Best Dry Herb Vaporizer under $300

Finding a vaporizer is a difficult job, especially when you have a low budget. A quality vaporizer costs more than ordinary electronic devices. However, if your budget is between 200 and 300 dollars then you can buy a vaporizer that has better features and performance.

A vaping device falling under this particular price range has a fairly robust heating system and a durable exterior. The airflow is better than most other substitutes because it has convection heating that maintains consistency and quality.

Moreover, handling a device in this price range is more complex than cheaper substitutes, however, the settings are easy to adjust once you master them. Apart from quality and handling, another thing that you would find convenient and satisfying is the battery life. More budget means better battery life but it all depends on remote controllability too.

Power-consuming LEDs and Bluetooth connectivity take almost half the battery (when used continuously). There are many other features that you should look for in a vaporizer that costs a shy under 300 dollars.

We have compiled some of the most value-adding vaping devices under 300 dollars so we suggest you read through the article. Furthermore, we have also mentioned some important aspects to look for while buying a vaporizer.

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Under $300

DaVinci IQ2

davinci iq2 dry herb vaporizer under $300
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DaVinci IQ2 is a fairly modern device that has a digital control mechanism for optimal temperature settings and precision. The heating method is entirely conduction-based, however, the heating time is not as prompt as other direct heating devices.

While the device heats the load in less than a minute, the zirconia ceramic chamber ensures that the vapor quality is not impaired throughout the session.

The temperature settings are precise throughout the temperature range between 120 and 210 degrees Celsius. This temperature range is not mild enough to complement aromatherapy.

Moreover, the body is sleek, compact, and durable because it is made of aluminum. The remote controllability feature allows you to control the heating process from any location in your home.

Every little detail is mentioned on the LED panel but it is not as prominent as we would have liked. You will also get an automatic shutoff feature to make sure that your smoking sessions are safe.

One of the major problems that you would face while using the DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer is the charging time which is 6 hours. The battery life is 60 minutes, however, you can carry a spare battery as it is replaceable. The device comes with a 10-year warranty contract too.


  • It is sleek, compact, and stylish.
  • The temperature range is above average.
  • The battery is replaceable.
  • It has an automatic shutoff feature.
  • You can control it via a mobile app.
  • Prominent LEDs make it simple to use.
  • The 10-year warranty contracts are great.


  • The charging time is extremely long.
  • The battery life could have been longer.
  • The LED panel is not prominent.
  • The absence of convection interrupts the airflow.

Pax 3 Vaporizer (complete kit)

pax 3 dry herb vaporizer under $300
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Pax 3 Vaporizer is available in two different packages. Buying it with an incomplete kit would mean that you would compromise on some features. However, the complete Pax 3 kit has a fairly versatile usage. While using Pax 3 with a complete kit, you can smoke both dry herbs and concentrates.

The heating time is on-demand as the load gets cooked in just 22 seconds. The temperature settings are convenient because you can adjust temperature settings at an increment of +/- 1.

The temperature range is not as wide as other vaporizers. You can only adjust the temperature between 171 and 215 degrees Celsius, however, the temperature intensities are accurate.

The battery is above par too where you can smoke for 8 to 20 sessions in one complete charging cycle. The charging time is 2 hours long so you have to wait for it a bit.

It is also compatible with the Bluetooth app which opens a different variety of settings and options for you to access. There is a lip sensing technology incorporated by the company to make it smarter than other devices in the same price range.

Controlling Pax 3 Vaporizer can be slightly trickier than other substitutes as the =re is just a flower shining on the device to communicate everything. The warranty period is 10 years, covering all sorts of faults and quality issues.


  • It is compatible with both herbs and concentrates.
  • The size is pretty compact.
  • The sleek metallic body is stylish and durable.
  • The temperature settings are precise.
  • Lip sensing technology is a smart way to smoke.
  • The heating time is short.
  • Remote controllability makes it more convenient than ever.
  • The battery life is above par.
  • The 10-year warranty contract is more than sufficient.


  • The charging time is long.
  • It can be hard to handle initially.
  • The temperature range is short.

Firefly 2 Plus Vaporizer

firefly 2 plus dry herb vaporizer under $300
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Firefly 2+ vaporizer made for both dry herb and concentrate smoking. It is powered by a convection heating method which is on-demand. The temperature range is 105 to 260 degrees Celsius so we would never recommend it as a vaping device made for aromatherapy.

The prompt preparation of vapors does not mean that your load will get wasted. It is easy to clean and maintain as the chamber is very accessible.

The exterior is made of magnesium alloy that looks sleek and shiny. The shape is simple and compact. However, it is not a vaporizer that would easily fit inside your pocket but it is what it is. The vapor path is made of glass so you will receive a pure and uninterrupted stream of vapors.

The battery specs are second to none as the Firefly 2+ Vaporizer works for around 1 hour and the charging time is just 45 minutes. The battery is removable and you can charge it externally as well as internally.

The battery works well despite features like remote controllability, motion sensing, and smart cooling technology. The warranty period is just 2 years which is not that sufficient.


  • It is compatible with dry herbs and concentrates.
  • The heating time is short and on-demand.
  • The glass vapor path keeps the vapor temperature intact.
  • The magnesium alloy body is durable and stylish.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It comes with mobile app support.
  • The battery life is longer than the charging time which is very rare in other devices.


  • The warranty period is not sufficient enough.
  • The temperature range is not wide enough to complement aromatherapy.
  • It does not fit perfectly inside the pocket.

Plenty Vaporizer

plenty dry herb vaporizer under $300
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Reviewers usually classify Plenty Vaporizer as desktop cum portable vaping devices. However, the size is not pocket-friendly or easy to carry except for the handle. There is no battery integrated inside the vaporizer so you would need a power outlet to smoke herbs or concentrates.

At this price, this vaporizer is a piece of typical hybrid heating machinery that has a stainless steel chamber to heat the load. Conduction heating speeds up the heating process while convection heating maintains the temperature as well as the airflow.

The stainless steel chamber is 3.4 cm in diameter where you can load 0.3 grams of herbs. The heating time is 1 minute on average. However, the temperature range lies between 130 and 200 degrees Celsius and is neither ideal for aromatherapy nor strong vapor production.

The design is well crafted and distinctive due to the conical shape that resembles a drill machine. It is made of thermoplastic to keep it healthy and insulated throughout the session.  Furthermore, a metallic coil is built on top of the device that helps with cooling the vapors down.

Another important thing to consider before purchasing the Plenty Vaporizer is the unprecedented analog controls. The absence of digital controls might bother you. Other than this, a 3-year warranty contract is offered to cover all sorts of manufacturing faults and quality-related issues.


  • The heating time is short when considering that it is a desktop vaporizer.
  • The chamber size is adequate for extended smoking sessions.
  • The design is ergonomic and stable.
  • It has a metallic coil that cools the vapors before they reach your mouth.
  • The heating system is hybrid.
  • The airflow is uninterrupted.
  • A 3-year warranty keeps you on the safer side.


  • The analog temperature dial is initially difficult to interpret.
  • The temperature range is not ideal as the mildest temperature is not as mild as you would like.
  • It is limited to tabletop usage only.

Things to consider while buying a vaporizer under $300?

Durability and design

Durability is the foremost thing that you should prioritize while purchasing the vaporizer for under 300 dollars. The 300 dollars threshold is not a small investment. You need to make sure that your vaporizer has a durable build that can sustain external pressure and contaminants.

Heating system

Having a budget of close to 300 dollars provides you with different heating options. In cheaper vaporizers (those under 150 dollars), manufacturers usually integrate conduction heating. It is a direct source of heating that is prone to combustion.

However, advanced models have a convection heating method that keeps the vapors flowing. This method not only ensures continuity but also has better taste & smell.

Furthermore, there are certain products that house a voltage-based heating system. This heating method is timely but inaccurate. We would recommend going with a hybrid device that has a combination of conduction as well as convection heating.

Airflow and quality of vapors

Airflow and quality of vapors produced are some of those crucial aspects that will impact your overall smoking experience. We would prefer that you should purchase a vaporizer that has an uninterrupted flow of vapors.

Furthermore, an ideal vaping device will have a minimal metallic intervention. Other than this, the convection devices are usually less prone to airflow resistance and vapor continuity problems.

Battery life

In our article, we have discussed how vaporizers contribute a great deal to the supply chain. Even though they differ in many ways, there is one thing in common among them. Price is one thing that links them.

All of the products listed in this article are budget-friendly devices, so you can find them all affordable. When you ask us to recommend a particular vaporizer among these options, we would recommend you identify your preferred usage pattern first.


Having a budget of 300 dollars or a little less than that is not ideal, however, you can get a well-equipped and feature-studded device. The devices that we have mentioned in our review are all different from each other but you will get great value for every penny that you will spend.

The 300-ish range is filled with devices with different heating methods. The most common method of heating is the hybrid combination of conduction and convection. DaVinci IQ2 is an exception to this case, however, it is more discrete and so loved by many youngsters. It has far better usage patterns than others.

The Plenty Vaporizer is the only Storz and Bickel device that you would find below 300 dollars. It is a desktop vaporizer that allows you to plan smoking sessions with your friends. The quality of vapors is great but the only problem lies in the portability.

Pax 3 serves as the most portable device on our list which is a good option for youngsters but operating it can be a hard exercise to perform.

No matter which vaporizer you choose from the list given above, you should always give significant importance to your usage pattern and the things that you consider necessary.

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