Banana Bros OTTO Grinder Review

Banana Bros OTTO Electronic Grinder is a highly advanced dry herb grinder that provides simple functioning along with an amazing output.

While several other grinding devices follow the traditional route to pleasure, this device ensures the herbs are ground using minimal manual intervention.

Now forget the laborious routine of grinding the herbs by twisting or rolling. The process is now simple as there is Banana Bros OTTO Electronic Grinder to help your cause.

This device is developed to help users with no experience with the grinding process or skin allergy problems. The OTTO Grinder ensures that the user has minimal physical contact with the herbs or flower while grinding.

Several vaporizers in the market do not work well with the larger chunks of herbs, so a grinding like OTTO becomes a mandatory addition to the vaping inventory.

Apart from the vaping routine, the OTTO grinder can also be used for kitchen-based grinding. However, ensure that once you have used it for vaping, do not use it for edible grinding, as it might impact your health.

There are several other features that you need to know about this amazing grinding device. This article will explain each value-adding feature and the factors you must consider before purchasing.

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Banana Bros OTTO Grinder Review

Design and build

The Banana Bros OTTO Electronic Grinder seems a bit bulkier than other grinders. It has a desktop-ish design that impairs portability. However, it weighs lighter than any other competitor, and you can use it as a portable device by carrying it in your bag. The base is stable, so you can keep it on the desk and a semi-rigid surface. Banana Bros OTTO Grinder is a sleek device with a metallic look.

All the components are magnetically attached, so you will never experience the herbs flying off the device. The assembly is extremely simple and straightforward for inexperienced users.

The grinding chamber has a spring base with a density sensor to adjust accordingly. The aluminum blades ensure no rust is deposited inside the grinding chamber. Outside the chamber, you will find a power button on the main body through which you will be able to control this device.

For customized usage, the company provides a glass tube to fill cones and o-rings to pour the ground herbs inside any other container. The glass components, however, are vulnerable to breakage so you should take care of that.


Banana Bros OTTO Grinder is compatible with all sorts of dry material used for smoking. It is primarily made for dry herbs and flowers but can also be used with other materials like spices and incense. It is as effective as traditional grinders that are manual and simple to use.

Smart milling technology

What makes the Banana Bros OTTO Grinder different from other grinding devices in the market? The company has invested a lot in the grinding process to ensure the output is well-ground and consistent.

The wastage is also reduced to ensure you get the most out of the herbs and flowers you have bought with your hard-earned money. There is a spring attached below the loading base where it adjusts the height according to the density and position of the load.

A signal is sent electronically to the artificial intelligence circuit that adjusts the height and orientation of the base and the position of the blades integrated on the upper portion.

Consistency and minimal wastage

The consistency of the output is extremely impressive for a product that uses an automatic grinding process with no manual intervention. The density assessment capability of the OTTO Grinder is one of the main reasons the device can produce the most consistent crushed herbs.

Most traditionally designed grinding products are prone to accumulating powdered residue or leaving chunks of wet material used for smoking. The aluminum blades are well-equipped to perform the grinding process effectively without any wastage.

Convenience of usage

The Banana Bros OTTO Grinder might seem complicated when you see it for the first time. However, it is convenient and orthodox, like any other electronic device.

There is just a single power button that can be used to operate the device. Moreover, you need to fill the chamber, mill the herbs, and fill the cones. It is literally this simple.

All the components are magnetic, so you will never need to twist or press them to ensure no material falls off the device. Filling a cone is simple as well. You need to keep the cone inside the tube and then attach the tube to the OTTO device.

It also supports O-ring usage. These modes of usage are discussed later in our review. Last, but not the least, the density sensor makes life a lot easier for the user by assessing the size and orientation of the material loaded inside the grinding chamber. It provides a customized grinding experience.

Grinding time and capacity

The herbs and flowers will grind in less than 5 seconds (assuming you are using a regular herb that is not super tough). This quick grinding time makes it an on-demand grinding device.

Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, pull it out, load it, and grind your favorite herb in no time. The grinding chamber capacity is 2 grams. This quantity sufficiently loads a regular dry herb vaporizer several times sufficiently.

Type of usage

The ground or milled dry herbs can be used in two different ways. The most common mode of usage is via cones kit provided by the company in the initial package. The glass tube can be attached to the bottom of the main body.

You must place the tube inside the glass tube before attaching it to the main body. Once the grinding is done, the cone is filled with consistently milled herbs. On the contrary, you can use the o-shaped ring to pour the herbs wherever you want.

However, you should refrain from pouring the herbs directly into the vaporizer from the o-shaped ring. Instead, put the ground herbs in a container before pouring them into the dry herb vaporizer.

Battery life

The Banana Bros OTTO Grinder is an electronic device operated on a lithium-ion battery capable of making 35 to 50 joints. However, over a course of 1 year, the battery life drops a bit.

The battery life should have been a little long, especially considering that it is designed for parties and desktop usage. The OTTO Grinder takes approximately 45 minutes to charge completely. You cannot use it while charging because it has no pass-through charging feature.

If you need a prompt session with no battery remaining, then we have a very simple trick. Charge the device for 5 to 10 minutes and grind the desired herbs.


Like any other reputed brand in the market, the Banana Bros OTTO Grinder comes will a warranty period. During this 1-year long warranty period, you can test the device for any quality-related issue or manufacturing defect. You should always prefer buying electronic products with a warranty as an electronic device can sometimes be defective, no matter how durable.

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What is included inside the box?

The box will include an OTTO device and several other components to make your life easier. O-shaper rings, glass tubes, instruction manual, starter cone pack, measuring cup, micro USB cable, adapter, and snap cap are the other accessories you will receive.


  • The design and shape are classy.
  • It is durable with aluminum blades that rarely get rusty.
  • The output is consistent.
  • There are minimum residual herbs inside the grinding chamber.
  • Supports both cone and indirect usage of ground herbs.
  • Cleaning is easy.
  • It is easy to operate because there is single-button controllability.


  • The battery life could have been a little longer.
  • The ideal functioning will require practicing.
  • It is vulnerable to spilling while pouring the herbs directly inside the vaporizers.
  • You should take good care of the glass tube.
  • The cones are extremely expensive to buy.

Is this the best grinder?

The Banana Bros OTTO Grinder is one of the best electronic grinders available. Certain features make it what it is. The body is durable and sleek for all those users who demand quality and eye-catching looks. The usage method is simple where the device has easy single-button controllability.

It is tailor-made for novice users who know little about grinding herbs and flowers. Furthermore, you will find the density and weight sensor convenient, to say the least. The base adjusts independently while the aluminum blades sink through the herbs to cut it consistently. Consistency is something that will surely impress you the most.

Is it worth the money?

The Banana Bros OTTO Grinder is a high-end device that costs more than other ordinary grinders available in the market. While all other grinders run on manual methods, OTTO Grinder saves you from the never-ending laborious routine as it comes with automated functioning.

Now you will receive a batch of well-ground herbs in seconds. The only thing that you need to do is to load the dry herb inside the grinding chamber and press the power button. The convenience along with the consistency of output produced is the reason why we are reviewing this product.

How do you clean it?

The cleaning routine is pretty simple. You will get a brush to scrape any unwanted material from the chamber. There will be a comparatively lesser amount of waste accumulation.

Keeping this in mind, we would recommend brushing the device once a day. You should deep clean the device once a week. Rinse the components inside the alcohol to wash off the tougher residue. Just make sure that you keep the electric components dry.

Is it safe to use?

The Banana Bros OTTO Grinder is a safe device to use especially because the grinding process is completely internal. There is no external grinding involved in the OTTO Grinder. The blades are closed inside the grinding chamber so you are exposed to no risk of getting hurt.

The body is also perfectly insulated against electric shocks while using. The glass tube and pure aluminum blades are pure. Moreover, there is rarely any residual waste inside the grinding chamber. This saves you from the health hazards caused by moldy material. The warranty provided by the supplier also ensures your financial safety.

Should you buy Banana Bros OTTO Grinder?

We all know what the conclusion will look like. The Banana Bros OTTO Grinder is one device that maintains the perfect balance between advanced technology and simple usage.

The body is designed to produce immense durability, while the rounded edges are smooth to hold. The size is not that compact but you can carry it easily inside your bag.

It is a perfect companion for smokers who smoke traditional cones and vape. The dual usage pattern and the single-button controllability are great additions for inexperienced users.

Consistent grinding, along with minimal wastage, is the feature to look for. It is made possible due to the incorporation of the density assessing technology that keeps track of material loaded inside the grinding chamber.

The aluminum blades are durable and rust-free, so this device will work wonders for those who regularly clean the device. The price is a little high, while the absence of remote controllability is a major drawback where you cannot grind the herbs away from the device.

The company often offers discounts on the official website to reduce the price to make it more affordable. We recommend saving your money and waiting for a sale or discount from the company to buy this highly effective grinding product. The consistent grinding will make your dry herb smoking sessions more enjoyable.

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