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Firefly Vaporizer Discount Code

Firefly 2 Plus Coupon

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Firefly 2 Plus is a perfectly on-a-go vaporizer with prompt and on-demand vapor production. It heats in around 2 to 5 seconds. There is a ceramic chamber that preserves all the taste and aroma. The chamber’s capacity is 0.15 grams which is not as accommodating as other models on the market.

The heating chamber and other components enable you to smoke herbs and extracts without damaging the vaporizer. The outer body is sleek, shiny, and classy aluminum alloy.

LED indicators are installed to make controlling convenient, while the mouthpiece is magnetic to serve the same cause. Cleaning the Firefly 2 Plus Vaporizer is straightforward; you must wipe out the residue from the chamber after each session. Also, read Firefly 2+ Review.

The temperature settings range between 200 to 420 Fahrenheit. The mobile app allows you to adjust intensities at increments of 10 degrees Fahrenheit each. The controllability and temperature adjustments are restricted when you are adjusting physically.

The temperature range becomes 320 to 420 Fahrenheit physically and at increments of 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a convection heating system with 33 percent more airflow.

The Firefly 2 Plus vaporizer is a compact device that you can hold in your palm whilst you are traveling. The on-demand vapor production makes it more portable than others.

Moreover, the charging time is impressive since it takes around 20 minutes to fill up to 80 percent while the remaining 20 percent charges in 45 minutes. The battery life is long enough to cook 7 to 9 bowls roughly 70 to 75 draws in one complete charging cycle. You will receive a two-year warranty cover to ensure financial safety and longer product life.

Firefly Vape Accessories Coupon

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There are numerous accessories available on the online store. This helps avoid the use of a faulty vaporizer. There are many accessories that you can choose to recover from breakage. The whole list of accessories is as under.

Vape mouthpiece – It is a set of two magnetic mouthpieces. Similar to the mouthpiece that you receive attached with the Firefly vaporizers, it is BPA-free to keep it healthy and safe.

Cleaning kit – The cleaning kit contains four different components. There is a wired brush for general cleaning, an airflow needle to open the clogged vapor path, a pair of cleaning needles for general cleaning, and a couple of alcohol pads.

Battery – The Firefly batteries can be replaced and a spare battery can be purchased from the official store. It has an overall capacity of 770 mAh.

Extract pads – Three extract pads made of stainless steel are sold for smoking extracts.

Vape case – The company sells a vape case with a zipper to ensure you can keep your device safe while traveling. It is made of nylon and plastic. It is compatible with Firefly 2 and 2 Plus.

Top lip – Broke the top lid? No problem. The company offers the same shiny top lip made of magnesium alloy and borosilicate glass. The window is made of quartz.

Charger – A charger is also available where you can charge your device and the charger will indicate the status via LED lights. It is efficient enough to charge a Firefly device in just 45 minutes.

Charging dock – There is a USB 3.0 compatible charging dock that can be mounted on a wall adapter. There is no USB cable sold with the charging dock. The charging time is 45 minutes but depends on the adapter’s voltage.

USB cable – One meter long to place the vaporizer in a stable position.

Battery door – The company also sells an aluminum door that slides into place and is easy to attach and use.

About the Firefly Company

The Firefly Vape Corporation is a reputed brand among old-school smokers. The company originated on the market in 2012 when it was acquired by its parent company, “Slag Worldwide”.

It is a USA-based organization with its head office in Sa Francisco, California. Like all other USA-based companies, the Firefly Vape corporation owns a considerably strong brand image.

The higher management at the Firefly Vape Corporation is committed to loving herbs and plants. This vision is evident from the sole product line that it has developed over the years named “Firefly”.

It all started in 2011 when Mark Williams and Sasha Robinson collaborated to give smokers something efficient and stylish. They developed the prototype but discarded it due to some orthodox flaws.

However, in 2013, the company developed its first “OG Firefly Vaporizer”. The model is renowned as “the Firefly Classic”. It was a supreme deal when considering quality because it was tested around 50,000 times.

The company has improved the Firefly Classic and introduced the modern-day “Firefly 2” which was further developed and the company launched “Firefly 2 Plus”. The Firefly Vape corporation sells accessories in their store that polish your vaping experience and makes it worth remembering.

The popularity has dropped over the years because the company has not been launching newer devices. While competitors focus on providing a different proportion of value to the customers, the Firefly Vape corporation is sticking to the perfect on-demand and flavorful Firefly 2 Plus.

You will find various other options on the official website. Apart from the Firefly 2 Plus Vaporizer, the company provides accessories and warranties. There are warranty plans for all sorts of customers and the support program is brilliant. All-in-all, it is worth investing your money in.

Get 20% OFF
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