Arizer Air SE Review – Is Arizer Air SE Worth it?

Are you searching for an affordable vaping device that produces quality vapors? The Arizer Air SE Vaporizer is exactly that. I am a die-hard Arizer user who constantly waits and checks for updates.

When the Arizer Air SE Vaporizer was launched, I got super excited and wanted to check its new features.  I have recently ordered it online for just 90 dollars. It was available in white and blue, so I selected the former color.

After unboxing it, the minimalist design impressed me the most. I charged it using the cable inside the box and started vaping immediately.

How well did my smoking session go? Well, it was pretty decent. The vapor quality was good, and it did not take much time to heat the vapors.


However, I have prepared a detailed review regarding how value-adding the Arizer Air SE Vaporizer is. This article will explain all the relevant features you must know before buying Arizer Air SE.

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Arizer Air SE Review – Is Arizer Air SE Worth it?

What’s inside the box?

  1. Arizer Air SE Vaporizer
  2. A glass aroma tube
  3. A PVC travel tube
  4. A micro-USB to USB-A charging cable 
  5. A stainless steel stir tool
  6. A pack of replacement screens


  1. The design is ergonomic and compact for easy use.
  2. The ceramic chamber does not impair the taste.
  3. The heating time is prompt.
  4. Preset temperature settings are easy to toggle.
  5. The buttons are simple, and the LED screen is prominent to read.
  6. The battery is replaceable so that you can extend usage.
  7. The passthrough charging mechanism lets you smoke while it is charging.


  1. It is not compatible with oils and concentrates. 
  2. A metallic body would have been more durable.
  3. It lacks precise temperature settings.
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As a smoker, you must have a favorite type of material. The Arizer Air SE Vaporizer is ideal for all dry herbs and flowers. However, its components are not compatible with oils and waxes.

I used my Arizer Air SE Vaporizer for aromatherapy, which opened up blocked nostrils quickly. This device is suitable for on-the-go usage. The portability is explained later in this article.


The Arizer Air SE Vaporizer is available in blue and white colors. I ordered my device in white but would have preferred it in black. The tough polymer body is highly compact.

It is 7 inches long and fits perfectly in my hand. I did not feel a load on my hand during excessive vaping sessions because it weighed 102 grams. It is 15 grams lighter than the original Arizer Air. 

I like the pod system integrated within the Arizer Air SE Vaporizer. The pod system consists of a durable borosilicate tube. It is simple to use and clean.


Every component except the battery comes with a 1-year warranty. However, the manufacturer trusts the heating element as a lifetime warranty backs it. 

Heating chamber

The ceramic heating chamber produced flavorful and tasty vapors when I used it for the first time. The chamber produces enough heat to cook vapors in just 30 seconds. The ceramic heating element has a patented conduction mechanism that heats dry herbs quickly.

Installing such a heavy-hitting heating element inside a compact device is astounding. It has a total dry herb capacity of 0.3 grams. This capacity is enough for the whole day (if you are an average smoker). Moreover, you must avoid packing the chamber tightly or filling it with powdered dry herbs. 

Vapor path

The isolated glass vapor path provides another reason to love the Arizer Air SE Vaporizer. While drawing vapors, I did not feel resistance. This device maintains great vapor density, but the convection airflow technology ensures a continuous flow.

The Arizer Air SE Vaporizer has a dual heating system that prepares vapors using a conduction method and then reduces the draw resistance with convection airflow. 

Customized temperature settings

I do not like vaping devices with preset (automatic) temperature intensities because they limit innovation. I like experimenting with different temperature intensities to make my vaping sessions more enjoyable.

The Arizer Air SE Vaporizer has five preset temperature settings. These intensities are blue (180 Celsius), white (190 Celsius), green (200 Celsius), orange (205 Celsius), and red (210 Celsius). The five preset temperature settings are value-adding and convenient for inexperienced users. 

Controls and handling

The Arizer Air SE Vaporizer is very convenient to control due to its different features. I like the prominent LED screen that displays a different color for each temperature intensity. The controls were simple, especially with the simple up and down keys.

Moreover, several LED indicators tell you whether the device is charging. It also contains automatic shut-off features to keep you safe and extend the battery life. 

Battery life

The battery life indicates how efficiently your heating chamber utilizes the charge. The Arizer Air SE Vaporizer battery has impressed me, to say the least. Due to the compact size, I did not expect it to last more than an hour.


My first charging cycle lasted a few minutes, less than 1.5 hours. Upon opening the back cover, I found a 18650 lithium-ion battery. The battery is removable, so consider this device portable. Moreover, the company has installed an automatic shutoff feature in the Arizer Air SE Vaporizer to save battery while not operating. 


While using the Arizer Air SE Vaporizer, I recommend carrying extra batteries to rely less on the charging time. It is integrated with a micro-USB charging port that fills the battery quickly.

The Arizer Air SE Vaporizer also contains a pass-through charging mechanism to let you smoke while using the device. The LED indicators communicate the charging and battery status.

How to use it?

  1. Load the chamber with your favorite dry herbs or flowers. Ensure you do not grind it too much or pack it tightly. 
  2. Press and hold the up & down button simultaneously to turn the device on. 
  3. Set the desired temperature using the up and down button. 
  4. Wait for 30 to 45 seconds. 
  5. The LED will stop blinking when the vapors are ready.
  6. Use the borosilicate glass stem to inhale the vapors. 

Final Verdict

I prefer investing my hard-earned money in products from well-known companies. Arizer was founded in 2005 and has not looked back ever since. The company always presents its customers with innovative devices, which is true for the Arizer Air SE Vaporizer. 

I thoroughly enjoyed using the Arizer Air SE Vaporizer, a highly compact device. It has simple temperature settings and control buttons that instantly earned a place in my heart. 

The Arizer Air SE Vaporizer is stylish and durable. I attend parties and meetings every week, so this device accompanies me on each occasion. It is easy to slip inside the pocket, and the color is decent to carry on in a formal meet-up. 

All these features are available for 90 dollars. I recommend it to college students and office employees with low budgets. Finding such a value-adding product under the 100-dollar range is hard. The Arizer Air SE Vaporizer checks all the boxes for me but is prone to oil and wax incompatibility.

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