Airvape Legacy Review

The Airvape product line has been on a rise in the vaporizer market. This commitment to quality and provision of unique value is evident in the build and features of the Airvape Legacy Vaporizer.

This vaporizer comes with a simple yet classy design that resembles an external hard drive. The interior is simple but efficient as you will find an efficient heating chamber with all necessary precautions to help counter combustion (which is considered a problem with this device).

The detachable air path is easy to clean and it performs better than most of the other convection devices on the market. We will discuss the whole heating system and controls later in the review.

Other than this, the battery stats are impressive as it has dual charging support (cable as well as wireless charging). It is breakage resistant as all the tinder accessories such as the glass air path are securely placed inside the device.

The price tag might be a bit high for your liking but the features do justify it. Read our detailed article and know more about the features provided by the Airvape Legacy Vaporizer.

We will discuss every detail from the design, air path, and heating system to the combustion problem that this device is affiliated with. So without any further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

Airvape Legacy Review

Design and build

First thing first, the Airvape Legacy Vaporizer is a stylish device that is mainly made of metal. The leathery look makes it attractive to use at parties and gatherings.

The device opens up like a book where you will find several components. On one side, you will see a heating chamber that is plated with gold to keep it radiative and keep the heat inside the chamber only.

The chamber is accompanied by a detachable glass vapor path that takes the vapors to the ceramic mouthpiece. Besides the air path tube, you will find a battery that powers the device.

The controls (power button and intensity controlling buttons) along with the LED screen are situated on the side of the device.

We would have preferred a prominent LED screen that was more visible and convenient. The insulation is ensured by the non-metallic components inside the device.

It is a fairly portable device that fits in your hand. The battery specs are impressive as well to make it more consumer-friendly.

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Heating time

The heating time is quick as we expect from any vaporizer having a metallic heating chamber. It takes just 15 seconds to heat. You can use the Airvape Legacy Vaporizer as an on-a-go device that lets you smoke at any place you want. Check out the Airvape X review.

Heating element

The heating element of the Airvape Legacy Vaporizer is gold plated to make sure that the heating process is fast and efficient. However, this chamber radiates excessive heat that might combust your dry herbs occasionally.

There is an inbuilt stirring tool to mix the load amidst sessions. Furthermore, you can place a screen inside the chamber to fend off unnecessary heat waves.

Heating method

The heating method is mainly convection with a flow of hot and evenly cooked air molecules heating the herbs and concentrates.

The temperature is maintained by the hot air flow but the heating chamber is gold plated (metallic) which means that it heats the load using conduction heating. Both these heating methods ensure the timely production of vapors and maintenance of the temperature throughout the session.

Temperature range

The temperature range is wide enough to provide a variety of different intensities depending on the user’s preferences. It starts from 93 degrees Celsius and goes right up to 226 degrees Celsius.

This range is perfect to complement both dry herbs as well as concentrate smoking. 226 degrees might seem like a limitation but it is good enough to heat concentrates and wax mildly. The vapors do not get super hot when smoking something other than dry herbs.

Vapor Quality

You will find several reviews on the internet complaining about the combustion problem that this device has. However, this only happens to inexperienced users.

Once you know the exact intensity at which you can heat a specific kind of herb or concentrate, the vapor quality will go up rapidly.

The vapors are dense in mild settings as well. Vapor production is consistent with evenly maintained temperature. The aroma and flavor are preserved by the glass air path. Also, read AirVape X vs Airvape Legacy.

Convenience of usage

The Airvape Legacy Vaporizer is one of those devices that feel frustrating initially. The learning curve is steep as you need to know the exact temperature at which a specific herb or concentrate will be heated.

Although the stirring mechanism is convenient where an inbuilt tool is attached to the chamber so that the conduction heating does not combust herbs.

Furthermore, you can fit a screen inside the heating element to fend off unnecessary heat. These precautions help with negotiating the risk of combustion.

It is pretty simple to hold and charge as well. Switching between temperature intensities is a simple exercise to perform as well. There are two heat modes available namely precision more and convection mode. In the precision mode, you can opt for temperature

When it comes to cleaning the device, you just need to brush the heating element after every session. Performing a deep clean is simple as you need to detach the glass air path and mouthpiece to immerse them inside the alcohol solution.

Battery life

The Airvape Legacy Vaporizer is powered by a 3000 mAh battery that allows you to enjoy 7 to 8 sessions of 3 minutes each. While it might seem insufficient initially, however, it is accompanied by type C charging. This fast-charging type C port will fill up the battery quickly.

It also has a wireless charger provided by the company to make it look more stylish when you charge it in front of your friends. This also saves you from the hustle of plugging in the cable.

The wireless charger is portable like a power bank. Other than this, the batteries are replaceable so you can also carry a spare set of batteries to extend the smoking session. All these battery features enhance the portability to a whole new level.

What we liked

  • The vapor quality is great and the flavor is impeccable especially when you learn how to operate it.
  • The battery features are perfect as it has efficient life, fast charging, a portable charger, and replaceable batteries.
  • The design and controls are simple and convenient.
  • Heating time is quick because it has a metallic chamber.
  • The mouthpiece and body are perfectly insulated to ensure safety.
  • Convection heating maintains the airflow and keeps the temperature consistent.
  • The interior is easily accessible.
  • An in-built stirrer ensures that the herbs are not combusted.

What we didn’t like 

  • It has a steep learning curve as it is vulnerable to combustion.
  • It does not fit perfectly in the hand.
  • The battery life could have been a bit longer.
  • There is no mobile app controllability.

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Is Airvape Legacy the best vaporizer?

The Airvape Legacy Vaporizer ranks in the topmost tier where premium vaporizers belong. It is a simple device to operate with a durable build.

It is kept classy for all those users who demand standard product design with nice texture. The vapor quality is near perfect, however, you might have problems with the combustion of dry herbs initially.

The battery stats are the best where you get fairly sufficient battery life, fast charging time, wireless charging, and replaceable batteries. Other than this, cleaning and maintaining this device is simpler and cheaper than other devices on the market.

Is Airvape Legacy worth the money?

The Airvape Legacy Vaporizer is available at a wide range of prices. You might even find it below 150 dollars in some online stores. No matter what the price may be, you will get an unprecedented value for every penny that you spend.

First of all, wireless charging devices are generally expensive. The convection heating system is superlative to a pure conduction heating system. This in turn means that the vapor quality is great as well.

Moving further, you will face a combustion issue initially. This problem tends to reduce when you start learning the temperature settings for each kind of herb or concentrate.

Is Airvape Legacy safe?

Safety is not an issue when using the Airvape Legacy Vaporizer. It is insulated to make sure that you do not get burnt while holding it in your hands. The glass vapor path rests at a secure place so breakage seems a remote possibility.

The mouthpiece is made of ceramic to keep your lips secure during the session. Vapor quality and smell are pure with consistent heating so you will never feel an uneasy inhalation down your throat.

The only downside in this respect is the integration of the battery near the heating chamber and glass air path. However, there has never been a single complaint regarding electric malfunction or battery explosion.

Does Airvape Legacy smell?

There are no traces of metallic smell despite the presence of metallic gold plated chamber. The heating system is majorly convection so that the smell and flavor are preserved.

The airflow and intensity are consistent throughout the session. Furthermore, the isolated glass vapor path ensures the preservation of quality by insulating the vapors from the unwanted dissipation of heat.

What temperature should I set it?

The Airvape Legacy Vaporizer has a combustion problem for beginners as it requires precise temperature handling for each kind of material. For dry herbs, we would recommend setting the temperature below 200 degrees Celsius.

Though 200 degrees Celsius is still an extreme intensity for dry herbs so you should stir it now and then. It is preferable to add a screen in the chamber to repel excessive heat waves that might combust the herbs.

When smoking concentrates, you can breach the 200 degrees Celsius barrier without hindering the vapor quality at all. However, the concentrate vapors would not be as strong as any other compatible device in the market because they usually have higher intensities.

Can you use Airvape Legacy while charging?

You cannot use Airvape Legacy Vaporizer while it is charging. It does not have passthrough charging and it is understandable because the wireless charging pad does not allow you to use the device whilst it is powering up. However, type C charging allows you to plan your usage pattern easily (as it is fast and efficient).

How long does the Airvape Legacy battery last?

The battery life is adequate to provide 7 to 8 sessions on average. Each session lasts for about 3 minutes.

The battery life is never an issue whilst using the Airvape Legacy Vaporizer because the battery is replaceable so you can keep a spare cell to let you vape again in no time. Fast charging enables you to charge the battery faster than ever.

How big is Airvape Legacy?

The Airvape Legacy Vaporizer is not as compact as other portable devices on the market. It does not fit perfectly in the hand but is small enough to carry anywhere you want. The dimensions are 119 mm x 52 mm x 21 mm. It weighs 250 grams so you should consider this as well.

Should You Buy Airvape Legacy?

In the end, we would talk about the overall value that this device will bring. You will receive great vapor quality with no hindrance in the temperature intensity and airflow.

The design is traditional ensuring durability and safety. The battery stats are the most impressive proportion of value on offer. There is no evident problem apart from the combustion issue.

This issue can be dealt with by placing a screen inside the chamber. Choosing the right temperature setting by experimenting is another thing that can reduce the risk of combustion.

You can start with mild intensities first and then gradually increase the level of the temperature until the herb gets dark brown.

It is still the best vaporizer that you can easily purchase around the 150 dollars range. There are usually discount coupons offered by online stores to reduce the price further.

Keep searching the internet for the best price on offer and purchase it as it provides the best value that you can get below the premium price range.

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