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The American manufacturer keeps providing the market with some of the best devices. From the Davinci IQ series to Davinci Miqro, all of the Davinci devices can be trusted to have some of the best features and materials.

However, we wonder what is so great about this new addition to the thriving market. To ease your curiosity, we decided to review the Davinci Miqro and inform you of everything new and fabulous. So keep reading.

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20% OFF DaVinci Miqro Discount: How to use it

Using the Davinci devices has never been made difficult. The manufacturer knows how to add small buttons on the side that give you complete accessibility and control. Not much has changed as far as the device’s controls are concerned as opposed to its predecessors.

However, what’s there to note is the size of the device has been reduced by 33 percent. Now that is something else. Consider how many elements are incorporated in this device, and yet it can be reduced in size by such a large number. This proves Davinci does have the best technology and research team ever. Also, check DaVinci MIQRO-C Review.

We suggest you use the finely ground herb for herb and pat it down lightly after placing it in the chamber. Also, adjust the zirconia pearl based on the amount of herb you intend to use. This ensures that your herbs get the proper cooking and are evenly heated. Also read DaVinci MIQRO Review.

Once the herb is added, turn the device on, let it heat up, and start your session. Regarding the heating up process, it takes about 40 seconds to reach the desired temperature. Once it reaches your desired temperature, it uses haptic feedback and vibrates when it is ready. So then you can start your session.

20% OFF DaVinci Miqro Coupon: Temperature Settings

Of course, the Davinci devices come with a Smart Path. This allows you to enjoy your sessions without adjusting the temperature every few seconds. The device will automatically manage the whole session based on your preset temperature setting and heat up as and when needed.

Furthermore, it does come with a precision mode. Now precision mode is perfect for those who love to play with the different temperature settings. With the help of the two up and down buttons, you can increase or decrease the temperature on the device in single-degree increments.

As far as the range goes, the device offers 430 degrees Fahrenheit and 222 degrees Celsius, which is a very high temperature considering the device’s size. Also read DaVinci IQ2 Carbon Review.

20% OFF DaVinci Miqro Promo: Vapor Quality

As per Davinci devices, you can expect it to give some good smooth vapor and potent flavor. However, the device does not produce the largest clouds as the heating system cannot keep up. Hence the quality of vapor does diminish upon longer sessions.

Regardless the device does preserve the herb’s flavor and gives out good smooth vapors. One more minor issue may be that those who enjoy heavier hits may find this device lacking in that department. Still, compared to many other devices, it gives out good vapor and preservation of the flavor.

Also, one thing to note here is that this device uses conduction heating. Maybe that is one of the reasons that the heating cannot manage some of the heavier hits. But in the end, it does well and gives out good vapor.

20% OFF DaVinci Miqro Discount: Heating Chamber and bubbler

The size of the heating chamber has been reduced to 0.2 grams. Unlike most predecessors that could pack 0.5 grams when fully packed, this one only offers 0.2 when fully packed. That, however, does not diminish the quality of the vapor. It means you will refill the bowl after a few sessions. Not a big hassle, but it can be improved.

Furthermore, the bubbler the device comes with helps cool down the vapor. It can also help you in getting some of those larger hits that you would like to have. For concentrates and wax, it’s best not to use them directly; instead, you can squish them between your herbs to prevent spillage and a mess. This way you can enjoy both.

20% DaVinci Miqro Discount: Built Quality

When it comes to the built quality of the Davinci Miqro, it doesn’t leave much to be desired. As per all the other Davinci products, this one also comes with the same features. A sturdy exterior chassis and internal elements and materials are the same.

Aluminum on the exterior and zirconia in the interior prevents any rust and ensures that there will be no damage done to the device, even with rough handling. The hand feel of the device is impressive as it sits well and fits in your palm perfectly.

The heavier size is always invited as it makes it feel more solid and not flimsy. However, it is not too heavy and easy to hold in your hand or leave in your pocket if you so desire.

One thing worth noting is that it tends to disperse heat and get overheated with extended usage. This may seem an issue to many people, but we are sure that once this issue is highlighted, the Davinci Team will do their best to fix this minor issue quickly or in future products.

20% DaVinci Miqro Discount: Battery

Davinci Miqro comes with a 18350 replaceable battery and two batteries in the packaging. So you can charge the spare one if you run out of your main battery. The issue here is that the battery is only 900mAh, and by now, the market and the consumers have gotten used to having 3000mAh worth of battery.

Not only does that, but it also does not give you more than 5 sessions on a fully charged battery. Hence it’s advised to carry the spare one charged in your hand if you want to take it out on excursions. Also read DaVinci IQ2 review.

20% OFF DaVinci Miqro Discount: Conclusion:

The device has some flaws but other than that, it is suitable for new users. Those who are used to Davinci IQC or Davinci IQ2 may want to stick with them and not invest in a new one since this device can mainly be used as an aromatic device. We hope the manufacturer can pick up these flaws and find a way to remedy them.

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