Hookah Combo Kit

tricase lilone pink mini hookah combo kit best hookah
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The Tricase LilOne Pink Mini Hookah Combo Kit contains the solution to your smoking problems. It is a durable product made by a German company. German quality and a trustworthy platform like Amazon are the combos to look forward to.

The internal stem and components are made of aluminum. Shafts and washers cover the aluminum components to keep them insulated. This product is just 12 inches tall with a diameter of 6 inches. 

The Tricase LilOne Pink Mini Hookah Combo Kit has dual hose connections to let you and your friend enjoy the vapors at the same time. It comes with 50 pre-punched foil sheets and ten disposable hookah tips. Each hose has a personal mouth tip, but you can connect disposable tips to prevent spreading germs. 

The Tricase LilOne Pink Mini Hookah Combo Kit has a big clay bowl on the top. It is better than the Chinese bowls because a full bowl will let you smoke for 90 minutes. The capacity is 15 grams. Cover the bowl with aluminum foil and put charcoal on it with metallic tongs.

The base is stable. You need to fill it with water to filter the smoke. It is made of glass, so the purity of vapors is never an issue. The Tricase LilOne Pink Mini Hookah Combo Kit is easy to assemble, clean, store, and carry. Just make sure that you take care of the glass vase.

GRENAOH Premium Hookah Shisha Set

grenaoh premium hookah shisha set best hookah
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The GRENAOH Premium Hookah Shisha Set is a 22-inch desktop device for parties. Available in black, blue, green, and purple colors; this device has a stylish build that will catch everyone’s eye. The vase at the device’s base is textured to make it more stylish and premium.

The metallic downstem is there to let you filter all the vapors efficiently. On the top is an ashtray and ceramic bowl that combine to let you smoke without any trouble.

The GRENAOH Premium Hookah Shisha Set has four hoses simultaneously serving all users. It is one of the most value-adding hookahs on Amazon, which can serve many users. With this amazingly accommodating device, no one in your group will feel left out.

The hoses are made of synthetic leather. The material is silky and smooth for great usage. There are ball bearings inside the hose connections that work like a valve. They stop the vapors from seeping out when a hose is not used.

Moreover, the GRENAOH Premium Hookah Shisha Set contains 100 disposable hose tips. There are 50 foils inside the package to cover the bowl during smoking sessions. 

HENGDA Portable Mini Hookah Set

hengda portable mini hookah set best hookah
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The HENGDA Portable Mini Hookah Set is a perfectly portable device that fits in your hand. It is surely the best hookah pipe on Amazon when we consider portability. The main components are made of stainless steel, while the colors vary depending on your choice.

You can choose either silver or gold color while purchasing it. The dimensions of the HENGDA Portable Mini Hookah Set are 4.3 in x 2.1 in x 1.3 in. It weighs just 3.5 ounces. The bowl is made of stainless steel, while the tank is acrylic. The mouthpiece is made of food-grade plastic, which is healthy to use.

The body is curved to let you grip it firmly. No hose is required because the mouthpiece is enough to let you suck the smoker. The HENGDA Portable Mini Hookah Set fits inside your pocket. It is as convenient to carry as a packet of cigarettes. It can function in windy weather while your hand will never catch the strong tobacco odor.

ASANMA Travel Acrylic Flat Box Hookah Kit

asanma travel acrylic flat box hookah kit best hookah
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The ASANMA Travel Acrylic Flat Box Hookah Kit is a unique-looking device that is as simple to assemble as it looks. It has dimensions of 8.5 inches in length, 6 inches in width, and 2.2 inches in height. The device rests on a lateral orientation, so it has no risk of tripping over or being unstable.

It is a portable hookah kit you can carry inside a traveling case provided by the manufacturer. The ASANMA Travel Acrylic Flat Box Hookah Kit has a silicone tobacco bowl that preserves all the goodness. The body is acrylic, like any other similar device on the market.

The company provides an LED light with a remote control. The LED light has 16 colors that you can choose from. There is just a single hose connected to the tank. The hose is made of shiny and smooth leather.

A rubber handle on the hose keeps it insulated and lets you grip it firmly. The ASANMA Travel Acrylic Flat Box Hookah Kit can produce one of the densest and the most flavorful vapor clouds.

It is easy to clean because there are few components to disassemble. The company provides no charcoal cover. You need to purchase it separately. All these features make it a unique but popular hookah device on Amazon.

Things to consider before purchasing The Best hookah pipe


First, you have to ascertain the purpose for which you are purchasing the hookah pipe. The size will not trouble you if you purchase it for desktop use. However, portable use is more demanding. You should purchase a device that is 10 to 15 inches long.

Moreover, the components should be easily disassemblable to let you carry the device in a bag. All the components should be durable for easy carriage from one place to another. 

The base

The base is a usage-defining thing that you should pay attention to. A stable base is an important feature to have in a hookah. All the components, such as the hoses, the ash catcher, and the charcoal bowl, are useless if the device cannot stand on the desktop.

Apart from stability, a hookah base should be durable to prevent cracking. This is why you need to forego products with glass bases. Most hookah pipes operate with water filled inside the base tank. You should ensure that the base does not leak. 


Many visible aspects are important to check before purchasing a hookah pipe. The product’s color should ideally suit the color of the interior of your room. Choosing an ideal color also depends on your personality and personal preferences.

The shape should also be eye-catching and stylish. Glittery body surfaces and LED lights are exceptionally effective in aesthetics. Aesthetics are more important if you plan to use the hookah pipe at parties and gatherings. 

Number of hoses

Traditional hookahs had a single hose that restricted the number of users using it simultaneously. Modern hookahs have multiple hoses to ensure you and your friends enjoy the hot vapors simultaneously.

This is made possible due to multiple connections from the tank. You should count the number of friends in your group and then check the hoses in the device. The most common number of hoses is two.

The bowl and ash catcher

Bowl is a key component in any hookah pipe. Most hookahs have bowls made of china clay or traditional brown clay. We prefer the traditional clay as it provides you with longer smoking sessions. Besides this, the bowl size is critical because a group of smokers will use the hookah.

Insufficient bowl capacity will be a pain in the heart. Ash catcher is also important as it filters the smoke and keeps the surroundings clean. You should check if the hookah has an ash catcher.


The hookah pipes are more value-adding than what most people perceive. People tend to believe electric vaporizers are the best smoking devices on the market. At the same time, this might be right, arguably, but not always. Several hookah pipes in Amazon stores can compete with most vaporizers and bongs

All the products on our list are traded on Amazon. You can easily find them by typing hookah pipes in the search bar. The features provided by each product are different from each other, but the ultimate aim is the same. The goal is to provide you with the most flavorful vapors and that too conveniently. 

This is a lot to ask for. However, the manufacturers of all the products above have retained some unique features. If you ask us, we will suggest the handheld HENGDA Portable Mini Hookah Set for the most portable and convenient smoking sessions.

However, there are other desktop devices listed by us as well. These desktop products might not be the most portable option on Amazon, but they let you carry them in a bag. The choice is yours in the end. Understand your needs and go for the product that fulfills them most appropriately.

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