Best Air Purifier For Vape Smoke

No matter how much you like to vape, you should keep your room environment clean for children and nonsmokers. Flavored vape juices smell good but irritate those who do not smoke.

Air purifiers are the best devices to restore air quality around you. These purifiers filter the contaminants and smoke particles from the air. Pure air in the room improves the health of your loved ones.

However, purchasing an air purifier is difficult because you must check many aspects before committing yourself. I have listed some handy air purifiers I have used and found value-adding.

Best Air Purifier For Vape Smoke

Medify Air MA-14 Air Purifier

medify air ma 14 best air purifier for vape smoke

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The Medify Air MA-14 Air Purifier is a heavy-duty machine I purchased a few months ago. It cost me around 80 dollars, but its power was better than most portable purifiers.

It purifies 470 sq ft of room in an hour, 200 sq ft in 30 minutes, and 117 sq ft in 15 minutes. These numbers apply only when you have set the fan speed at three, and the ceiling is eight feet high. 

The Medify Air MA-14 Air Purifier has HEPA H13 filtration technology that removes around 99.7 percent of smoke, smell, dust, and allergens from the air. The filtration system operates on three fan settings.

The lowest fan speed is the quietest. If you are vaping with your lights off at night, activate sleep mode to dim the Medify Air MA-14 Air Purifier lights. 

The Medify Air MA-14 Air Purifier is my favorite air quality improvement device because it has simple fan speed control, sleep mode, and an indicator that tells you when to replace the filter. Each filter is of high quality and lasts approximately 2500 hours.  

Holmes Desktop Air Purifier

holmes desktop air purifier best air purifier for vape smoke

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If you are searching for a small but efficient air quality improvement device, Holmes Desktop Air Purifier is the right choice. It is a slim device that takes minimal space on your side table.

This product easily covers 109 sq ft of room. My smoking room is medium-sized, and this purifier did a great job maintaining air quality.

The Holmes Desktop Air Purifier has HEPA-type filters that eliminate 99 percent smoke and smell generated when vaping. It also gets rid of pollen, allergens, dust, and mold. Read Best Desktop Vaporizers.

This purifier also works as an optional ionizer. It binds the unwanted smoke and smell particles with ions to make them heavy. These heavy particles are then filtered from the air. 

The Holmes Desktop Air Purifier operates on three fan speeds to customize the filtration strength according to your smoking routine. This product has a 3-year warranty, so your investment will be secured.

TCL Air Purifier

tcl air purifier best air purifier for vape smoke

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The TCL Air Purifier is not expensive, but its performance is high-end. It takes around 15 minutes to purify a 161 sq ft room with vape smoke.

This purifier has a HEPA H13 filter that eliminates 99.97 percent of smoke particles from the air. Each filter has a useful life of three to six months (depending on the air quality).

The TCL Air Purifier has an efficient 360-degree cleaning technology. It is tower-shaped, and the cleansing is done from the top of the device.

I liked that this device effectively cleaned the air in my room while I was asleep. I felt it was simple to use due to the time feature where you can turn it off after 1, 2, 4, and 8 hours intervals. 

My TCL Air Purifier indicates when it needs filter replacement. The child lock feature is a must if your children are naughty. I like the mix of blue, green, purple, and rainbow lights that made my smoking routine more healthy and enjoyable.

Things to consider before purchasing the best air purifier for vape smoke

Filter type

Filters are an integral part of air purifiers. These devices usually have HEPA, UV, electrostatic, washable, media, and spun glass filters. The filter that I prefer having in my air purifier is HEPA.

The high-efficiency particulate air filter kills 99.7 percent of germs and removes vape smoke. You can also go for air purifiers with ultraviolet filters. However, they are more expensive. 


All air purifiers do not have the same strength. Small air purifying devices have a restricted range to cover only small or medium-sized rooms.

If you smoke in your bedroom, small air purifiers will be sufficient. I do not recommend investing money in unnecessarily large air purifiers. 


Most air purifiers are integrated with heavy machinery to reduce the smoke effectively. It gets annoying when the machine continuously makes a noise at night.

Before purchasing an air purifier, I check the company’s claim regarding silent operation and night mode. A quiet air purifier will let you vape in peace. 

Size and design

I prefer small and compact air purifiers. I like carrying them around in my house when smoking. Size matters the most to ensure you can conveniently carry or place your air purifier. Design is also important as it adds stability to the device and makes it more eye-catching. 


Air purifiers clean your room and remove the vape smoke in no time. The devices I mentioned on the list contain the right features to breathe fresh air while vaping.

The times are gone when you have to feel embarrassed due to clouds of smoke hovering inside your room. 

Air purifiers mentioned above contain HEPA filters that clean 99.7 percent of the surroundings. I have listed affordable purifiers with different sizes and coverages. It is up to you now to decide on the right product. 

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