How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test?

How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Tests

Passing a hair follicle drug test can be hard to chew, especially when you are a frequent weed, marijuana, or any other drug consumer.

People often pass complex examinations and compile experience to get the job they deserve.
But imagine failing something as simple as a hair follicle drug test. ๐Ÿ™„

Considering the newer health, safety, and environmental regulations imposed throughout the USA, drug tests are mandatory to fulfill the vacancies’ criteria.

Most of the time, medicines contain unwanted drugs crucial in failing the drug test.

So, how to pass a hair follicle drug test? Is there any best hair follicle shampoo to pass this test?

No worries, We have discussed each and everything in this article. I’m pretty sure you will be satisfied.

You must read and follow all the details to pass your hair follicle drug test.

How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test?

Aloe Toxin Rid Hair Follicle Shampoo

The Old-Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo is used by most people, especially for the ease of use and natural ingredients that impact the body when used commonly.

Proper medications and equipment are available on the market, but this shampoo is undoubtedly on the top to pass a hair follicle drug test.

Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo Follicle Drug Test

Simple action

This treatment is not as complicated as the other substitutes on the market. You need to soak your hair in the shampoo and wash it afterward. This is simpler than purchasing a medicine with complex formulas and procedures that are machine & equipment intensive.

Quick action

The Shampoo does not require a lot of time to work. The user needs to apply Old-Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo on the scalp and hair for a single time (considering the normal use), and let the shampoo act on the hair for 15 to 20 minutes, and wash it off when the prescribed time is over.

The time frame and usage planner

You must use the Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo at least a week before the drug test. If you do not have enough time, you should take a bath 3 times a day to ensure that the traces of drugs get washed away.

Moreover, an Ultra Clean pack is available in the package, which is very handy for a cleaning boost to eliminate all sorts of remnants.

The formula up-gradation

The Old-Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo uses a propylene glycol formula initially used to remove impurities from the scalp. Still, over time, users discovered the anti-drug remnant effect.

The formula (initial version) was good and developed a great consumer market, yet the company improved performance by making minute changes.

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Herbal and hygienic

Aloe Rid contains extracts from the aloe vera plant. Everyone knows that aloe vera gel has been used for hair treatment for a long time.

The manufacturing team assures that all the natural goodness is preserved using conventional and standardized methods, so hygiene is never a problem.

Price range

The price range of Aloe Rid is far lower than the other medication available at your disposal. I’m sure everybody can afford this piece of brilliance to pass the much-needed hair follicle cleansing.

Our Recommendation

You might find several shampoos online which claim to pass hair follicle drug tests. The best so far has been the Aloe Rid shampoo that eliminates most impurities in the smallest of time.

Our research team has extensively analyzed many brands (ignoring the advertisement campaigns and other irrelevant factors) and crowned Aloe Rid as the best product to clean hair follicles.

What we liked

  • Simple to apply.
  • Cheaper than other solutions.
  • A bath a day cleans your scalp, removing dandruff and other impurities alongside the remnants of the drug.
  • Your hair receives herbal and hygienic treatment.
  • It works wonders when you complete the 1-week course.

What We didn’t like

  • Frequent use in a day can damage your hair.
  • There is no guaranteed solution to your problem when the time frame is short.
  • The tissue chemistry might not support the treatment.

What Is A Hair Follicle Drug Test?

Understanding the hair follicle drug test process levels test is simple. When you consume a particular drug, the contaminants enter your bloodstream.

These particles are carried to the whole body and the hair follicles. The hair follicles being a different part than the rest of your body, do not consume the remnants. The testing team takes samples from the hair follicles to determine the presence of drugs.

Is There A Detox Shampoo To Pass The Hair Drug Test?

While some complicated and expensive methods are available to prepare for the Hair Drug Test, consumers demand a simple way to kick the contaminations out of your system.

The Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo is the most convenient and proven way to clean your hair before a drug test.

How To Detox Your Hair For A Hair Follicle Drug Test?

Detoxing can be done through various methods. The most commonly used way is the hair wash technique using the Aloe Rid shampoo.

You need to start the treatment as early as one week. Apply the shampoo once a day for 20 minutes and wash the residue away while you bathe.

Increase the frequency of usage if the time frame is narrower. Moreover, you can use the Ultra Clean packet a day before the test to ensure that the remaining particles are washed away.

Where Can I Buy A Hair Follicle Detox Shampoo?

Finding a hair detox shampoo is easy, but purchasing a credible product with all the necessary ingredients is not that simple. While there are a few places to search the high-quality product online, remains the most prominent website.

Does Aloe Rid Work For Hair Follicle Drug Test?

The Aloe Rid works wonders when the time frame is not too stringent. You can easily handle the problem if you start a week before the Hair Drug Test.

The impurities, drugs, and even dandruff get washed away then the hair is rinsed in the solution. The shampoo starts to seep through the skin, and the chemicals are absorbed inside the hair follicles.

How Long Does A Hair Follicle Drug Test Go Back?

While there are many speculations regarding the time that a hair drug test covers, we bring you the most accurate and official period mentioned by the researcher and lab assistants.

The system can easily track the drug usage pattern of the last 90 days (3 months). This problem can be caused due to the intake of a particular type of food. Limit all such consumption to get a negative test result.

How Much Does A Hair Follicle Test Cost?

The hair follicle test kits are available on the market, costing you between 60 and 90 dollars. The kit is usually a waste of investment if you plan to use it a single time and do not know how to use it.

Frequent use and good experience are solid votes in favor of the kit purchase. The one-off professional test from a recognized laboratory will cost 100 to 130 dollars.

How Accurate Is A Hair Follicle Drug Test?

The drug test is conducted to know your consumption pattern for the last 90 days. The sample taken from the scalp is washed to eliminate external impurities that might affect the drug test.

Furthermore, the test has two phases, ensuring no inaccuracy in the final results. Getting a positive impact is common, but you can redo the test as there is a high probability of the outcome being inaccurate.

How To Cheat A Hair Follicle Drug Test?

The time frame is short, and you must prepare for the Hair Drug Test. There is no possible way to cheat such a test, as you would see both machines and scientists checking the samples.

Using Aloe Rid, though, feels like cheating on a drug test because the process is so simple and cost-effective that even the worst cases are solved within 8-10 days.

How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test In 24 Hours?

Preparing for something within the 24 hours time frame can be tricky. The Aloe Rid does not guarantee 100% satisfaction in this case, but you can try a couple of things that have worked for users on multiple occasions.

The first part is to rinse your hair with shampoo and wait for 15 to 20 minutes. Then take a shower and use Ultra Clean at the end of the day. Repeat the rinsing process 3 to 4 times and wash it off entirely before ultimately applying Ultra Clean.

How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test: Final Words

The Hair Follicle Drug Test is often considered a simple thing to pass, but this theory only applies to the people who do not or rarely consume products that contain drugs.

The recovery process is simple if the deadline is extended, but the real problem arises when a couple of weeks remain for the test. Several solutions are available, but the most prominent one is the method mentioned in our article.

The Aloe Rid is the most hygienic and natural way to wash out the impurities (especially the drug remnants after the latest formula up-gradation) before the Hair Follicle Drug Test. There is no evident side effect of this solution in the body. A use a day does not bother your sustainability.


8 thoughts on “How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test?”

  1. Although I smoked weed a few days before my hair follicle drug test, I still passed my test after using the detox shampoo.

  2. What if I smoke marijuana for 9 months and have to quit smoking and detox my body and not smoke at all and have to test my hair in a week and clean it? Do you think I will pass?

  3. Would I be able to work with the strategies that you mention in this post? If yes, I wish to do so. Otherwise, I think it can be risky for my position. Iโ€™d appreciate your opinion. Feel free to reply soon, and do so honestly.

    • Hair follicle drug testing is a little different. Are they effective? Certainly. Does it work well? Personally, I do not believe that they do a great job of detecting certain drugs.

      A friend took me to get one about 3 years ago. I knew he was on a 10 day bender when he was taking heroin, meth, and opiate pills 30-40 days earlier.

      The test was ordered by his father, who never tried to defeat the system. Having gone on that week-long bender way too long, he fully expected to fail the test.

      It took less than five minutes for the test to be completed, after his dad paid. 3 days late – pass.

      We were both shocked to find out what had happened, and were both trying to figure out why this happened. All the people I knew had only one answer.

      According to him, THC might be the only drug tested that sticks to human hair in a noticeable way as a metabolite. In order for others to stick, they need to be used heavily for months at a time.

      People with hair follicles are in a no-win situation. 30 days of cleanness is sufficient in my opinion. For longer periods of time, I am not sure what the benefits are.

    • Do not be afraid. I had to take one and I passed.

      Using CLR (calcium, lime, and rust) cleansers and poly tar shampoo, I thoroughly cleaned my head. It can be purchased at a drugstore.

      It took me about five washes to get my hair clean. My innocent look was so striking!

      My hair was so clean that the lady who did my hair said it was beautiful because I condition it as much as possible!

    • An old friend of mine once smoked marijuana regularly. He bleached his hair before taking a hair follicle test.

      The process involved many painful bleachings, and he lived with blond hair for quite some time.

      Apparently it worked for him and he ended up landing the job.

      This is clearly not a guarantee of endorsement because I am just a stranger online. You are at your own risk if you Bleach.


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