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The XVape company is a USA-based organization that values innovation and decency over other features. It was founded in the year 2013 in California, USA. The company has a revenue of fewer than five million dollars and the employees are under 25.

There are many models developed by the company that has a commendable and portable design. Another thing to love about the XVape is the budget-friendly pricing.

The company believes in maintaining a lower pricing threshold which further ensures that the sales are not attributable to high pricing but greater units being sold at an affordable price.

The company pays more attention to convenience, style, safety, and efficiency; which you will find in the mission statement. XVape also arranges meetings with people one-on-one and also maintains active social media accounts. This allows it to gather authentic information to understand the demands of buyers.

XVape Discount Code (20% OFF)

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The XVape Ruffo Smart Vaporizer is an efficient and compact dry herb vaporizer. It is just four inches tall so you can hold it in your palm comfortably. The shell is made of aluminum so you will find it extremely durable and sleek.

The mouthpiece is pure ceramic to ensure that your lips do not get hurt while drawing the vapors. The mouthpiece connection is magnetic so it fits perfectly without any leakage problem.

The heating system that the XVape Ruffo Smart Vaporizer houses is consistent and flavorful. The spiral vapor path is made of zirconia. Being a spiral passage, the ceramic vapor path provides a longer distance for vapors to cool down before reaching your mouth.

The chamber is quartz so the taste and smell are preserved. However, convection does take 20 seconds to cook herbs. This device does not waste many dry herbs and you will find minimal residue remaining along the corners. The chamber capacity is 0.25 grams which means that you can use it while you are traveling.

The XVape Ruffo Smart Vaporizer has simple controls. You will find power and a couple of temperature adjustment buttons on the side. The settings are precise so you will love this if you know what your favorite setting is.

The temperature range lies between 100 and 240 degrees Celsius. It is considerably wide for smoking both mild and strong vapors. There are dual usage modes available where you can either take matters into your hand with on-demand vapor production or enter the session mode that prepares a batch on its own.

The power stats are great as the company has made the XVape Ruffo Smart Vaporizer compatible with a replaceable 1600 mAh battery that allows you to enjoy 10 to 12 sessions. You can charge the device in just 70 minutes as the charging port is Type-C.

There is a colorful OLED screen that shows the settings and battery life. Haptic feedback will help you with handling. Moreover, a one-year warranty is offered by the company to keep your investment secure.

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There are numerous vaping devices available on the internet that contain a portable rig. The XVape Ruffo Smart Vaporizer is a similar product that comes with a bubbler to cook your favorite waxes. The body is made of aluminum which means that it is durable and sturdy.

The overall size is compact where you can hold the device in your hand but it is not as small as other vape pens on the market. The base has a diameter of two inches while the height is 6 inches. The base also has prominent patterns to prevent slipping through the hand.

The mouthpiece is pure glass. It remains cold even in the hottest setting. However, it has a broader area than other mouthpieces so this can be an inconvenience. There is a bubbler integrated between the heating element and the base.

This bubbler contains a red mark to show the maximum quantity of water that is required to filter the vapors. The vapor quality is perfect because the filtration system and quartz chamber prevent combustion and taste impairment.

The heating time is as quick as 5 to 10 seconds. There is no airflow adjustment available for users to experiment with. There is only one button on the base of the XVape Ruffo Smart Vaporizer. The company did not provide precise heat settings.

However, there are four preset intensities to choose from. 280 Celsius (white), 320 Celsius (green), 350 Celsius (blue), and 400 Celsius (red) provide sufficiently strong waxy vapors. There is no haptic feedback, no mobile app, and no cartridge compatibility.

The battery is 1300 mAh and we know that it seems inefficient. However, with simple features, the XVape Ruffo Smart Vaporizer consumes less battery and allows the users to smoke for 15 to 18 sessions. The charging usually takes a couple of hours as the port is micro-USB.

It comes with a wireless charging feature that enables you to charge it on the wireless charging base that you have purchased with your mobile phone. Wireless charging is convenient but it takes 3 hours to fill the battery.

XVape Fog Pro Coupon

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The XVape Fog Pro Vaporizer is a herbal device that supports extract smoking as well. It is not that efficient with waxes so you must not buy it for that purpose. The body is made of aluminum and the mouthpiece is swivel & is made of zirconia.

Zirconia is not as prone to breakage as a glass mouthpiece. The device is classy, sleek, and durable. You will find fine and neat lines engraved on the body. It is highly portable with a height of just four inches.

The heating features and solid. There is a convection system installed to make sure that the flow is consistent and the vapors are aromatic. The chamber is made of ceramic so the taste and smell are better when compared to metallic chambers.

It has a capacity of 0.3 grams. This means that you can use the XVape Fog Pro for a long time without worrying much about loading it. Despite being a convection vaporizer housing a ceramic chamber, it has a heating time of 15 seconds.

The device has simple controls where you will find a power button and up & down keys on the side of the device. The controls are precise so experienced users will love this piece of art.

The temperature range starts from 100 degrees and ends at 220 degrees Celsius. This range is great for dry herb smoking but it is clearly insufficient for waxes and extracts.

There is an OLED screen installed at the bottom right corner. It is not as prominent as other vaporizers but the stats come in handy. It shows the remaining battery life, temperature intensity, and time. The XVape For Pro contains haptic feedback support and there is no mobile app that can help you control the device remotely.

The battery life enables a regular user to vape for a couple of days. The exact battery capacity is 3200 mAh. It is replaceable as well so you can carry an extra set of batteries. The charging port is Type-C. These power features along with the compact size make this vaporizer more portable than other options available.

Xmax Starry 3 Coupon

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Ever thought about having an efficient and classy vaporizer below the hundred-dollar range? The Xmax Starry 3 Vaporizer provides the said proportion of value to the buyers. It is a dry herb vaporizer that supports extract consumption as well.

The body is made of high-quality anodized aluminum metal. This durable outer is sleeker and classier than other substitutes on the market. The mouthpiece is pure zirconia and resembles a straw.

Zirconia ensures safety and durability. It swivels to adjust according to the user’s need. Moreover, the heating chamber is accessible as it is immediately under the mouthpiece.

The ceramic chamber preserves the taste and aroma like any other quality device on the market. It has a capacity of 0.3 grams so you can smoke for one complete day (if you are an average smoker).

The heating system is conduction which means that the chamber is heated using a direct source. However, we still believe that the heating time of 30 seconds is longer than most other conduction-based vaping devices. The temperature range is wide enough to let you enjoy both mild and strong vapors. The range lies between 100 and 220 degrees Celsius. It has precise temperature settings.

You can adjust the temperature at your own will. It has an OLED screen on the side to make sure that you know the battery life and the intensity at which the device is functioning. There is haptic feedback to help you throughout the session. Other than this, there is no mobile app available to operate the Xmax Starry 3 Vaporizer.

The Xmax Starry 3 Vaporizer lasts for over an hour. The battery has a capacity of 2500 mAh and functions for around 80 minutes, to be precise. The battery is replaceable which makes it more portable.

It charges in 120 minutes because the company has integrated a micro-USB port into the device. The company provides a one-year warranty on the Xmax Starry 3 Vaporizer which makes your investment secure.

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The Tommy Change Aria Vaporizer is a very stylish vaping device developed when XVape corporation collaborated with Tommy Change (a Canadian celebrity). It is a dual-purpose device designed for herbal as well as concentrate smoking. The durable metallic outer has a colorful pattern while the heating chamber is made oval for better heating.

It has a ceramic mouthpiece that is connected via strong NIB magnets. The chamber is pure ceramic with a conduction heating system to keep it efficient. The integration of this direct and efficient heating system is evident from 15 seconds of heating time.

The temperature range is considerably wide as it starts from 100 and ends at 220 degrees Celsius. The vapor path is made entirely isolated to make sure that there is no unwanted conduction or quality deterioration. The temperature settings are precise for those who demand complete command over the heating process.

It has three buttons on the side with an OLED screen showing all necessary stats. There is a degree setting available where you can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Haptic feedback is there to help you handle the Tommy Chang Aria Vaporizer. The session time can be set to either five or ten minutes.

The battery is 2600 mAh and you can enjoy 20 sessions in one complete charging cycle. It has a micro-USB port that limits the fast charging capacity. However, Tommy Chang Aria Vaporizer is passthrough so you can use it whilst it is charging. The company does provide a 12-month warranty as well.

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