Best Desktop Vaporizers – Is Desktop Vaporizer Worth it? (20% OFF)

Where everything in the modern world is made portable to ensure user convenience, certain vaping devices are tailor-made for home-based smoking. Finding the best home vaporizer is not as simple as you think.

Gone are when everyone had a simple vaporizer at home to provide sessions for a group of people. Nowadays, everyone opts for high-end portable devices that offer excellent quality.

Several companies still believe that manufacturing the best desktop vaporizer would satisfy the consumer’s needs as much as advanced portable devices.

The tabletop vaporizers usually come with a stable and straightforward design. The body is durable to ensure these vaporizers last longer than other products.

The vapor quality, interior material, airflow, and warranty features are similar to what you would get in a portable vaping device; however, there are some differences (depending on usage pattern). We are reviewing a variety of different desktop vaporizers produced by various companies.

Every product brings a combination of unique values, so you should read through it to know which satisfies your need better. Let us start with the product-wise review and then proceed to a usage-wise explanation of each device mentioned.

Best Desktop Vaporizers

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer (under $800)

volcano hybrid desktop vaporizer
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Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer is the most expensive home vaporizer you can operate on your desktop. It is a heavy-duty device manufactured by Storz and Bickel Corporation.

The body is made of medically graded material. The aluminum and stainless steel components keep it durable and rust-free, while thermoplastic ensures that it is healthy and heat-resistant for the users.

Apart from the design and material, Volcano Hybrid has a dual usage mode. It can be used with a whip and a plastic balloon (available inside the package). The whip is attached via a 360 degrees valve which can be rotated at every angle.

Besides this, the controllability is convenient because accurate digital controls are available at an increment of +/-1. The temperature settings can be changed using the touch display incorporated on the face of the device.

A convection heating system keeps the air flowing consistently. The heating chamber is made of aluminum to keep the heating time shorter through metallic conduction. Check out Volcano Hybrid Review.


  • The body is durable and rust-resistant.
  • The valve can rotate 360.
  • The temperature range is wide for mild as well as solid hits.
  • The increment is +/- 1.
  • The touch display is simple to operate.
  • It supports both balloon and whip usage.
  • It heats in just 2 minutes.


  • It is the most expensive vaporizer that you can purchase from the market.
  • The chamber is metallic so that you might feel a metallic smell at higher temperatures.
  • Though the vapor path is impeccable, the interior has no glass.

Plenty Vaporizer (under $300)

plenty desktop vaporizer
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Plenty Vaporizer has a triangular shape, which is unusual for a vaporizer in the market. The Storz and Bickel Corporation is known for producing unique but heavy-duty devices; this reputation has also been maintained here.

It is a durable device made of medically graded material and a stable design. It has all the power to heat your herbs at a temperature range from 37 degrees Celsius to 215 degrees Celsius.

The prevailing temperature inside the chamber is displayed on the thermometer integrated into the main body of the device. It has a bimetallic regulator to ensure the temperature does not exceed a specific limit. There is an automatic shutoff feature as well to ensure safety.

The heating chamber is easily accessible; screens save your dry herb from combusting. It is equally compatible with waxes and concentrates; however, the temperature is not as high as you would like.

The Plenty Vaporizer takes around 2-5 minutes to heat the load (depending on the size and nature of the load). This heating time is impressively short for a device that runs on convection heating.

The heating chamber is relatively vast, where a considerably large amount of material can be loaded for a group of people.

The stainless cooling coil lowers the temperature by conducting the heat and dissipating it in the surroundings. Moreover, there is a 3-year warranty cushion available to secure your investment. Check out Plenty Vaporizer Review.


  • The temperature range is wide, with the lowest intensity among the products mentioned in this article.
  • Safety is ensured by various features such as heat regulators, auto shut-off, and medically graded bodies.
  • It is compatible with both herbs and waxes.
  • A stainless metallic cooling coil lowers the temperature intensity.
  • The heating time is shorter than other competitors.
  • The heating chamber is easily accessible, so loading and unloading are simple.
  • It comes with a warranty.


  • The heating time is longer than the portable vaporizers.
  • A separate heating button is somehow complicated to use during sessions.
  • It is unsuitable for micro-dosing as the herbs are consumed in no time.

Dr. Dabber Switch (under $500)

dr. dabber switch desktop vaporizer
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Dr. Dabber Switch is a desktop portable vaporizer designed to serve you how you want. It is as discreet as any other Dr. Dabber device; however, this time, the manufacturer has focused on keeping the value intact and not just developing a compact device.

Dr. Dabber Switch uses the induction method to heat the herbs and concentrates. This piece of technology is suitable for large chunks of load and micro-dosing. It is one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers on the market.

Furthermore, it heats in 4 seconds on average (depending on your chosen temperature). This is far more suitable than other methods, including conduction (prone to overheating) and convection (slow for larger chunks).

It is a desktop device that also has a portability feature. The company has installed a battery that works for half an hour to ensure you can travel to a nearby place while vaping.

The heating chamber is made of ceramic, so the goodness is preserved. Other than this, the temperature range lies between 148 and 426 degrees Celsius. These intensities are impressive. However, it fails to provide mildly-cooked vapors.

All these temperature settings are exercisable using simple button controls. The Dr. Dabber Switch is made of medically-graded plastic. Furthermore, the company provides a 1-year warranty contract to cover all manufacturing defects. Check out Dr. Dabber Switch Review.


  • The heating time is the shortest.
  • It has an internal battery with 30 minute-long battery life.
  • You can use it while it is charging.
  • A great device for micro-dosing and large chunks.
  • It has induction heating.
  • It is compatible with dry herbs and concentrates.
  • The temperature range is wide.


  • The charging time is long.
  • The temperature range is wide, but you cannot get mild vapors.
  • It is prone to combustion at higher settings.
  • There is no digital display available.

Arizer Extreme-Q (under $200)

arizer extreme q desktop vaporizer
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Arizer Extreme Q is one of those vaporizers with a durable build and a relatively economical price tag.

It is a product mainly made of stainless steel and some glass component (borosilicate) components attached to it. There is silicon tubing to ensure that the vapors are insulated perfectly until they reach your mouth.

The temperature range is vast. It starts from 50 degrees Celsius and goes right up to 250 degrees Celsius. This feature provides a variety of different options for mild and heavy smokers.

Apart from this, the vapor quality is perfect, where a cyclonic fan system works to maintain the airflow that keeps the vapors even throughout the session. The chamber is made of ceramic to mitigate the risk of metallic smell.

Arizer Extreme Q also has a remote control that enhances the overall convenience. Furthermore, controls are entirely digital for the sake of accuracy and simplicity.

The dual mode of usage (balloon and whip) allows you to smoke on your terms. An aromatherapy mode is also available that you rarely find in other identical devices. It also comes with a 3-year warranty as the manufacturer guarantees the device will work. Check out Arizer Extreme Q Review.


  • The body is durable as it is made of stainless steel.
  • The vapor path is insulated to ensure the temperature does not change when the vapors travel to your mouth.
  • It provides a wide temperature range for mild as well as strong hits.
  • The chamber is made of ceramic to preserve goodness while smoking.
  • It has aromatherapy, whip, and balloon as a mode of usage.
  • It has remote controllability and a digital display.


  • The balloon filling time is extended.
  • The balloon is prone to leakage as it has no valve attached to seal it.
  • The glass components require careful handling, which gets hot after consecutive usage.
  • The remote controllability has a physical remote controller.

TOP VAPOR VP-100 (under $100)

top vapor vp 100 desktop vaporizer
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Top Vapor 100-VP Vaporizer is the simplest desktop vaporizer on our list. It has no complicated features like a tedious assembly or technical cleaning routine.


Owing to its simplicity, people usually consider it an inefficient device that will fail to produce dense clouds of vapors. While the quality of vapors might not be as enjoyable as other high-end substitutes, the density of clouds and vapor quality is still exemplary at this price.

Top Vapor 100-VP Vaporizer is available in wood grain and glossy black texture. The device orientation is horizontal; you will find a drawer inside it to store accessories or dry herbs.

This device is compatible with dry herbs only. The heating chamber is made of ceramic to ensure the taste and smell are not impaired.

To maintain the temperature consistency and save the user from injuries, a borosilicate attachment is available where you can vape using a flexible whip.

Temperature settings are straightforward because they depend on the analog rotation dial. There are mild settings available to prepare a flavorful batch of vapors. The temperature starts from 180 degrees Celsius to 260 degrees Celsius.


  • The temperature dial is simple to adjust.
  • There is an in-built drawer to store herbs and accessories.
  • The vapors are the densest in this price range.
  • The price is below 100 dollars.
  • It has a borosilicate component to keep it secure.
  • The digital display is simple to understand.


  • The temperature is not as wide as other devices.
  • It is not stylish or heavy-duty.
  • It only has a single mode of intake.

Ditanium (under $300)

ditanium desktop vaporizer
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As the name suggests, this vaporizer is made of titanium to serve tasty and dense vaporizers on your desktop. Ditanium Vaporizer is a discreet-looking device made of wooden outer that keeps it perfectly insulated and safe for smoking. The metallic component rests inside the wooden block to avoid physical contact.

Inside the metallic component, you would find a ceramic heating element doing its job. Ceramics is a high-quality material for long smoking sessions because it has an excellent thermal resistance.

While using the device, you must fill the glass tube with herbs and connect it horizontally to the titanium component. The glass tube has a whip attached so you can smoke conveniently. Other than this, there is water bubbler compatibility to cool down the vapors well before they reach your mouth.

The device uses convection heating to keep the airflow consistent and aromatic. It is a perfect device for smoking herbs and concentrates at high temperatures.

You can also vape a combo of dry herbs and concentrates for solid hits. The temperature dial, however, is not as convenient as we would have liked. There is no accurate digital control. You would find a temperature dial with no numeric labels.

There is no remote controllability, but the LED lights convey whether the device is functioning or not. The heating time is 5 minutes on average, but the ceramic element heats in 30 seconds, so you can start smoking afterward.


  • A great device to getting well-cooked and robust hits.
  • It has a wooden outer for a stylish look and insulated usage.
  • Compatible with both herbs and concentrates.
  • The heating element is made of ceramic which is heat resistant.
  • The convection heating maintains the airflow throughout the session.
  • It can be attached to a water bubbler.


  • The heating tube is horizontal, so the vapor production might get interrupted if not fitted properly.
  • There is no hook or resting place available for the glass tube.
  • The temperature dial is vague, to say the least, with no digital LED display.

Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer (under $300)

arizer xq2 desktop vaporizer
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Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer is above the Arizer Q and Arizer V Tower in quality and the value offered. The Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer comes with a dual method of operating the device.

You can smoke using the traditional whip and the lovable and convenient balloon bag. The glass interior is one of the main reasons this device provides the highest quality vapors.

The vapors produced by the Arizer XQ2 vaporizer are second to none in the desktop vaporizer fraternity. Convection heating is another feature that adds to temperature consistency throughout the session. Other than this, the ceramic chamber prevents the load from overheating.

The heating time has improved greatly compared to Extreme Q. This vaporizer takes only 5 minutes to prepare the first batch of vapors.

Moreover, the display is LED instead of LCD, so it looks classier than the Arizer V Tower Vaporizer (discussed later in the article). The heating element is compatible with micro-dosing and contains cyclone airflow technology to keep the temperature even throughout the session.

The LED lights with eight different color compositions are a convenient and accurate indicator regarding the settings prevailing inside the device.

The temperature intensities start from 50 degrees celsius and go right up to 260 degrees Celsius. This range is wide enough to provide both mild and strong vapors. Furthermore, the device is accompanied by a 3-year warranty contract that ensures your investment is not wasted.


  • The glass components maintain the vapor quality.
  • Cyclone airflow keeps the temperature consistent throughout the session.
  • The build is durable and sleek, like any other high-end device.
  • The temperature range is wide for mild as well as strong vapors.
  • The LED screen is a convenient and accurate indicator of what is happening inside the device.
  • The heating time is shorter as compared to Extreme Q.


  • The glass components are prone to breakage.
  • The glass components tend to get hot over time.
  • It does not have remote controllability.
  • Whip usage can be tricky, especially at higher temperatures.

Volcano Classic (under $500)

volcano classic desktop vaporizer
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Consider the Volcano Classic as a lite version of the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer. Consisting of almost the same features, this device has a balloon attachment available for better collecting and cooling vapors before you start smoking.

It has some hose or whip attachment problems, so we will not recommend using it. The Volcano Classic was developed in the late 1990s when people knew less about electric vaporizers.

All these years, almost all other desktop vaporizers have failed to surpass the Volcano Vaporizer in quality and durability. The Volcano Classic Vaporizer has an analog temperature dial that starts from 130 degrees celsius and goes right up to 230 degrees Celsius.

This temperature range might not be as wide as other modern desktop vaporizers; however, these temperature settings are accurate. It is compatible with dry herbs only. Concentrates are too modern for a device developed more than 20 years back.

The heating system is convection to preserve the taste and aroma like no other classic vaping device on the market. Furthermore, convection heating slows the heating process, but the Volcano Classis can still heat the herbs in 3 minutes on average.

The body is durable as it is made of stainless steel. There is a ceramic chamber that will add to the quality and flavor of the vapors. The LED light is the only indicator to know the status of your device. Check out Volcano Classic vs Hybrid.


  • The airflow is uninterrupted due to convection heating.
  • The heating time is impressive.
  • There is a balloon attachment available to collect and cool vapors.
  • The analog dial is simple to operate.
  • The body is durable and rust-free.
  • It has a stable and simple shape.
  • The chamber is made of ceramic to preserve the goodness of your favorite herb.


  • There is no digital LED display available for accurate readings.
  • The whip attachment is not available in the package.
  • There is no remote controllability feature.
  • It is not compatible with concentrates.
  • The temperature range is not as wide as other Storz and Bickel products.

Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer (Under $100)

arizer v tower desktop vaporizer
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Arizer V Tower Vaporizer is an economical vaping device to purchase. It resembles a magician’s hat that looks like a tower. The design is simple and stable at the same time.

The interior is mainly made of glass which keeps the vapors pure and aromatic. The heating chamber is made of ceramic to preserve the taste, while the heating system is convection to heat the load through a stream of hot air.

The vapor quality and taste are second to none. However, the device cannot cook concentrates or waxes because the temperature ranges from 50 to 260 degrees Celsius.

While the temperature might not be compatible with the liquid load, the wide range is loved by experienced users who like smoking mild vapors.

The outer is made of stainless steel to keep it as durable and rest-free as possible. It also has a simple LCD integrated into the base to access temperature settings easily. The controls are simple to choose with a power button to turn on the device and a couple of up and down buttons.

The heating time is 4 to 6 minutes on average (depending on the quality of the material used). It turns off automatically after 2 to 4 minutes of inactivity. The company also offers a 2-year warranty backup for financial security. Check out Arizer V Tower Review.


  • The vapor quality is impeccable, and clouds are dense even in moderate settings.
  • The silicon whip can rotate at 360 degrees.
  • The temperature range is wide for all sorts of intensities.
  • The LCD screen is prominent and easy to understand.
  • The bowl is cyclone-shaped and vertical to keep the airflow consistent and smooth.
  • The convection heating and glass interior prevent the herbs from burning.


  • It does not complement waxes and concentrates.
  • There is no mobile app or another way to control the device remotely.
  • The glass components are prone to breakage.
  • Cleaning and maintenance are tiring to repeat.

How to choose the best desktop vaporizer?

You should consider several factors before investing your hard-earned money in a product. The desktop vaporizers are made to last for a long time. For this very reason, we would suggest you learn what the best tabletop vaporizer looks like.

Design and shape

The design is one of those features that might feel redundant, but in practice, it does play an essential role in determining how the desktop vaporizer will be used. The best desktop vaporizer will have a stable design to negotiate the risk of falling over.

Furthermore, The body should be rust-resistant and durable enough to last a few years. It should also be insulated to ensure your friends and guests do not burn themselves while vaping at parties.

Mode of usage

There are numerous ways in which a herb or concentrate can be smoked using the best home vaporizers. The traditional method uses a whip (a flexible cord attached to the device).

Besides this, balloon attachments are available with some devices that allow you to collect and cool the vapors down before inhaling them. The mode of usage is an important thing to consider. A convenient method will make vaping a lot easier and more fun.

Vapor Quality

The thing that most prospective buyers prefer while planning their purchase is the vapor quality. This is the most prominent and primary factor determining the output quality.

To make sure that the vapor quality is great, there are several things that you should look for. For better consistency and flavor, always choose a device with good airflow.

Convection heating vaporizers are generally the best ones in this regard. Also, ensure that the metallic intervention is the least to avoid the metallic smell and impaired taste.

Convenience of usage

Convenience is an important thing to have in any electronic device. A convenient desktop vaporizer will have Bluetooth app support that will enable you to control the device from any part of your apartment.

The heating chamber should be easily accessible, and the cleaning routine should be straightforward. The temperature settings should also be clear and accurate, as these intensities are the main reason you vape.

What is irrelevant?

Battery stats – As desktop vaporizers always rest on top of your table, the battery becomes an irrelevant feature to have. Almost all home vaporizers have a direct power cord.

Heating time – The time that the first batch of vapors takes to prepare is not as important as other features, as you have ample time at parties to wait for it.

What Is a Desktop or Tabletop Vaporizer?

A desktop or tabletop vaporizer is as simple as any other vaping device. It is an electronic device that converts electrical energy into heat energy.

This heat is then used for cooking herbs or concentrates. Due to its bigger size, companies tend to focus on integrating efficient machinery inside of it. Furthermore, the focus is on maintaining quality rather than investing resources in battery life and portability.

Desktop devices have features identical to that of portable vaporizers. You would find devices with herbs as well as concentrate compatibility.

The heating system is relatively advanced and efficient compared to portable vaping devices. Companies usually provide a variety of accessories with desktop vaporizers. However, these devices are costlier than handheld vaporizers.

How do desktop vaporizers work?

Desktop vaporizers work similarly to portable vaporizers. First, place the device on a flat surface before plugging it into the power outlet.

Most desktop vaporizers are simple to operate, especially because there are prominent LED displays and convenient buttons to communicate and control what is happening inside the heating chamber.

You only need to know the device compatibility for each kind of herb or concentrate. Once the material is loaded, seal the chamber and set your favorite temperature. A desktop vaporizer normally takes 5 minutes to heat.

While heating, you can attach a whip, balloon bag, or glass atomizer to the mouthpiece. Once the collection is done, you can smoke herbs or concentrates with easy draws. The absence of batteries, however, is a usage-defining thing.

Are Desktop Vaporizers Worth it?

Desktop vaporizers are worth it. As a high-end electronic device category, tabletop vaporizers are usually criticized for their price tag. These devices have an efficient heating system that heats the load evenly.

Almost all desktop vaporizers house a convection technology that blows hot air through the substances. It is less prone to overheating (when considering conduction heating), and the airflow is impeccable.

These devices provide a better-developed interior and a durable body because the company has room to innovate. Unlike portable vaporizers, desktop vaporizers are not bound to compactness or battery life.

Furthermore, you should consider desktop vaporizers, devices designed to serve multiple users. These devices have larger heating chambers and other features like balloon attachments.

Are Desktop Vaporizers Better Than Portables?

It is like comparing apples to oranges when deciding between desktop and portable vaporizers. Portable vaporizer manufacturing companies focus more on keeping the device compact and portable.

The desktop vaporizers are free from all such factors, as no battery is required to support usage. The manufacturers have wider room to innovate as the technology they incorporate inside the device is not limited by size or battery consumption.

Desktop vaporizers come with convection heating which is an effective way of heating the load. The chamber is larger to accommodate all the herbs or waxes inside.

The device generally has a complicated and quality interior, which is impossible in portable vaporizers.

The mode of usage is different from portable vaping devices, as portable vaporizers have the same lip-to-mouthpiece drawing system. Desktop vaporizers, however, have a balloon bag, glass atomizer, and whip connectivity to keep them versatile.

Is Using a Desktop Vaporizer Safe?

Desktop vaporizers are generally as safe as any other quality electronic device on the market. You will find certain models with even heating systems that will maintain consistency and ensure that your lungs do not feel burdened by the vapors.

The body is insulated to avoid the risk of injuries due to burning. The chamber and air path are designed to keep the taste and aroma intact.

Moreover, you will receive a mandatory warranty contract that will secure you financially. A standard desktop vaporizer will seldom fall as it is perfectly designed to keep it stable.

Several desktop vaping devices have an automatic shutoff feature integrated to avoid any mishap due to unplanned inactivity.

Which desktop vaporizer is best for home use?

All the desktop devices mentioned in our article are great for home-based smoking. A good home vaporizer will have a durable build that will make it rust-resistant.

The interior should also be durable, and if you fancy different usage patterns, such as a balloon bag or glass atomizer, you should consider the design of the vaporizer you are buying.

You will find convection heating in almost all desktop vaporizers, while the heating element material might differ. We recommend using a ceramic or glass chamber device to keep your vapors as pure as possible.

You should also consider the size of the chamber and the density of vapors produced, especially because these heavy-duty devices are normally purchased to produce vapors for a group of people.

Which desktop vaporizer is best for parties?

Always choose the desktop vaporizer with the largest chamber and consistent airflow to ensure the load is enough to serve a group of people. Another thing that you should consider is the mode of usage.

You would often see vaporizer companies providing balloon attachments to collect vapors inside a balloon for a group of party wreckers.

The Volcano Hybrid and the Plenty Vaporizer are prime examples of those desktop devices you should use for parties. The features and quality are suitable for parties and gatherings.

Which desktop vaporizer is best for micro-dosing?

For micro-dosing, a desktop vaporizer should have mild temperature settings to cook the herbs while saving them from burning. The ceramic chambers are essential in preserving the taste and smell throughout the small session.

Convection heating also ensures that the smaller load is not burnt when heat is dissipated from the device into the load itself. The best desktop vaporizers for micro-dosing are Ditanium and Dr. Dabber Switch.

Final Words

Desktop vaporizers are usually criticized for a variety of different reasons. One of the main reasons you would see people giving up on purchasing desktop vaporizers is the lack of portability in this fast-moving world.

In the current era, you must go out with every piece of technology to ensure you enjoy every moment of your life.

However, this perception is incorrect. The desktop vaporizers are not redundant, mainly because they give consumers different values.

For instance, the heating system is far more advanced than similar portable devices. The variety of components and attachments is wide. Furthermore, the mode of usage is different and straightforward from mobile vaping devices.

Furthermore, these desktop devices are tailor-made for party usage, i.e., for more than one user. The chamber size is large compared to the portable vaporizers, while the heating method is efficient and effective.

Besides this, the price tag makes people reluctant to invest in these desktop vaping devices. We can assure you that these devices bring more value than the price you must pay to avail of them.

Ultimately, we would like to tell you that a home with an efficient desktop vaporizer is generally happier than a device serving a single person. Your parties and gatherings can be more fun if you share vaping sessions with your friends.

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