Best Gravity Bongs – Top Rated Gravity Bongs

Bongs are popular amongst chain smokers, but gravity bongs have added more value and convenience.

The gravity bongs are similar to the normal glass bongs in size and structure; however, they have something that simple water pipes do not.

These bongs can produce and push smoke automatically using water and air pressure. The pushing process is complex, but gravity bongs are as simple as pressing the accelerator.

These devices are either entirely automatic or require a slight manual procedure. People demand gravity bongs but do not know which product to put their money on.

To solve this problem, I listed some popular gravity bongs that I tried. These products provide unique value when considering price, method, material, or design. 

Scroll through my list to know the most value-adding gravity bong for your routine smoking. This article will clear many doubts in your mind. 

Best Gravity Bongs – Top Rated Gravity Bongs

Stündenglass Gravity Infuser Bong

tyson 2.0 x stundenglass gravity infuser bong best gravity bong
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The Tyson 2.0 is my favorite gravity bong because I am a die-hard boxing fan. The pure & clear borosilicate glass and sturdy & sleek aircraft-grade aluminum are as tough as Mike Tyson.

The company used to sell it initially for 600 dollars, but now it is available for 480 dollars. This gravity bong will change how you smoke dry herbs because convenience is second to none. 

Like all other gravity bongs, the Tyson 2.0 produces smoke using water and air. It is a modern hookah meant to produce flavorful hits. It is a desktop device, and it is 18 inches tall.

I like the decent red finish, similar to boxing gloves. A 14.5-millimeter female joint rests on one side of the apparatus. I admire the 360-degree rotating design that suits all sorts of usages. 

The Tyson 2.0 box contains a silicone hose, a glass herb bowl, and an aluminum hookah bowl kit to make it more versatile. The mouthpiece is at 45 degrees with the apparatus and adjustable according to your usage.

All the parts are detachable and disassemblable, making cleaning much easier than traditional bongs. I am in love with the powerful and consistent vapor production, like the untiring stamina of Mike Tyson. 

Pulsar Flamingo Wizard Gravity Bong

pulsar flamingo wizard gravity bong
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The Pulsar Flamingo Wizard is the closest illustration of how water and air pressure can produce hits. It is my favorite gravity bong under 100 dollars.

Almost all the components of the Pulsar Flamingo Wizard are made of borosilicate glass. It produces the purest hits from all sorts of dry herbs and flowers. 

Julian Akbar has designed this amazingly eye-catching product. It is 11.5 inches tall. You cannot carry it everywhere, but it will let you relax when you reach home. The 18.8-millimeter female joint on the top is compatible with most vape pens.

I like the Pulsar logo on the face of the device. The Pulsar Flamingo Wizard does not need a battery to operate. I did not believe in its power until I cooked my herbs with a torch and lifted it. Upon lifting, a dense cloud immediately accumulates inside the internal compartment. Read Bongs On Amazon.

Kind Pen GravIX Gravity Bong

kind pen gravix best gravity bong
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Do not get confused by the name here. Kind Pen GravIX is not a vape pen but an automatic gravity bong. This product competes well with the Stündenglass gravity bongs.

The build is quite durable because the containers are made of borosilicate glass, and the rest is durable anodized aluminum. It is a fully automatic device that does not require you to make a forceful draw. 

The Kind Pen GravIX is 12 inches tall. It is a desktop device that you can use at home. The music-activated LED lights on top of the device are welcome for party freaks.

Your friends will love this device’s decency, style, and elegance. It has a power component on the main body containing a 200 mAh battery. This battery has three temperature settings to keep everything under control. 

There is no need to rotate the compartments to generate vapors because it produces vapors using the battery power. I do not suggest it for those users who demand portability.

However, easy disassembly and the accommodating box make it portable. It works like hookah for dry herb smokers. However, you must ensure that your Kind Pen GravIX has enough battery. Read Bongs Under $100.

Jinni Pipe Infinity Gravity Bong

jinni pipe infinity best gravity bong
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Do you have a restrictive budget? The Jinni Pipe Infinity is a simple yet convenient gravity bong available online for 128 dollars.

It is an entirely borosilicate glass device that produces clean vapors. Despite its smaller size, I do not consider it a portable bong due to its fragile glass build. 

You can use it with one hand, but learning takes time. Unlike other gravity bongs, you must fill the Jinni Pipe Infinity with a precise amount of water. The hand position and tilting process is critical to learn using this device.

It is easy to clean since there are no complex electronic components. The 14.5-millimeter semi-diffused downstem is a standard component with a herb bowl for flavorful dry herb vapor production. 

The Jinni Pipe Infinity is horizontally oriented, so I consider its design stabler than the vertical ones. The pedestal base is broad enough to maintain the balance. I still cannot believe nature allows us to make a lipless device. 

Gleeb Glass Gravity Bong

gleeb glass best gravity bong
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The Gleeb Glass Gravity Bong is special because it was my first gravity bong. It comes inside a container that looks like a water bottle and is durable enough to protect what’s inside.

It is available online for 85 dollars, which is not bad for a standard gravity bong. The Gleeb Glass Gravity Bong has a borosilicate glass bottle with a removable 14-millimeter female joint on the top.

Before proceeding further, fill the container with water and the female joint with herbs. Once that is done, heat the herbs with a torch and lift the borosilicate bottle to produce a dense cloud of vapors. The procedure is as simple as the Pulsar Flamingo Wizard. 

MingVape SandGlas Gravity Bong

mingvape sandglas best gravity bong
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Do you want Stündenglass but cannot afford it? The MingVape SandGlas Gravity Bong is the ultimate solution to this problem. It is made of aluminum and borosilicate glass to keep it durable and pure.

It looks similar to its contemporary and operates when rotated 360 degrees. Upon first rotation, the hourglass body pulls and stores a dense vapor cloud. The second rotation pushes the vapors to the 45-degree mouthpiece. 

The MingVape SandGlas Gravity Bong is sold at 280 dollars and has a 3-meter silicone hose with a magnetic connection. The heating bowl supports a 14-millimeter female joint where you can connect any vaporizer. 

This gravity bong is not portable due to its 13 inches of height. It has a one-year warranty that covers all sorts of manufacturing faults.  

Things to consider before purchasing the best gravity bong


The price is the first thing you should check before the features. I always check my budget before shopping, so I suggest ascertaining what you can afford.

Branded gravity bongs are normally more expensive because they offer better features, an established brand reputation, and longer warranty coverage.

On the contrary, unbranded gravity bongs are usually cheaper. They offer better value for money, but you cannot rely on the quality. 


Material is important. A gravity bong is generally made of borosilicate glass, producing pure and flavorful hits. However, glass is fragile, so its portability and overall life are reduced. Gravity bongs such as Stündenglass are made of glass and high-quality metals.

Metallic gravity bongs are sturdier, but they are heavy to carry. I prefer using a metal-dominant product with glass compartments. It provides a balance between durability and purity.


There are two types of gravity bongs available on the market. The vertically oriented bongs are the most common ones. I prefer purchasing these, but vertical bongs are less stable than horizontal gravity bongs.

Horizontal gravity bongs are more stable, but they are less common. Most brands sell vertical gravity bongs. You should also pay attention to several other design features. 

The base is the most critical design feature that you should check. I would suggest looking for gravity bongs with broad bases. The mouthpiece should be designed to enhance comfort.

Vertical or straight-up mouthpieces are the most comfortable to use. For instance, Pulsar Flamingo Wizard. However, 45-degree mouthpieces are common too. 

Power source

Why is checking the power source important? Because the ideal source depends on your preference. I fancy manual gravity bongs that need no changing. These bongs have no electronic components.

You need to cook herbs using a torch, and the manual process handles the rest. The manual process might include tilting or rotating the apparatus.

However, you can buy gravity bongs with batteries. They are more precise and easy to operate. Despite these factors, the electric gravity bongs make you rely on charging. 

Method of vapor production

All the gravity bongs produce vapors using water and air pressure. However, the basic method is different for every product. You must rotate the Stündenglass, tilt the Jinni Pipe Infinity, lift the Pulsar Flamingo Wizard, and turn on the Kind Pen GravIX.

Every method is unique, so pay attention to the overall easiness and ensure it is not unnecessarily complex. 


As I mentioned earlier, gravity bongs are different from standard water bongs. They are much more convenient and advanced than normal water pipes.

Companies integrate them with versatile smoke-pushing technologies to make smoking easier. The products mentioned above contain different procedures to serve the said purpose. 

The Pulsar Flamingo Wizard and Gleeb Glass Gravity Bongs are the most manual devices you can purchase online. They are online seconded by the slightly technical Jinni Pipe Infinity that requires precise tilting.

However, the Jinni Pipe Infinity is quality preserving and does not contain separate components to assemble. Despite the simplicity of these manual products, people fancy automatic devices like GravIX.

The learning curve is not that steep because it has simple controls. However, the winner for me is Stündenglass. It is manual, but it outperforms every gravity bong on the market. The Tyson 2.0 x Stündenglass Gravity Bong is a delight.

It has a blend of metallic and glass components. The operating procedure is simple, while the vapor-pushing mechanism is powerful.

The Stündenglass has only one major drawback, which is its high price. The MingVape SandGlas is a similar but affordable device you can opt for. 

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