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Kandypen Oculus Grey Coupon

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The Kandypens Oculus Grey is a modern nectar collector that is made for youngsters and travelers. It is a USA-based product that is developed specifically for concentrates. It has a unique eye-shaped design that somehow fits well in the palm. The size is compact to ensure a portable experience.

The body is made of aluminum alloy and borosilicate glass to give it a classy look. There is a quartz-mesh coil at the bottom to help heat the waxes effectively. The company does provide a glass cover to protect the coil. The overall shape is not symmetrical to let it stand on its own so the company provides a stand separately to let it rest on your table.

The temperature settings are neither single-voltage nor precise. The Kandypens Oculus Grey comes with three preset intensities that you can set according to your need. Each intensity is voltage backed so it will require some time to master it.

The best thing about the Kandypens Oculus Grey is the filtration system. Consider it a portable bubbler that contains water to lower the temperature right before the stream reaches your mouth.

There is LED lumination below the bubbler so when you are dabbing, the whole lighting system looks eye-catching and pleasant. There is no haptic feedback, no LED screen, and no mobile control. The LED lights along with the single-button controllability are convenient.

The battery features are not bad because the device comes with a 500 mAh battery that can last for a day. However, battery life is dependent on the intensity selected and frequency of usage. There is a Type-C port integrated into the Kandypens Oculus Grey to make charging quick.

It takes around 1 or 1.5 hours to fill the battery. These features make the device portable but the glass components are vulnerable to breakage. This impairs the overall portability since the company does not even provide a case. There is a lifetime warranty provided on the batteries.

Kandypens Session Black Coupon

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The Kandypens Session Black Vaporizer is an excellent and laborious e-nail that is tailor-made for concentrates only. It is a classy-looking device that fits perfectly in hand. It is just 2.5 inches tall which is quite astounding. The outer is made of aluminum alloy so it is durable. There are no excessive glass components integrated, unlike the Oculus.

The Kandypens Session Black Vaporizer is a dual-purpose vaping device that functions like a vape pen as well as an e-nail. The vape pen functionality makes it potable while glass rog compatibility is great for parties.

The battery provides variable voltage upon the demand of the customer. There are four presets integrated into the Kandypens Session Black Vaporizer. The exact intensities are 2.6, 3.0, 3.6, and 4.2 volts. The chamber is made of ceramic to prevent the impairment of taste and smell.

Controlling the device is simple as it requires just two clicks to initiate 60-second long sessions. The company has introduced a five-minute automatic shutoff feature to ensure safety. You will find no mobile app support, no vibration alerts, and no LED screen. However, there is a sesh mode provided for those who need it

The battery is powerful for an e-nail since it has a capacity of 1200 mAh. It supports fast charging as you will find a Type-C port integrated on the side. The battery life lasts over a day while charging takes just a couple of hours.

The mouthpiece is made of glass but is magnetic. A 14mm bubbler attachment is also provided in the set.  All the components are handmade and the device is designed in the USA. There is a lifetime warranty available on the battery.

Kandypens Crystal 2 Coupon

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One of the finest devices under the Kandypens product line is the Kandypens Crystal 2 Black Vaporizer. An award-winning product that is named the best wax vape pen in the year 2022 on various platforms. It is highly compact with just 4.25 inches in height. The body is cylindrical and smooth so you will feel good whilst holding it.

The outer is made of stainless steel (medical grade)  which makes it a durable device to carry inside your pocket. The atomizer is made of quartz only. This ensures better taste and a combustion-free experience.

The temperature settings are the same as Session. There are four intensities available; 2.6, 3.0, 3.6, and 4.2 volts. These intensities are voltage-based so you must experiment to learn how it works. Along with the variable voltage settings, there is an airflow adjustment feature to switch between the different strengths of the air coming out from the device.

The handling is simple since two clicks initiate a 10-second long sesh mode. The company does provide a mouthpiece filter and a splash guard to ensure that you do not get hurt during the session.

The battery is 1200 mAh so you should expect a life of over a day. The battery life is saved by a simple five minutes automatic shutoff feature. It is hard to fit such a big battery in a compact device like the Kandypens Crystal 2 Black Vaporizer. The charging time can be an issue since the manufacturer has installed a micro-USB charging port.

The Kandypens Crystal 2 Black Vaporizer is a concentrate vape pen that has 510 cartridge compatibility. It is designed and developed in the USA. The design is handmade but the company offered a lifetime warranty on the battery and all other components. This warranty keeps the users financially safe.

Kandypens Rubi Coupon

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The Rubi Ultra Portable Compact Pod-Based Vaporizer has won the best oil vape award on various platforms. As the name suggests, it contains a pod chamber that you need to fill before smoking.

The pod is leakage proof and it prevents oils from spilling. It has a 1-milliliter capacity and is refillable, of course. There is an OCELL ceramic coil technology incorporated by the company.

The Kandypens Rubi Ultra is just 4 inches tall. The body is metallic and gives a premium vibe when you are using it at a gathering or a party. The device is actually a battery component that has a pod fixed on top of it. The pod contains a glass component so you will have to handle it with care.

The automatic shutoff timer is timely but it can get annoying as it turns the device off after eight seconds of inactivity. There is no power button integrated so you can suck it to enjoy it. There is a battery indicator on the device to depict the remaining battery.

It lacks precise and preset temperature intensities. The longer battery life depicts that the Kandypens Rubi Ultra operates at milder temperature intensity than other vape pens. It is a fairly simple device to use. The company does accept that it has designed it for youngsters and inexperienced users.

The battery life is not that great as it provides just 30 to 50 draws. It has a total capacity of 280 mAh (great for a slim device). The charging port is micro-USB which is considered sufficient to fill the 280 mAh battery on time. The battery comes with a lifetime warranty so performance will never be an issue.

C Box Mini Black Coupon

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The C Box Mini Black Vaporizer is a simple vaping device with limited features to keep it cost-friendly. A highly compact vaporizer that hides in the palm conveniently since it has a height of 2.7 inches. It is designed for oil consumption.

Keeping this thing in mind, the manufacturers have made it compatible with every tank having a diameter of less than 11mm. It comes with two magnetic 510 cartridge attachments that standardize the product.

It comes with an aluminum alloy casing to make sure that it does not break when you are traveling. There is no such thing as a temperature range to review. The C Box Mini Black Vaporizer has a single voltage output i.e., 3.7 volts.

If you are an experienced smoker then this restricted heating feature will disappoint you. On the other hand, such features are great for beginners to start with.

The C Box Mini Vaporizer has no button to operate it. You need to draw the vapors all by yourself. The vapors are ready within five seconds and you can start sipping your favorite oils in no time.

There are LED indicators to depict the device status. Integration of an LED screen would have been irrelevant as there is no extensive information to show. There is no mobile app available and haptic feedback is also missing. These features are again not that relevant.

The battery does not have a high capacity when comparing it with other vaporizers. However, the 390 mAh battery is sufficient because the C Box Mini Black Vaporizer is a simple device.

It has a micro-USB port for charging. Incorporating a Type-C port would have been inappropriate because the 390 mAh battery does not take long to charge. The device comes with a lifetime warranty which is a rare thing to find in a cheap vaping device.

About the Kandypens Company

The Kandypens corporation is considered a catalyst in the vaporizer market. The company was formed in the year 2014 under the leadership of its CEO Graham Gibson. It has its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. However, the products are shipped directly from a distribution center founded in Phoenix Arizona.

The first vaporizer developed by the company was Sky Cloud which was a 3-in-1 vape pen. Due to an uncompromised commitment to provide customers with better vaporizers, the Kandypens corporation experienced an increase in sales by 350 percent in the year 2016.

The company was also awarded the “best vaporizer award” in the year 2016. This title was published in the High Times Magazine. It also provides sponsorship and collaborates with artists to improve brand image along with helping them. The Kandypens corporation has recently collaborated with Amber Rose to launch the Amber series.

The portfolio of the Kandypens corporation is solid where it has developed thirteen products and numerous accessories. Each product produced is discrete and adds different value to your vaping routine. The things that you would find common in all the devices are portable size and warranty-backed battery.

There are models with portable bubble designs while some support dual usage. You can use these dual devices as an e-nail. However, the company has a prime focus on manufacturing unique vape pens.

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