Best 3D Printer for Vape Mods

3D printers are becoming popular due to the simplicity with which they can generate three-dimensional models of anything.

Many professional designers and research institutions use these printers to develop vaporizers or mod batteries

I have compiled some value-adding 3D printers that will serve your needs. All the products on my list fulfill the mandatory requirements.

A professional person will need a machine that wastes no time. However, finding the best 3D printer for vape mod is more technical than you think. 

Best 3D Printer for Vape Mods – 3D Printer Vape Mods

Bambu Lab P1P 3D Printer

bambu lab p1p 3d printer best 3d printer for vape mods

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The Bambu Lab P1P is a reliable printing device that houses advanced sensors and a motion control system for accuracy. This printer is a versatile device you can easily upgrade or customize according to your needs.

It supports an automatic material system for multicolor printing. Printing a vape mod 3D model with this will provide a detailed result. 

You can set it up in 15 minutes. The acceleration is also excellent because it rises to 20000 mm/s2. This device has other handy features, including vibration nullifiers, pressure advance, a camera, and wifi connectivity.

All the components are of high quality. The company sells it for 599 dollars. I suggest purchasing this product if you shift from amateur vape mod printing to professional.

Original Prusa i3 MK3S Plus 3D Printer Kit

original prusa i3 mk3s plus 3d printer kit best 3d printer for vape mods

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The MK3S Plus 3D Printer is a high-end printer available for 649 dollars. It is a value-adding machine for professionals and equally convenient for amateurs. The design is pretty heavy-duty. The SuperPINDA technology improves the first layer calibration.

This advanced technology can detect and rectify imperfections at the microscopic level. The whole print design stands on the first layer and takes good care of that. 

The MK3S Plus 3D Printer is integrated with bearings that help adjust according to the design. The filament sensor detects if the filament is inserted and triggers the printing process afterward. Other tools are available to assist in cutting, distributing, and ironing.

The design details are sent to the printer in no time. Long printing jobs are processed and stored in real-time to avoid data loss during power outages. The MK3S Plus 3D Printer is compatible with a variety of materials. Both flexible and durable materials can be used to support multipurpose printing. 

Original Creality Ender-3 S1 3D Printer

original creality ender 3 s1 3d printer best 3d printer for vape mods

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The Ender-3 S1 3D Printer is an easy-to-assemble and durable printing device made of aluminum. It has a sprite dual-gear extruder that allows easy injection and filament ejection. It handles the flexible filaments effectively and prevents them from slipping.

The lightweight sprite dual-gear extruder prevents the Ender-3 S1 3D Printer from getting unnecessarily bulky. The bed has auto-leveling technology with touch sensors. This advanced auto-leveling bed improves the printing quality by compensating for the height error.

The company has integrated a power loss recovery system that allows it to resume the printing job from where it is interrupted. Moreover, the filament sensor lets you know when the filament runs out or breaks. This printer will allow you to print different vape mods with high precision.

Things to consider before purchasing the best 3D printer for vape mod


Like any other computer-based product, 3D printers are also sold at different prices. The price might vary between a hundred dollars and thousands. Professional users purchase 3D printers with advanced features.

These features cost over a grand. If you are an amateur user, I recommend purchasing a cheap 3D printer to learn the procedure. The prices are high because 3D printing is new, but they will get low soon. 

Compatibility with material

Before making the ultimate decision, you should check the compatibility of the 3D printer with different materials. Mostly there are two materials used for printing, i.e. Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). These materials melt when they are heated during extrusion and freeze when cooled.

PLA is biodegradable. It is used for printing temporary models. It freezes quickly after the completion of the printing process, but the end product will be eradicated in some days. You should buy 3D printers that support PLA if you want to print prototypes.  

On the other hand, the 3D printers supporting ABS are ideal for producing goods with different designs. A vape mod can be designed using ABS 3D printers because this material is more durable. However, it takes time to cool after the completion of the printing process.

Power backup

If you plan to design and print complex vape mods, I recommend purchasing a 3D printer with power backup. A power backup stores the job progress continuously and lets you resume it after the power is cut.

Other mandatory features

Companies also integrate 3D printers with some features that do not feel mandatory, but they improve the overall experience. The extruder should contain a filament sensor and a firm great system.

The filament sensor communicates the status of filaments while the firm gear system prevents the filament from slipping. The bed must be even to allow the creation of a stable base. An ideal printing bed will have sensors to automate everything. 


Before purchasing a 3D printer for vape mods, you should know your desired features. The purchase decision is not always easy because these printers are expensive. However, the features justify the high prices. 

The features I mentioned above are mandatory for a 3D printer. It must have adequate sensors for precision, support the use of different materials, have a fast extruder, and contain power loss recovery.  

The 3D printers mentioned on my list are the best for printing vape mods. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, these products will make your simple and timely. 

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