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The Davinci IQ2 has been recently released by the well-known manufacturer Davinci. Davinci IQ was well-loved and appreciated by the users and us! The launch of the New Davinci IQ2 has us wondering what Davinci packed into this model and if there is anything that makes it better than the Davinci IQ.

Davinci always comes up with the finest and sleekest products and makes the technology play an additional role in making your sessions more fun. This is why the launch of the Davinci IQ2 is so exciting to many of the other consumers and us. Now it is time to dive into the specs of the Davinci IQ2, so let’s start!

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If you have used the Davinci IQ, you will quickly understand this device’s mechanics. The Davinci IQ2 uses the same methodology as its predecessor. It is the easiest device to use with three buttons, one for power up and two for temperature control and smart path options.

As far as grind is concerned, you should grind your herb to a finer quality and pack it entirely into the heating chamber. Make sure to adjust the pearl as per your dosing preferences, as the pearl will help you adjust the amount of the herb you want to consume.

You can adjust the pearl to be loose or tight to help you choose the amount of herb you like. The pearl also plays a significant role in ensuring that the heat spreads out evenly throughout the whole heating chamber and you get the best results. For micro dosers, glass spacers present the best solution to give you an aromatic session with small doses. Also read DaVinci IQ2 Carbon.

Use the power button to turn the device on. Once it is on, it will start heating up immediately, and it uses haptic feedback to let you know when the device can be used. Once you feel the device vibrate, you can immediately start the session. A typical session on IQ2 will last 5 to 10 minutes. Also, that is on a fully packed bowl.

The next best thing is the smart path that can increase the temperature gradually as you move through your session. Additionally, the device offers a precise mode, and you can increase the temperature in one unit increments. Either way, it’s a pretty easy way to use the device.

Now let’s look at it more precisely.

Temperature Options:

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For a device as small as the Davinci IQ2, the device offers a large range of temperatures. The highest temperature on this device is 431 degrees Fahrenheit or 222 degrees Celsius. Also check DaVinci IQ2.

Along with that, it offers precise control and a smart path. Davinci does know how to make the devices more appealing and fun for the users. You can press the up and down buttons with precise mode to increase the temperature in a single-degree increment. The other option is to use the smart path.

Now for those who do not know, a smart path is an option that allows you to customize your entire session beforehand, and you will not have to press any buttons as the device will keep increasing the temperature as per your given requirement.

This makes the whole process much easier and fun, and you can use the mobile application to tailor the smart path per your needs. The application makes it easier to manage your path and know which step you are on. Along with that, the device has a LED display that also illuminates your smart path.

Vapor Quality:

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The vapor quality is impressive as it punches out big clouds with a potent flavor and provides a smooth draw. We need to mention the airflow adjustment setting dial at the bottom of the device.

This airflow adjustment dial helps you decide on how much air you need, which will replicate the results in either dense clouds in case of less air or bigger clouds in case of a large opening. The vapor airflow path also helps keep the vapor cool when it hits your mouth and keeps the flavor robust.

Battery life:

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The battery life of this device is about 8 to 10 sessions on a fully charged battery before it completely runs out of charge. The battery inside the device is a 18650 battery loaded with 3500mAh. If you never want to run out of charge while out on excursions, keeping a spare battery will help as it comes with a replaceable battery.

Also, the battery reaches full charging in 2 hours, making it ready for use. The only downside is that it still uses micro-USB charging and does not support Type C chargers. However, this means charging it is even easier since the micro-USB charging cables can still be easily found. So you will essentially never run out of charge.

Built Quality:

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Davinci uses some of its devices’ best materials, making them highly durable. The device can handle some rough usage and still will perform wonderfully well. The palm-sized device is extremely discreet and easily fits into your pocket.

Imagine all the tech packed into the palm-sized device, from the pearl to the airflow adjustment, replaceable battery, and stir tool inside the design, so you won’t have to carry it around separately.

Not only that, but it also provides other accessories that aid in making your sessions more delightful, such as glass spacers, concentrate chambers, cleaning tools, and much more. This is a highly reliable device regarding the built quality and materials used.

Final Words

The Davinci IQ2 is one of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market. With so many amazing features packed into the palm-sized device, it is beneficial for the users to get the best flavor and use out of it.

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