Volcano Classic vs Hybrid vs Digital Vaporizer (+20% OFF Sale)

Volcano Classic Vs Digital Vs Hybrid Comparison Review

The fabulous volcano vaporizers have been leading the vape industry for two decades and have successfully retained their status in the market.

These products come up with several innovative features. That’s how volcano vaporizers are one of the conspicuous companies in the market.

However, these products have been introduced into three different versions. Yet, I have done a comparative review on Volcano Classic vs Hybrid vs Digital.

Each product has been reviewed based on its performances, inbuilt features, appearances, prices, vapor quality, and temperature flexibility.

After comparing all products side by side, it would become more comfortable for you to pick the best one for your personal use and so that you can enjoy each session.

My 1st Choice

👋 Quick Note

The volcano classic is still the best one amongst millions of vapers because of the durable structure and classic execution offered by the product.

Although the digital vaporizer is very user-friendly, many old vapers who use the volcano vaporizers for quite some time still prefer Volcano Classic Vaporizer. All three devices are best on their own; however, the classic vaporizer has no beat.

volcano hybrid vs classic compare

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Volcano Classic vs Hybrid vs Digital: Comparison

The Performance

Volcano Classic Vs Digital Vs Hybrid Performance

The new volcano vaporizers are very simple and easy to use, which deliver fantastic execution. However, the Volcano Hybrid is very accessible in which you can quickly fill up the dosing through a small chamber that can contain 0.1-0.15 gm of powder.

However, if you want a more powerful session, you can fill it up to 1 gm of substance. You can either use a balloon to fill the material or fasten a whip and pull it directly.

The Volcano Hybrid vaporizer takes probably 20-40 seconds to heat up, which is much quicker than other volcano vaporizers.

On the other hand, the Volcano Classic takes some time to get heated up. When you turn it on, you must select the settings by removing the camber and pack it wholly.

This device is best for dry herbs; when you fill the chamber with ground herbs or some other powder, it will take a while to warm up. The classic vaporizer works by attaching a balloon before starting pumping and fill it up with the element.


Contrarily, the Volcano Digital vaporizer is best for you if you like to take some essential oils and some other extracts along with the substance.

Usually, this vaporizer takes approximately 10-15 minutes to heat up thoroughly and 30 seconds to fill the balloon. Once the balloon is filled with your filling, you have to place the mouthpiece into the balloon’s valve and enjoy your session.

My 2nd Choice

With regards to its performance and heating period, the Volcano Hybrid wins the race. This device takes a maximum of 40 seconds to warm up thoroughly and carries huge space to fill up for an intense session.

Volcano Hybrid Vapor Quality

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Volcano Classic vs Volcano Hybrid: The Construction

Volcano Classic Vs Digital Vs Hybrid Construction


Who doesn’t know the legendary Storz and Bickel’s engineering quality regarding its volcano devices? Many vapers have admired the volcano classic for over a decade for its first-class building quality.

The Volcano Classic vaporizer has been constructed with excellent material that lasts it longer for up to 10 years.

Nevertheless, the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer is a more exclusive device that has also maintained its building quality similar to that of a classic one. If you are looking for a dependable and robust quality vaporizer, then the Volcano Hybrid should not be overlooked.

The outstanding Volcano Hybrid vaporizer is wangled by German engineers using high-quality stainless steel, ensuring its durability and robustness for an extended period.

Additionally, when you glance at the Volcano Digital vaporizer for the first time, it looks quite captivating. This vaporizer is stunningly constructed with premium metallic alloy, and large digital LED display to show the temperature.

Thus, the Volcano Digital device is sturdily built with a high-quality heat-resistant material that does not let it hot from the exterior.


Though Storz and Bickel are very popular for their construction quality, the brand has sustained its quality in every vape product.

However, it could be quite tricky amongst every volcano series to decide which one has stronger and tough building excellence. Therefore, in my opinion, the Volcano Classic vaporizer has the sturdiest and hardest engineering material.

Volcano Classic vs Volcano Hybrid: Temperature Modification

Volcano Classic Vs Digital Vs Hybrid Temperature Setting

The Volcano Classic of the volcano vaporizers comes with traditional temperature control. This vaporizer consists of a dial analog, which sets the temperature by dialing the analog and set the temperature as needed.

Thus, the Volcano Classic increases its temperature by dialing it higher. Concisely, the higher the dial, the hotter the vapor. However, this analog appears in numbering form from 1-9, which ranges from 130 to 226 °C. Just tune your temperature and get precise results.


On the flip side, the Volcano Hybrid has more accurate and exact temperature controls. This device is perfect for those who are seeking precise temperature results.

Not only this, the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer offers a higher temperature than that of the classic one. Its temperature panel varies from 40 to 230 °C temperature, which can be set easily by just pressing the buttons of plus and minus.

Then comes the Volcano Digit vaporizer, which has fully integrated automatic and digital temperature panels. The Volcano Digital vape is more beneficial with regards to its temperature system.

Volcano Digital delivers the minimum temperature of 40 °C and allows you to vaporize the material to provide the flavor of each substance and oil you have filled in the chamber.

Nonetheless, the hybrid and digital vaporizers’ temperature is the same, yet the digital one is more accurate. Whatever temperature you like to consume, many people prefer digital vaporizer because of their precision and controllability.

My 3rd Choice

The one who loves to use the Volcano Classic cannot be convinced of anything. If you are a beginner, I would suggest going to the Volcano Digital vaporizer.


volcano digit vs hybrid vs classic compare

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Volcano Classic vs Volcano Hybrid: Vapor Brilliance

Volcano Classic Vs Digital Vs Hybrid Vapor Quality

While considering this feature of the three volcano vaporizer series, you must have had the question, which one delivers the best quality? Let’s begin with the classic one.

The Volcano Classic vaporizer gives off strong, flavored, and very powerful vapors. The high-quality vapors produced by the classic one are smooth enough to inhale easily.

Besides, a significant reason why many people still demand the Volcano Classic vaporizer is the trademark of the volcano classic, which makes it supreme and produces high results.


While talking about the Volcano Hybrid, it has top-notch vapor excellence that produces exciting flavor by extracting the substance to its end.

It also helps you make the smoke cloud because of its thick consistency and maximum extraction. Moreover, it gives you pure vapors with an ultra-cleaned substance.

Another Volcano Digital has an exclusive vapor quality that comprises no hazard of combustion and evaporation through the transmission.

However, the digital series of volcano vaporizers provide you with accurate vapor quality. This latest version has a more precise thickness and density of the vapors and purity and safety. This vaporizer is ideal for those who like to make light and thin clouds.    

This Volcano Classic vaporizer has still managed to keep its high quality of vapors, yet the market’s innovation has dominated it; hybrid vaporizer since the hybrid vaporizer provides cleaner flavor and better smoke adaptability.

Volcano Classic vs Volcano Hybrid: User-Friendliness

Volcano Classic Vs Digital Vs Hybrid User Friendly


The Volcano Classic vaporizer is very effortless to use. You do not need to learn anything specific. Just follow the instructions, and you are ready to enjoy each session.

Just turn the device on and fill the chamber with the substance. After filling the chamber, you have to wait to get the balloon a certain amount of powder, and you are ready to inhale.

It won’t take much time to get used to it. Just try it out one to two times, and you would become an expert in using the Volcano Classic vaporizer.

Alternatively, the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer is slightly technical and twisted to be learned. Though this version is relatively easy to use overall, some small details and bits should be learned while using this device.

It depends upon you whether you want to inhale directly from the rod or via balloon. However, you must be careful with the warm bits while taking the dosages.

Furthermore, the Volcano Digital vaporizer is tremendously easy to use, particularly with its digital controlling system. This vaporizer has a built-in LED dual temperature display that consists of considerable buttons to turn the system off and on.

Just put the material into the substance, set the temperature using a digital control panel, and you are ready to inhale. However, waiting for quite a long time could be exhausting.

In a nutshell, the Volcano Digital vaporizer is most comfortable to use because of its capability. Many vapers prefer digital vaporizer because you need nothing to learn about it. Just place the substance inside and press the button.

Volcano Classic vs Volcano Hybrid: Easy to Clean

Volcano Classic Vs Digital Vs Hybrid Easy To Clean

Other than its easiness to use, the Volcano Classic is also straightforward to clean. Long with this device, you would get a cleaning brush that you can use to clean the chamber and the screen. Just wipe it off with the brush, and it would be all cleaned out.

The Volcano Hybrid vaporizer’s cleanliness is rather challenging and involves more processes than that of using. It would be best to use the dosing capsule while using this device because it keeps the device cleaned and maintained.

Thus, if you do not use the dosing capsule, I would suggest cleaning its screen using the cleaning brush. Besides, to clean the chamber or the metallic exterior, you can use a soft cloth.


Using a Volcano Digital vaporizer is not a challenging task; instead of cleaning, it could be. This device also comprises a cleaning brush, which should eliminate the residue fallen on the device. Though, being digital, you must look after its digital control panel and clean it frequently.

Nonetheless, the classic volcano vaporizer can be efficiently cleaned using just a brush that comes along with it. Thus, rub brush in the chamber and the exterior to clean all the fallen residue on the vaporizer.

Conclusion: Which is better? Volcano Classic vs Volcano Hybrid vs Digital?

Since I have done a comparative review of Volcano Classic vs Hybrid vs Digital and discussed each device’s different aspects and features, let’s be obvious!

The volcano classic is still the best one amongst millions of vapers because of the durable structure and classic execution offered by the product.

Although the digital vaporizer is very user-friendly, many old vapers who use the volcano vaporizers for quite some time still prefer Volcano Classic Vaporizer. All three devices are best on their own; however, the classic vaporizer has no beat.

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