Best Hookah Vape Pen – Is hookah Pen worth it?

The vaporizer industry is constantly changing. Every day, a new product or technology is introduced to make smoking more convenient and enjoyable.

Certain companies have developed products that allow you to smoke hookah portably. These products are tailor-made for the newer generation that enjoys traditional hookah but cannot afford to carry it to other places.

However, this has changed. Companies have identified this need for smokers and introduced vaping devices that go a long way in portability and flavor. Each company confirms the research, integration, and availability. Now the ball is in your court. You need to pick a suitable device.

This article thoroughly searched the market and compiled some of the most popular electronic hookah vape pens. Our list contains American as well as Chinese hookah vape pens that are designed to serve your cause. Check Best Vape Pen reviews.

We have described each product to make them comparable and self-explanatory to you. All the necessary details from the hookah vape pen market will be mentioned here, so give it a read.

Best Hookah Vape Pen

Blakk Smoke On The Go Hookah Pen

blakk smoke on the go hookah pen

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Purchasing a genuine disposable vaporizer can serve you well on the most restricted budgets. The Blakk Smoke Hookah Pen Bundle is a nicotine-free vaping device that will never have a minimal impact on your brain and lungs.

There is no tobacco used while manufacturing it. The bundle includes ten flavors that are tasty and unique. The flavors are blueberry mint, watermelon mint, pineapple, green apple, skittles, cotton candy, sweet bubble gum, peach mango, strawberry lemonade, and tropical fruit.

The flavor and aroma are not less than an orthodox hookah that smokers use to pleasure themselves. Moreover, there is no button on the device. The heat activation system operates when you draw vapors.

The heating time is instant for those consumers who demand on-the-go usage. Other than this, the size is slim and portable. You can carry the Blakk Smoke Hookah Pen in your pocket.

There are no power stats to worry about as the battery life is non-restrictive. You will find LED indicators to help your cause. Moreover, you do not need to charge it. The Blakk Smoke Hookah Pen is not called “hookah” due to its shape.

It tastes and smells like a standard hookah. It is available in online vape stores for 300 dollars. You will find interest-free installment plans on various platforms.

Fantasia Diamond E-Hookah Vape Pen

fantasia diamond e hookah vape pen

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The Fantasia Diamond Disposable Second Edition Electric Hookah is a slim and compact disposable vaping device that tastes like the original hookah. The manufacturer has designed the mouthpiece in resemblance to a hookah hose.

This minor tweak has been done for regular hookah smokers who feel comfortable with the traditional hookah anatomy. The heating time is on-demand as vapors are produced immediately when you draw smoke.

Such a prompt vapor production is attributable to the lithium-ion battery in direct contact with the atomizer. The heating system is conducting. An LED indicator is integrated into the Fantasia Diamond Disposable Second Edition Electric Hookah. This indicator turns on when you make a draw.

The manufacturer does not provide the exact puff count. The puff count depends upon your usage (length of each draw). The longer the draws, the shorter the count, and vice versa. The materials used to compose the juice are pure glycerin and artificial flavors.

The company certifies a zero nicotine and tar-free composition for healthy smoking. The Fantasia Diamond Disposable Second Edition Electric Hookah has 28 flavors. These flavors have tricky names, so you should do thorough research before committing to the purchase.

No charging is required as the lithium-ion battery is charged sufficiently to operate over the complete life. The Fantasia Diamond Disposable Second Edition Electric Hookah is available for as low as 12 dollars.

Investing your money in this piece of simple yet impressive technology is value-adding for people who demand on-the-go usage with premium taste.

Mya Electric Vape Pen Hookah

mya electric vape pen hookah

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The Mya Electric Vape Pen Hookah is designed like a small cigarette that you can use wherever you want. It is shaped like a cigarette, and people might mistakenly perceive it as an electric cigarette’; however, it is not that.

The device is filled with a zero nicotine liquid that will never get you high, but the flavors and feel are extremely addictive. The Mya Electric Vape Pen Hookah is tailor-made for youngsters who want a non-nicotine solution for their parties. The design is classy for parties, while the portable size is a highly convenient feature for your use.

The Mya Electric Vape Pen Hookah is a small, portable, light device that all users can use. It is durable, but the atomizer has a glass build, so you must watch out for that. Moreover, there is just one button that you can press to smoke your favorite flavor easily.

The battery is rechargeable (a rare feature in hookah devices). The body contains three parts. It has a battery that provides a single voltage to the glass clearomizer, which sits on top. A hookah-shaped mouthpiece on the top is adequately insulated and durable for longer life.

You will also get a Mya flavor and a free Sheesha King flavor with the Mya Electric Vape Pen Hookah. It has a small USB cord that can charge it in no time.

The Mya Electric Vape Pen Hookah is a portable hookah that fits in your palm and can carry it inside your pocket. Now forget about carrying the heavy hookah inside your car when the Mya Electric Vape Pen Hookah does all the work to serve your needs.

Roylifee Plus Vape Pen

roylifee plus vape pen

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The Roylifee Plus Vape Pen does not look like a portable hookah vape, but the taste and smell resemble all the core electric hookah devices sold on the market. It comes in 62 colors, and each color depicts a different flavor. The device contains the name of the flavor printed on it.

It is a classy and decent-looking device that comes in a batch of 10 devices per box. The body does not contain any glass component, and the outer is made of aluminum to make it more durable than other similar devices on the market.

The Roylifee Plus Vape Pen is small and portable for everyone who wants to smoke it on the go. Besides this, the juices are pre-filled, and you do not need to refill them. The device is disposable so you can use it once. The juice contains just 5% nicotine inside of its contents.

This means that the smoking sessions will not be hazardous to your health. However, the flavors are tasty, so you might get addicted to them. Most youngsters love using the Roylifee Plus Vape Pen as it provides them with a wide range of flavors and simple usage.

It is the best starter kit you would find on the internet. The juice filled inside the Roylifee Plus Vape Pen is 3.2 milliliters in capacity. This quantity is solid enough to enable a regular user to enjoy 800 puffs out of it.

The battery is 650 mAh. It will never get completely consumed until the juice is finished. This means that you do not need to charge it. The battery has just one voltage on which it can operate.

Moreover, there is no button or screen integrated into the device. The heating method is perfect draw-activation, where you must suck the vapors to produce a well-cooked stream.

The body is cylindrical, and you can hold it comfortably in your hand. It might feel bulkier than other vape pens because the body is aluminum. The Roylifee Plus Vape Pen is a Chinese product that provides a cheap vaping option like any other product from the same origin.

VapeItSafe Vape Pen Hookah

vapeitsafe vape pen hookah

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The VapeItSafe Vape Pen Hookah Vaporizer Shisha Stick is a solution for your carelessness. It is a slim, small hookah pen just 24 cm long. The body is metallic, with a flexible grip that surrounds it. This flexible grip is adjustable (depending on the size of your hand and holding posture).

The grip has a couple of metallic bases on either side. The metallic build keeps this vape pen durable. Other than this, the bases on the grip enable you to keep the device elevated, clean and protected. Moreover, the body is water-resistant and rust-free. The device’s overall look is glossy, and you can think of it as a metallic flute that you need to suck instead of blowing.

The VapeItSafe Vape Pen Hookah Vaporizer Shisha Stick is a handmade device that the company will dispatch from the United States. It comes in seven different colors that are solid and contain a small hint of patterns. The mouthpiece is shaped like a hookah for all those smokers who demand a traditional feeling on their lips.

The metallic body makes it a bit heavier, but the shape and size are handy. It costs around 19 dollars, so you can consider it expensive compared to other portable hookah devices. There is a glass atomizer that you should keep an eye on while there is no button integrated into the device. The absence of buttons from the device means you can heat the vapors by just drawing the vapors.

The VapeItSafe Vape Pen Hookah Vaporizer Shisha Stick is a simple and addictive device with excellent safety features. Just consider a snake wrapped around a branch. This is how the VapeItSafe Vape Pen Hookah Vaporizer Shisha Stick has a flexible grip wrapped around the device.

VapeItSafe E-Hookah Vape Pen

vapeitsafe e hookah vape pen

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The VapeItSafe Vape Pen Hookah Vaporizer Tree of Life Protector Case Stand is a bit different than the other VapeItSafe device we mentioned on our list. It comes in the same seven colors on the official website. The device is a handmade product that is not only discreet but produced with a lot of care.

The company has integrated the exact adjustable grip in this model. The adjustable grip is flexible and rolls over the device to give you the impression of fixing your fingers. This adjustable grip has a couple of metallic bases on either end to keep it secure and stable.

The adjustable grip provides you with the design to keep the device elevated, clean, and stable while you are on hold. The VapeItSafe Vape Pen Hookah Vaporizer Tree of Life Protector Case Stand is tailor-made for those youngsters who do not care about where they place the device.

The device is made of aluminum and stainless steel. It is durable, which is evident from the price at which the company currently offers this product. Unlike other vape pens, the VapeItSafe Vape Pen Hookah Vaporizer Tree of Life Protector Case Stand is available on the internet for around 20 dollars.

The company has made the body shiny, stylish, classy, and sleek for all those smokers who prefer looks over anything else. The mouthpiece is metallic and shaped like hookah to make it more comfortable and soothing.

The glass atomizer cover is the real change that the company has integrated into this device. Unlike its sister product, this device has a metallic cover to keep the glass atomizer safe while you are traveling. It is not a disposable vaporizer, so you should keep this in mind.

Shisha Time Cigarette Vape Pen

shisha time disposable vape pen kit

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The Shisha Time Disposable Electronic Cigarette Vape Pen comes in 30 flavors artificially prepared by the company in its factory. The factory is established in China, so you can expect it to be cheaper than other substitutes on the market. The taste is flavorful and aromatic.

You will receive a dense stream of vapors while smoking it. Besides this, the Sisha Time Disposable Electronic Cigarette Vape Pen resembles a stick, so you can hold it or slip it into your pocket without much trouble. The body is smooth with stylish patterns printed on it. These patterns either contain flames or vapors designed on them.

The company provides a cover inside which you can keep secure. A translucent cap is fixed on top to keep it safe from impurities. You will find a ring attached on top to enable you to hang it when it is idle. Other than this, the juice is pre-filled inside the Shisha Time Disposable Electronic Cigarette Vape Pen.

The exact capacity is not mentioned, but the company claims that the device is competent enough to provide you with 500 puffs throughout its life. The heating system is entirely draw-based. This means that you should not worry about memorizing complex patterns and follow the lead of your device.

It is your time to dominate your vaping sessions with this starter kit that will make you a pro one day. The flavors are pure & clean, while the company has integrated the Shisha Time Disposable Electronic Cigarette Vape Pen with non-combustion control.

Smokone Electric Shisha Pen Disposable

smokone electric shisha pen disposable

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The Smokone Electric Shisha Pen Disposable is an orthodox vaping device that comes in five devices per pack. The company offers ten flavors that smell like traditional shisha or hookah.

These flavors include banana, apple, cherry, peach, mint, orange, strawberry, vanilla, pineapple, and coffee. Each Smokone Electric Shisha Pen Disposable resembles a cigarette which is not the most elegant design, in our opinion.

The puff count is great; you can extract 500 puffs throughout its life. The company has not mentioned the exact quantity of juice and the battery capacity. However, the puff count is sufficient enough for you to make an estimate.

The Smokone Electric Shisha Pen Disposable is a disposable device, so you need not worry about charging it. The company provides a translucent cap with the Smokone Electric Shisha Pen Disposable to ensure that the interior remains pure and clean. This keeps you safe from germs and bacteria.

Moreover, the taste is premium, with a concentrated liquid stored inside the device. Apart from this, portability is not an issue with this device since it is small, and people usually demand it to be that way. The Smokone Electric Shisha Pen Disposable is a portable and advanced substitute for your daily shisha requirement.

The usage is simple; no button is integrated within the device, and the heating system is entirely draw-activated. This enables you to place it between your lips and suck it to rip it.

Kamry North Star Puff Bar

kamry north star puff bar

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The Kamry North Star Puff Bar Electronic Cigarette has become a well-known name among youngsters due to its stylish skin. It comes in eight flavors that are enclosed inside a specifically colored outer. It is a colorful product that is not the most decent device you will come across. However, the discreet animated pictures on the device will make you the center of attention.

The Kamry North Star Puff Bar Electronic Cigarette comes in eight flavors with low nicotine content. These flavors include banana, grape, watermelon, blueberry, strawberry, mixed fruit, pineapple, and mint. It is healthier than other juices and herbs that a regular smoker consumes.

The taste is premium as the internal components are combustion preventive. The body is leakage-free for those who want a portable device for daily usage. Toss it inside your bag or slip it inside your pocket. Whatever the case, the Kamry North Star Puff Bar Electronic Cigarette keeps it neat and dry. It is 19.2 cm long so it will fit inside your palm.

The Kamry North Star Puff Bar Electronic Cigarette comes with a 500 mAh battery that does not require to be charged. The juice capacity is 3.3 milliliter, and you can extract 1500 puffs.

Besides this, the usage is simple for those who have just started smoking because there are no buttons or temperature settings. The brand has established itself in South East Asia, America, Europe, Japan, and South Korea. It has distributors and wholesalers worldwide. This means that your order will reach your doorsteps in

Fantasia Disposable Cigarette Electric Hookah

fantasia disposable cigarette electric hookah

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The Fantasia Disposable Cigarette Electric Hookah is a slim and stylish vaping device for party-freaks and youngsters. It is a compact device with a plastic body. The company has made it disposable so that you can consume the pre-filled juice throughout its life and dispose of it.

It is a fashionable product with zero nicotine concentration to keep you from getting addicted. The flavors and taste are premia as the company has made the heating system combustion-free.

There is no demise in quality when we talk about the restriction of airflow. The device is draw-activated, so you just need to suck the vapors out, and it will heat the vapors in no time.

You can buy ten flavors in the Fantasia Disposable Cigarette Electric Hookah. There are 12 devices in a single box so you will get it at an affordable price. This is because the company has made the deal in bulk more suitable and viable. The juice inside each device allows you to smoke for around 800 puffs.

No exact quantity is available to the capacity of a liquid filled inside the Fantasia Disposable Cigarette Electric Hookah. The company has made the mouthpiece like a hookah to make it feel more like the traditional one. The build is durable, so you will never break it.

Starbuzz E Hookah Electronic Cigarette

starbuzz e hookah electronic cigarette

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The Starbuzz E Hookah Electronic Cigarette is another cheap but fulfilling product produced in China. We know you would point out the USA flag printed on the box. The USA flag is printed for distribution in the relevant area. It is an ideal hookah vape pen for those who enjoy low nicotine sessions.

Starting from the build, the Starbuzz E Hookah Electronic Cigarette has a smooth metallic boy with a hookah-shaped metallic mouthpiece. The shape is like a stick that you can slip into your pocket. Moreover, the feel is smooth and classy. You can hold it quickly between your fingers.

The Starbuzz E Hookah Electronic Cigarette comes in 16 different flavors with a unique color and a logo printed near the bottom to help you identify each flavor without much fuss. The contents contain a low nicotine percentage, between zero to 2.5 milliliters.

The puff count is also pretty impressive, where you can enjoy 800 puffs over the device’s useful life. The activation is entirely draw-based. You need to suck the vapors, and the stream is heated; that is all. You do not need extravagant use of buttons or temperature settings.

The heating source is voltage-based, while there is no variable voltage input that you can experiment with. The Starbuzz E Hookah Electronic Cigarette is a highly portable device like any other slim vaping device.

It comes with a 6-month warranty. You can report an unexpected demise in quality. Starbuzz is an affordable option for those smokers who demand a simple usage pattern with hookah-ish feelings.

Shisha Time Disposable Vape Pen Kit

shisha time disposable vape pen hookah kit

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The Shisha Time Disposable Vape Pen Kit contains a complete set of sleek and compact vape pens. Like other casual vaping devices, the shape resembles a stick and includes a catchy pattern.

Moreover, the vape pens are smooth and easy to hold. The Shisha Time Disposable Vape Pen Kit comes in 30 different flavors with a different color for each. This makes the decision pretty simple since the visual aid helps choose the right flavor and aroma.

The vape pen contains sufficient juice to last around 500 puffs. No refill is required, so you should forget the worry of loading the concentrate or herb after every session. No button is integrated into the device, and the heating system is entirely draw-activated.

This means you need to suck the vapors, and the stream will heat instantly. There is no advanced temperature setting available for you to play with. The batteries installed inside the Shisha Time Disposable Vape Pen Kit require no charging.

The Shisha Time Disposable Vape Pen Kit is a Chinese product that has laid a solid foundation in the worldwide vaporizer market with its competitive pricing and simple yet value-adding features. The company has also attached a hanging chain to hold or hang it when not in use.

Things to consider before purchasing a hookah vape pen

Size and portability

Hookah vape pens are as simple as any other disposable vaporizer on the market. However, the word “vape pen” makes portability and compactness critical. These vape pens must be compact to carry in your pocket and concealed in your palm.

Moreover, these vape pens do not contain advanced components integrated into their bodies. This leaves a lot of extra room for the manufacturers to eliminate space and make it lightweight and slim. The overall functionality is simple. The hookah vape pens that you would come across on the market are designed in an orthodox manner.

Puff counts

Hookah vape pens are mostly disposable devices. There are flavored juices filled inside these vape pens. After consuming it, you have no other option but to dispose of the hookah pen.

This means that hookah vape pens have finite lives. Each hookah vape pen comes with a puff count depending on the quantity of e-juice filled inside it. Choosing a disposable hookah vape pen with a higher puff count is always better. A higher puff count means more economical pricing and more juice.

Activation and heating

There are several models of hookah vape pens available on the market. You will hardly find a device containing a power button or heat settings. Hookah vape pens are as simple as other disposable vaporizers. The most common heating method you would come across in hookah vape pens is a draw-activated heating system.

Now you need to draw vapors through the mouthpiece, and the vapors will instantly get heated. You do not need a button or LED screen to work through the process. This is why you should always try and look into heating methods. Choose a device that heats vapors according to your needs and usage pattern.


Hookah pens have a limited quantity of juice filled inside. The majority of such devices cannot be refilled. This makes selecting your favorite flavor more crucial. Unlike vaporizers, where you can fill the chamber with your favorite herb or concentrate, hookah pens do not let you experiment.

Companies develop new flavors every day. Most of which is a combination of two or more existing flavors. It is always helpful to read customer reviews regarding a specific flavor if you purchase it for the first time. Moreover, online stores usually offer bundles on their website. You can enjoy both an economical price and various flavors simultaneously.

Battery vs. non-battery

Most hookah pens do not have a chargeable battery. This means that features like charging time and battery life are irrelevant. Even if the batteries are non-chargeable, they will last over the complete helpful life of the device.

Battery and power stats are the most unimportant features when purchasing a disposable hookah vape pen. You might find some devices with USB charging cables and other charging modes, but these hookah vape pens are generally rare on the market. It is better to decide whether you want a rechargeable device or not.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews are critical while purchasing any electronic device on the internet. These devices, at times, perform below the set standards. Usually, the positive reviews are robotic or paid, so you should not rely on them.

However, the negative reviews are more relevant so try finding similarities in each negative review. A similar and repetitive failure is a deficiency the manufacturer has left unaddressed.

What are hookah vape pens?

Hookah vape pens are becoming more and more popular among users. These convenient and straightforward vaping devices are a compact solution for those who want to carry a hookah inside their pocket. Many companies have invested a lot of money, time, and effort in developing the best electric hookah.

These devices are usually disposable, making them simple to use and operate with minimal effort. Hookah vape pens resemble other generic vape pens in size and shape. You can identify them by the mouthpiece, which is usually shaped like a traditional hookah.

Are electronic hookah vape pens similar to traditional hookahs?

People often doubt the competence of electronic hookah vape pens. These devices are compact and small, but the overall taste and feel are premia. Size is not the only thing that matters when discussing electronic hookah vape pens.

These devices have the same aroma, providing the same nostalgic essence from the past. There are a lot of similarities between both devices. Compactness has no impact on your experience because it is a technological thing. The more the technology improves, the smaller the devices get.

What temperature should I set my electronic hookah vape pen?

The electronic hookah vape pens usually come with single temperature intensity. Setting temperature is not relevant because the company provides a predefined temperature intensity. This intensity is a standard bearer for most models in a product line. It is neither too high nor too low. It lies somewhere where you would find a balance between flavor and density.

Why should I prefer hookah vape pens over standard vaporizers?

Preferring a hookah vape pen over other standard dry herb vaporizers is an intelligent choice for various reasons. First of all, hookah vape pens are cheaper and more affordable for those smokers who have problems with their budgets.

Moreover, their usage pattern is simple, so a novice smoker will enjoy using these vaporizers. Besides this, the taste and feel are similar to traditional hookahs and shishas, so you can try them if you are a fan of both. These tiny factors usually play a critical role in identifying the best option available.

Why are electronic hookah vape pens so cheap?

This is a million-dollar question. Several companies on the internet sell electronic hookah vape pens at prices lower than standard vaporizers. Such a low price is justifiable due to the integration of minimal electronic components.

There are no buttons and LED screens installed inside it. These devices are developed to work for a shorter time as disposable vaporizers. Besides this, branding and advertisement are not the most common expenditures in the hookah vape pen market.

Most hookah vape pens are produced in China, so it is understandable why these devices provide better value at such an affordable price.

Who should buy electronic hookah vape pens?

Electronic hookah vape pens are designed for a particular class of smokers. These devices are developed for all users new to the smoking world who find it hard to buy a simple device.

Moreover, these devices are cheap, so people with a low budget will find these devices value-adding. The electronic hookah vape pens are ideal for experiments as numerous flavors are available for the users to play with.

Is the mouthpiece of a hookah vape pen relevant?

The hookah vape pens are designed to function like a regular hookah, a heavy-duty desktop device. The compactness takes a lot away from the user when it comes to traditional usage, but there are several other features that these products generally have.

The most relevant structural feature in these devices is the mouthpiece. The hookah vape pen devices typically have a mouthpiece like a regular hookah.

This keeps your lips comfortable and makes you feel like you are smoking hookah. The only thing you should keep an eye on is the insulation of the mouthpiece. Lips are vulnerable to getting burnt, so it is an important thing.


The electronic hookah vape pens are developed for those users who demand taste and smell similar to hookah and carry the same device everywhere. Hookah vape pens have been viable because portability is the most important thing.

These devices are designed discreetly with all the necessary quality features that a hookah smoker will demand. All the products we have already named and explained on our list are relevant if you want a simple and on-the-go smoking experience.

It is always preferable to check the features and go for the most relevant product to your needs. The “things to consider” section is written to enable you to check and purchase an electronic hookah vape pen.

The hookah vape pens have low or zero nicotine content with no health hazard. However, these things are extremely addictive as they are simple and tasty. There are a lot of flavor options, and the draw-activated heating system is a simple heating routine to perform.

You must know your favorite flavor and complementary preferences to ensure you buy the suitable device. No matter which device you buy, it depends on the feel and taste. Each product on our list has great flavors and simple features to extract and enjoy natural goodness.

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