Best Synthetic Urine Reviews: Top Fake Pee Brands

best synthetic urine

Passing the urine test is easy but only for those with a healthy consumption pattern or who consumed drugs months ago.

Smokers and drinkers are under severe pressure when these tests are announced, and they continuously search for a genuine method to cheat the tests.

Considering the need, manufacturers have started producing the best synthetic urine kits.

As the name suggests, synthetic urine is an artificial solution made by duplicating the composition of natural human urine. These products are used widely to cheat a drug test, but people often find it hard to get a reliable product.

Once a credible product is purchased, and the procedures are performed correctly, you are guaranteed a negative drug report from the testing lab.

Our article mentions the different synthetic urine products and the common factors you should consider before buying one. Please go through our market research and get the most value from your purchase.

Best Synthetic Urine Reviews

Sub Solution Urine Kit Reviews – Best Synthetic Urine On The Market

sub solution synthetic urine kit review

The Sub Solution Urine Kit was developed and launched by Clear Choice in 2003. It is believed to be amongst the best synthetic urine products and the most credible and experienced brands when creating an exact duplicate of human urine.

The formula used to generate this incredibly useful and trustworthy product is made of 11 different chemicals. The most prominent component that you might know about is the desired levels of urea and uric acid.

The solution has the same pH level, specific gravity, and protein proportion as the real sample. It is all biocide-free making it more suitable for use in drug tests. No toxins are included in the synthesized formula to fend off the risk of getting caught.

Maintaining the temperature of Sub Solution is easier than other kits available in the market as it comes with a heat activator.

This heat activator keeps the temperature as the average body temperature of the human body, and the temperature rise is faster, too, so you can heat all of it in a few minutes. Moreover, this sample can be used by both men and women. The sub solution is undoubtedly the best synthetic urine available on the market today.

What we liked

  • The price is on the lower side.
  • It is equally suitable for both men and women.
  • The composition is the same as real human urine.
  • The manufacturer is experienced.
  • The temperature rises in a few minutes.

What We didn’t like

  • The powdered formula requires mixing, making it either saturated or diluted.
  • The powder activator alone is useless if you do not have a method to maintain the temperature.

Final verdict

A pretty standard product that has all it takes to pass the test. The price is also around the middle range, so it is affordable if you have some savings in your pocket.

Concentration requires diligence while mixing the powder to make the solution, but apart from that, this product is simple and brilliant in all possible aspects.

Quick Luck Fake Pee Reviews – Affordable Synthetic Urine Kit

quick luck premium synthetic urine kit

If you thought the 18 years’ experience was whooping, we have a more experienced manufacturer on our list. Quick Luck started as a company that used to produce urine for pranks in 1993. Eventually, the owners decided to make the product more real.

It has been about 16 years now that Quick Luck has a research team consistently trying to improve the formula. The 3oz formula is different and more authentic than other substitutes on the market.

Apart from the formula, this synthetic urine sample is the only one that is premixed. The solution included in the vail has about 11 different components.

Among these, the most prominent ones are uric acid and urea. Moreover, the pH level, specific gravity, and all other factors are identical so that the sample can survive a lab test.

The heating method is also straightforward to perform. There is a heat activator available in the package. The user must pour the required activator quantity and then attach the vail to the thermal pads.

These pads make sure that there is no dissipation of heat once the required temperature is achieved. The urine can maintain its temperature for 8-10 hours.

What we liked

  • The formula consists of 11 natural chemicals found in real urine.
  • The new and improved 3oz formula is more reliable than others.
  • Heating pads and heat activators work simultaneously to avoid denaturing enzymes.
  • The manufacturer is experienced.
  • Unisex product for both males and females.

What We didn’t like

  • The price is a bit higher than other products.
  • The powder activator requires diligence while pouring it into the vail.

Final verdict

The ever-so-convenient product, without a doubt. The manufacturer provides the consumers with a ready-to-use liquid solution that is toxin-free and sealed to ensure that the pathogens and other chemicals do not contaminate the sample. The handling can be complex, but the concentration is accurate and reliable.

Urine Simulation Kit – Best Powdered Synthetic Urine Kit

urine simulation with powdered synthetic urine kit

The urine simulation with a powdered urine kit is considered the most cost-beneficial product available on the market. It costs around 50 dollars and provides the user with promising components with excellent results.

It is a powdered urine sample that requires mixing. The formula has all the necessary components, including uric acid and urea. There is no toxin in the solution, so the risk of getting caught is reduced even more.

The package includes everything that you need to prepare a fake urine sample. It comes with powdered formula, a 50 ml plastic vial, a heater that lasts 6 hours, a temperature strip, and an insulation pad.

Apart from all these sufficiently serving equipment, the manufacturer offers an extra heater at the time of purchase along with a digital thermometer that can accurately measure the temperature. These components will cost separately but will add more value to the process.

The heater takes around 45 to 60 minutes to heat the solution. Though the heating is a bit slow, the temperature strip and insulating pads ensure that the process is accurate and consistent.

An extra vail capacity can be purchased to make the sample more dilute than other available substitutes. This dilution can be helpful where the employer requires a certain urine concentration.

What we liked

  • The cost is lower than other samples available in the market.
  • It comes with a complete set of equipment to make the process easier.
  • The manufacturer offers an extra kit too.
  • The heating is consistent and accurate to avoid overheating.
  • Smells and looks like natural urine.

What We didn’t like

  • The process of heating the solution is pretty slow.
  • The concentration can be difficult to set because it depends on how much water you add to the powder.

Final verdict

Urine simulation with a powdered urine kit is a credible and cost-friendly product. You can rely on the formula as it is free from toxins.

On the other hand, the heating method is a little slow but accurate. Additional equipment offered by the manufacturer is also value-adding. Go for this product if you want value for every penny spent.

How to choose the Best Synthetic Urine?

what is the best synthetic urine


The most important thing that you must look for before committing to the purchase of synthetic urine is the composition. The sample that you are buying should have all the components which are found inside the natural urine. The gas chromatography will quickly detect the absence of any vital element.

The components inside the urine should also be mixed thoroughly because lab technicians run mass spectrometry on the sample. This test identifies the densities prevailing inside the sample. More often than not, you would see companies claiming that they have urea and uric acid dissolved in the synthetic urine, but it is always preferable to check the ingredients on your own.

Heating method

Heating synthetic urine can be a headache. There are numerous ways in which users can heat a urine sample but overheating is an issue. The proteins and enzymes are heat sensitive and denatured at a higher temperature.

Most of the products come with a piece of complementary heating equipment. Usually, you would find a heat activator (a special powder) that the users need to mix in the solution.

The mixing increases the temperature. Furthermore, the new temperature should be maintained. This is achieved through heating pads or other insulations. You should consider buying the urine kit with the most convenient heating method.

Type of synthetic urine/ fake pee

There are generally two kinds of synthetic urine available on the market. Either you would see powdered or premixed products. Powdered urine has easier handling, but the only problem is the mixing which can influence the concentration.

The premixed solution is ready-to-use but carries the risk of spoilage due to mishandling. Choosing the correct synthetic urine can save you a lot of money.


Price is a no-brainer. Consumers always consider their budget before confirming a product; this should follow up while purchasing the synthetic urine kit. Make sure that the product offers the required value at the price level.

What Is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine is a scientifically created sample of natural human urine that can be used to pass drug tests. The composition of synthetic urine is the same as that of human urine.

Initially, these products were used to prank people but slowly and gradually, when companies learned about the need to pass the urine tests, they started producing new and advanced samples to pass the tests without much fuss.

You will find many companies selling a variety of synthetic urine samples at different price levels. You will also find numerous features, so there are many options to choose from.

How Does Synthetic Urine Work?

Synthetic urine contains an exact proportion of naturally occurring chemicals that you would find in human urine. These chemicals are reliable to deceive all kinds of research labs if appropriately used. The synthetic urine (if powdered) must be mixed with the prescribed quantity of water. This should be done a day before the test.

When the test day comes, the user should check the temperature of the urine. The temperature, if lower than 90 degrees Fahrenheit, should be heated using a proper method. Ensure the temperature is not higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid denaturing enzymes and other proteins. The composition and temperature, if appropriately maintained, are enough to cheat any drug test.

Types of Synthetic Urine

Almost all the synthetic urine samples are the same. The composition is the same in most cases, but various samples will have several different features which provide different sorts of value to the consumers. The most common distinction is made based on being powdered or premixed.

Many companies provide powdered formulas to allow the user to handle the concentration independently, but this might be a headache for newer users, so some manufacturers offer ready-to-use samples. On the other hand, some urine kits have solutions containing a specific kind of component in higher numbers so that the consumer can choose the one he likes. The majority of samples will be generic.

What is the shelf life of synthetic urine?

Like any other product, synthetic urine samples also have an expiry date. The shelf life of synthetic urine is 2-years. This shelf life does not apply to mixed or opened products. A sealed, unused, and powdered product will be good before the passage of two years.

Usually, in the marts and online stores, you will find only those products with a considerable amount of life remaining. Even though the stores refrain from selling such products, one must ensure that the sample is good or will remain good until the date of intended use.

Does synthetic urine go bad?

Synthetic urine does go bad over time. It comprises the same constituents found in the natural urine sample. Certain chemicals are temperature-sensitive such as proteins and other enzymes.

An enzyme or protein molecule kept at a high temperature is denatured. This means that the overall structure of the compounds is changed, so it becomes unrecognizable during the lab tests.

Is there any special female synthetic urine kit?

The urine composition of both males and females is similar in the majority of ways, but there are some differences. The main distinguishing factor is the concentration of the urate group in a sample.

Women urinate more than men, so their kidneys excrete urea and uric acid without keeping a residue. You will find some urine kits that have lower levels of urate.

These samples can be used as an extra precaution against getting caught. However, you will also come across products that claim to be unisex, i.e., used by both males and females.

Can you freeze synthetic urine?

Freezing a synthetic urine sample is not an intelligent thing to do. The protein structure is destroyed at low temperatures while the enzymes are denatured. Temperature maintenance is a crucial factor that companies always put their emphasis on.

The best place to store the sample is to refrigerate it at a slightly low temperature. The sample ideally complements the average body temperature, but the main issues will be caused at harsh temperatures, whether the temperature is critically low or high.

Where To Buy The Synthetic Urine Kit?

The best place to buy synthetic urine is the physical store, where you can visit and check the manufacturing date of the product alongside its specifications. The main problem in this scenario would be synthetic urine availability at stores for legal reasons.

The next best option is to purchase it through online stores. Our website is the best online platform where you can find the products to buy and sneak into reviews and features to ensure the purchase is fruitful. This article will guide you during the whole selection and purchase process.

How Do Labs Detect Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine has become the biggest problem in testing the drugs and toxins accumulated in the body or excreted outside. There usually are three different types of tests run on the urine samples.

The first part is gas chromatography, where gas is passed through the solution, and the less dense gas separates the components accordingly. The next step includes mass spectrometry. This step helps with the distinction of the overall sample’s density. A lighter or higher density would mean that the sample is fake.

Moreover, a temperature test is also conducted to check the temperature level at which the urine sample was collected. The urine test is rendered void and useless if the sample does not qualify for any of the mentioned tests.

How To Use Synthetic Urine?

Using synthetic urine is a relatively easy thing to do. While liquid samples are ready to use, the powdered samples must be dissolved in the prescribed amount of water. Once the solution is prepared, the next step is to store it at room temperature until it is required to be used.

A couple of hours before the test, the user needs to heat the urine to keep it inside the 90- and 100-degrees Fahrenheit ideal range. After heating, maintain the temperature within the range. Another thing to ensure before taking the synthetic sample with yourself is to hide it in a place where no one can find it.

How Long Does Synthetic Urine Last?

If you are asking about the shelf life, we can assure you that an unmixed and sealed bottle of synthetic urine can last around two years. On the other hand, when you mix the powder with water, the life of the solution varies from product to product.

An advanced formula, if kept in the ideal surroundings, can last over a week, but still, we recommend you prepare the solution a day or a couple of days before the test day to ensure that the enzymes and proteins do not get destroyed.

What Is the Best Synthetic Urine?

The best synthetic urine is the one that is reliable enough to help you pass the urine test conveniently. Finding a genuine product in the stores can be easy, but convenience is often hard to find. Always start with the composition. The best synthetic urine sample will have the nearest possible composition to the natural urine.

Moreover, the heating method is another thing that can add value to the process. Convenient and efficient heating methods such as activators and heat pads are preferable to opt for among the other substitutes. The type of sample also influences the usage pattern. You can study this in detail in our article.

What Happens If You Get Caught Using Synthetic Urine?

The consequences of getting caught while using the synthetic sample can be severe. Starting from the least severe action, the employer will give a warning letter to the employee. More often, employers will dismiss the guilty employee.

If the state-owned institutions are involved in the process, there is a high probability that the employee will pay hefty fines and serve a jail term of a few months. The most important thing an unplanned procedure will cost you is your reputation.

How To Keep Synthetic Urine Warm?

Keeping the urine sample warm is crucial in passing the drug test. You can warm the synthetic urine using various methods. Some products come with a complimentary heat activator containing a powder that the user should add to the vial and gently mix.

Another method is the heating kits that are readily available on the internet. Heating the sample in the microwave is also a substitute, but it is extremely risky as it might get overheated. A safe and cheap way to maintain the temperature of your synthetic sample is to keep the vial in your underwear to replicate your body temperature.

How Much Does Synthetic Urine Cost

There is a wide range of synthetic urine products available in the market. The prices might vary depending on the quality, features, manufacturer’s reputation, and sample composition. Most of the products cost between 50 and 100 dollars.

The cheaper samples are usually powdered samples with simple heating equipment and procedures. On the other hand, expensive samples have improved heating equipment or ready-to-use solution (premixed).

How To Hide Synthetic Urine for Drug Test?

It will be highly disappointing when you have done everything right, but you get caught while taking the vail inside the test room. The best way to hide a urine vail is in underwear.

Most of the time, the lab staff does not touch your private parts to check if you are carrying synthetic urine. Besides, this reduces heat loss from the solution as your body heat avoids heat dissipation and maintains the temperature at the required level.

Liquid Synthetic Urine vs. Powdered Synthetic Urine – Which is best?

Powdered urine is the best option for those who have their test after a week or more. When not mixed in water, powdered synthetic urine is not as challenging to keep as the liquid sample. It does not get denatured easily.

However, the main problem with this kind of synthetic urine is that it is prone to concentration problems. It requires a precise amount of water to be added to make it look as natural as possible.

On the other hand, the liquid synthetic urine is almost the opposite. It provides the optimal urine concentration, but the main problem is the handling issues.

Can You Heat Synthetic Urine?

The urine testing labs check many things, including the sample’s composition. The main factor you should check before handing the sample to the lab technicians is the temperature. The ideal temperature of human urine lies between 90 and 100 Fahrenheit.

The sample, once prepared, should be kept at the ideal temperature level. Usually, you would need to heat the synthetic urine. The most common method to heat the sample is using an activator, microwave, body heat, or temperature kit.

One general rule to consider while heating the sample is not to let the temperature rise above the 100 Fahrenheit mark. A higher temperature than 100 degrees will denature the essential enzymes and proteins present inside the sample.

Why Do You Fail A Synthetic Urine Test?

The failure in a urine test might be due to multiple reasons. The most common sense that people usually share is the temperature of their sample does not fulfill the required criteria. Either people do not know how to maintain the required temperature or forget to do it. The other reason can be the poor selection of products.

There are numerous products, some making misleading claims while some lack the required proportion. Most of the time, a urine sample does not include the necessary components. The next one is a strange but common problem, i.e., getting caught while carrying the vail into the testing area.

How Do You Check If Your Synthetic Urine Bottle Is Still Good To Use?

Synthetic urine does not get bad quickly. The best thing to do is to store the powdered formula in the refrigerator. Do not mix the powder with water until you have the urine test the next day.

The solution, once mixed, requires more diligence while handling than the powdered formula. After mixing, store the sample in seals vail and at room temperature. A lousy sample will usually have a pungent smell or dark color. This would usually happen at a higher temperature or inside an unsealed container.

Is using fake urine the best way to pass a drug test?

The best way to pass the drug test is to choose the most reliable method. In our opinion, the most credible method is to give up on drugs and other toxins you consume. These toxins are not only keeping your job at risk but also damaging your health.

If you are still reluctant to avoid drugs, you should choose fake urine kits. Synthetic urine is similar to natural urine in composition, and the temperature is maintained in the required range, allowing you to pass urine tests in any testing lab around the globe.

Should You Buy Synthetic Urine?

Using synthetic urine samples in the drug test has a moderate level of risk but high reward. The process, if done correctly, is enough to pass all three levels of testing, such as gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, and temperature check.

The procedure is straightforward to perform as it needs the mixing of formula and then to heat it. Some technicalities might be involved, so you should check them out carefully.

Overall, you can try this solution to secure your job or play a prank on your friend. Apart from all this, we recommend you give up on drug consumption.

While these synthetic samples are effective, the effect is short-termed, and no matter how hard you defend it, you are cheating the authorities. We always want our viewers to live healthy lives, free from mental stress and physical pain.

Enjoyed reading our best synthetic urine reviews? Take a moment to leave a comment and share your thoughts. Thank you!

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