Best At Home Drug Test Kits in 2024

Drug tests are often the most annoying thing you would encounter in the USA. Whether you are applying for a job, joining a formal meeting, or attending a party, the officials might ask you to submit a drug test before joining.

This stipulation can be annoying, which is the only reason we have brought a solution. Drug test kits are available to fend off the uncertainties in your mind regarding the report of the tests you are about to take independently.

Scroll down to learn the best home drug test kits available recently.

Best At Home Drug Test Kits in 2024

BACTrack C8 Home Drug Test

bactrack c8 home drug test

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C8 is considered the best testing product under BACtrack’s patent. The material with which the inner and outer parts are made is entirely medically graded. The device is capable of reporting the result in two different manners.

The simple independent mode is built around your device’s screen readings. On the contrary, you can choose the application mode to send a wireless signal to your mobile device.

The feature that is unique, handy, and lovable about this device is the ZeroLine Technology. The device keeps track of your BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) levels and lets you know about the time by which you will be able to report a 0% alcohol concentration in your blood.

BACtrack C8 is highly portable, weighs almost 2 pounds, and is compact. This pocket-sized dynamite enables you to check your BAC levels at any place. Furthermore, the device has 30 30-day money-back guarantee and a year-long warranty to keep you safer.

BACtrack P3 Home Drug Test

bactrack p3 home drug test

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BACtrack P3 is made from a material that is equally hygienic as the C8 model. Many hospitals, clinics, and executive authorities trust and approve the technology incorporated in the parts.

The operating method is simple: turning the device on and exhaling your breath into the system to start testing. The device takes about 10 to 20 seconds to prepare itself for working.

Once P3 is ready, you can hold the device and blow the mouthpiece for 5 seconds. Ensure you are not using the device within 20 minutes of eating, drinking, or smoking.

You will find various handy features, such as the temperature control that keeps track of your body temperature, adjustable warning levels that notify you when the BAC levels are on the higher side, and a mini-solenoid breathing system.

A Flashback memory function records the last 10 readings extracted from the system. The size and weight also form a brilliant combo that adds to the overall convenience.

BACtrack S80 Home Drug Test

bactrack s80 home drug test

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Another masterpiece from the BACtrack team. Various agencies once used the device, then the hospitals, and now most sales are from the domestic sector. Made from the same medically-graded material, S80 has the same usage procedure.

You need to turn the device on first. Clean the mouthpiece and wait for 10-20 seconds until the system is ready. When that is done, at least blow air into the device for 5 seconds. The results will be shown on the digital screen.

An internal sampling system is incorporated inside the highly compact outer body. This pump transfers the exhaled vapors to the alcohol fuel cell sensor, analyzing the most accurate and reliable reading possible. The LED is easy to read when the result is displayed.

Moreover, a set of 6 nozzles is included in the package to enable the use of an entire family. Some other convenient features are available, such as the temperature controller and the adjustable warning levels.

Toxin Rid: The Best Solution

toxin rid home drug test

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While drug-level testing kits are available to check the BAC and THC levels prevailing inside the body, there are various treatments to eliminate all sorts of toxins from your system. The best and the most reliable way is the Toxin Rid 10-Day Detox Course.

The Program is built for different users, whether they smoke and drink occasionally or regularly. It removes toxic chemicals from your first saliva, urine, and blood plasma use.

How To Use The Toxin Rid?

The Toxin Rid Detox Program is a relatively simple thing to master. There is no rocket science involved while using the package provided.


Starting the program, you must take 3 tablets every hour for 5 hours daily. You should never take more than 15 tablets daily, which might damage your metabolism. Drink a lot of water and eat healthy food to bear the chemical load of the pills consumed.


The next step of this program includes drinking the serum formalized by the company. After completing the tablet course, you must fast for 2 hours before consuming the Detox Drink.

Mix half of the drink in 10-12 oz of water. Fast for 2 additional hours and mix the other half of the drink in the same water quantity. Fast forward another couple of hours.

Dietary fibers

This step is based on the discretion of the user. You should use this step if you have a test within 5 days of completing the program.

Consume the fibers by mixing them in the water and drinking them an hour before the test. Drink a lot of water during the hour and urinate a couple of times to wash off the remaining toxins in the bloodstream.

What Are The Main Parts Of The Toxin Rid Detox Program?

The Toxin Rid program consists of three steps: tablets, drinks, and dietary fibers. The last part is optional, so the process can be limited to only the first two parts.

What Kind Of Toxins Does Toxin Rid Remove?

The Toxin Rid is known for removing THC from the body, but that is not all. You can eliminate almost all kinds of drug particles from the body cavity.

How Long Is The Toxin Rid Detox Program?

The Toxin Rid detox program lasts 10 days, including 10 days of tablet consumption and 5 hours of water intake. Moreover, the fiber intake can be completed in an hour only.

Who Can Use The Toxin Rid Program?

All kinds of drug consumers can use the Toxin Rid program. The users vary from casual smokers to chain smokers or regular drinkers.

Things To Consider While Purchasing The Best At-Home Drug Test Kits

Accuracy, Accuracy, And Accuracy

Your first and foremost priority should be choosing a device that will give the most precise reading possible. What is the purpose of buying a machine that takes all the samples and displays the wrong results?

No one likes to waste their money on such products. Read some reviews, search the company’s policies, and even test the product before committing to the purchase (if possible).


A perfect drug-level testing device should be compact and light enough to be carried. Battery life also plays a vital role in determining the overall portability of a device.

You might need a testing device while you are leaving a party, so you should be aware of the alcohol levels in your system before driving.


The air exhaled from your mouth into the nozzle should be pumped directly and entirely into the chamber where the sensor can perform effectively. Some devices do not offer powerful pumps because the air is left outside, and the accuracy is impaired.


You must ensure the screen is large enough to show the readings clearly. A small screen is never preferred because you might interpret the wrong figure and ruin the result. LED screens should always be your first choice in this respect.


Since the device will blow the air through your lips, the parts should be medically graded and hygienic. A low-quality material is vulnerable to bacterial and infectious particles.

Additional Features

Sometimes, you would like to have several other features than just blowing air and reading the results.

Newer products offer features like the ZeroLine technology, temperature analyzer, and the BAC level warning system. All these features might not be necessary to fulfill the primary role, but they surely add some value to the process.

Final Verdict

The conclusion is pretty simple. Drug-level testing kits are becoming popular among domestic consumers nowadays. The increasing consumption of alcohol has triggered people to buy such machines.

The manufacturers are also spending a lot of time and money to provide quality products to the customers. Each model has a specific kind of feature that adds to the convenience.

Our article has mentioned the products for testing the levels of drugs prevailing in your body and the program that can help you restore the metabolic concentrations to normal levels. You should now analyze the whole scenario and judge the best plan available.

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