Best Glue for Vaporizer Parts

Vaporizers contain many fragile parts that break when pressure or force is applied. The ceramic chamber, glass bubblers, borosilicate vapor path, and metallic accessories are some common examples of fragile vaporizer parts.

However, companies have developed some of the best glues for vaporizer parts. These glues are compatible with all sorts of electronic devices.

The purchase decision is not as simple as it looks because glues must qualify as a criterion to outperform other solutions.

I have collected some very effective adhesives I bought and tested on my broken vaping accessories. All these products will repair your faulty accessories because you will indeed find the best glue for vaporizer parts in the article below.  

Best Glue for Vaporizer Parts

Loctite Gel Super Glue

loctite gel super glue best glue for vaporizer parts

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The Loctite Gel Super Glue is an ethyl cyanoacrylate formula that can stick to almost anything. This glue is resistant to moisture, chemicals, and extreme temperatures.

It does not drip because the viscous liquid stays put in place. Whether your vaporizer part is ceramic, rubber, plastic, glass, wood, or metal, this magic liquid will help keep everything in place.

The Loctite Gel Super Glue bottle has a patented side design that makes it easy to control the application of glue while pressing the bottle. Your vaporizer part will stick firmly in just 30 to 40 seconds.

The patented formula sticks to any surface. I recommend this glue because it also suits vertical applications while repairing desktop vaporizers and bubblers.  

Clear Gorilla Glue

clear gorilla glue best glue for vaporizer parts

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The Clear Gorilla Glue is a very unique but effective product for repairing broken vaporizer parts. It comes in a 5.75 ounces bottle that contains no foaming formula. It functions efficiently on wood, foam, leather, glass, plastic, and metals. The patented formula makes it compatible with all kinds of materials. 

The Clear Gorilla Glue causes trouble when you apply it on non-porous surfaces. You must use water on non-porous surfaces like metals, plastic, and PVC. It takes around a couple of hours to settle down and dry, but the overall result is impressive.  


mmobiel b 7000 best glue for vaporizer parts

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It is often difficult to level the glue after application on vaporizer parts because it sticks to fingers. However, the new MMOBIEL B-7000 has a self-leveling formula that settles automatically on the surface. I like the medium viscosity that is neither too thick nor thin. A tube of this effective glue is available in 15, 50, and 110 milliliters. 

You can apply the MMOBIEL B-7000 on many materials like wood, rubber, glass, leather, nylon, ceramic, metal, and PVC. These materials cover the majority of vaporizer parts manufactured in the current market.

The unique precision tip design allows you to apply this glue accurately at the spot where your vaporizer part got broken. The MMOBIEL B-7000 takes 3 to 6 minutes to dry up completely.

Things to consider before purchasing the best glue for vaporizer parts


One of the most significant factors in deciding glue’s effectiveness is checking the kind of materials it is compatible with. An ideal glue for vaporizer parts will be equally effective on wood, plastic, glass, leather, ceramic, etc.

No matter how fragile your vaporizer part is, the best glue for vaporizer parts will repair it. An efficient adhesive will perform equally on porous and non-porous surfaces.  

Time to dry

The best glue for the vaporizer part has the shortest drying time. An ideal adhesive will have an advanced formula that will dry up in a few minutes, regardless of temperature and surface type. The quicker the drying time, the less room for error while holding the broken vaporizer parts together.  

Bottle design

Most people ignore this factor, but it is important to check because small details can make life easier for a user. The ideal bottle design will have an easy squeezing mechanism to generate enough glue from the bottle. The tip should also have a narrow and precise opening that prevents glue overflow on the vaporizer parts. 

Customer reviews

It would be best if you did not rely on mere promises made by the glue manufacturer. These glues generally underperform when compared to the advertisement campaign.

Customer reviews are among the most authentic sources to get information regarding adhesives. The reliable and informative reviews on Amazon will tell you what you will get from the product.


The best glues for vaporizer parts are readily available on the internet. These products should have all the prerequisite features that I mentioned above. The products on my list fulfill the required criteria.

These products dry quickly and stick to any surface together. Vaporizer parts might be wood, plastic, metal, or glass. However, an ideal glue will have the formula to get everything repaired. 

The Loctite Gel Super Glue is my personal favorite and a winner because it has an advanced formula that suits all sorts of surfaces. Moreover, the drying time is less than a minute, so our vaporizer parts will stick in no time.

It is compatible with any material used in the vaporizer accessories. Other products on my list also have these features, but the most impressive one for me is the Loctite Gel Super Glue.

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