Puffco Proxy Vs Peak Pro: Why is Puffco Peak better than Puffco Proxy?

When it comes to innovative and high-quality vaporizers, Puffco has set the bar high. Their Proxy and Peak Pro models are cutting-edge devices that promise an unparalleled vaping experience.

In this article, we will dissect the features of both models and compare them to help you decide which one suits your needs best.

Puffco Proxy Vs Peak Pro: Comparison Table

FeaturePuffco ProxyPuffco Peak Pro
DesignCompact and portableSleek and innovative
Heating MethodCeramic AtomizerHigh-capacity smart chamber
Temperature Control4 Pre-Programmed Heat Settings4 Pre-Programmed Heat Settings plus more via Puffco App
Chamber3D Chamber (Sealed)Large sealed ceramic chamber
Battery Life15-Heat Cycle Average Battery Life30-Session Average Battery Life
Warranty1 Year with Puffco1 Year with Puffco
AccessoriesCarrying Case, Proxy Base, Borosilicate Glass Pipe, 3D Chamber, Cable, Loading Tool, Dual ToolVaporizer, Chamber, Oculus Carb Cap, Jacket & Tether, Dual Tools, Loading Tool, USB-C Cable, AC Adapter, Carrying Case
Special FeaturesBoost Mode, Auto-Sleep FunctionBluetooth App Connectivity, Wireless Qi Charging, Custom LED Light Band, Sesh Mode

Key Takeaways

  • Both devices offer unique features that may appeal to different users.
  • The Peak Pro has a longer battery life and more temperature control options through the app.
  • The Proxy is more compact and includes a Boost Mode for increased heat.
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Puffco Proxy Vs Puffco Peak Pro: Detailed Comparison


The Puffco Proxy is compact and portable, making it a handy companion for on-the-go vaping. Its dimensions (Base: 42 x 42 x 64.75mm, Glass: 42 x 129.41 x 57.48mm) make it easy to handle and transport. Read Puffco Proxy Review.

The Puffco Peak Pro, on the other hand, boasts a sleek and innovative design. With its hand-blown glass and a custom LED light band, the Peak Pro is a vaporizer and statement piece. Read Puffco Peak Pro Review.

Winner: Puffco Peak Pro – Its unique design makes it stand out more aesthetically.


Both the Proxy and the Peak Pro combine ceramic and glass. The ceramic enhances the flavor and efficiency of your concentrates, while the glass offers a pure and clean vapor pathway.

Winner: Tie – Both use high-quality materials designed for optimum performance.

Heating Method

The Proxy uses a ceramic atomizer that heats up in 30 seconds. It offers 4 pre-programmed heat settings to cater to different preferences.

The Peak Pro takes heating to another level with its high-capacity smart chamber, which offers 4 pre-set temperatures. Plus, it allows users to customize heat settings via the Puffco app.

Winner: Puffco Peak Pro – Its advanced heating system offers greater flexibility.

Temperature Control

While both devices offer 4 pre-programmed heat settings, the Peak Pro enables custom temperature control through the Puffco app.

Winner: Puffco Peak Pro – The app control provides more options for temperature customization.


The Proxy features a 3D sealed chamber, while the Peak Pro comes with a larger sealed ceramic chamber that auto-calibrates heat.


Winner: Puffco Peak Pro – The larger chamber’s auto-calibrating offers an advanced and efficient vaporizing experience.

Battery Life

The Proxy offers a 15-heat cycle average battery life, which is impressive. However, the Peak Pro tops it with a 30-session average battery life per charge.

Winner: Puffco Peak Pro – The longer battery life allows extended vaping sessions without frequent charging.


The Proxy and the Peak Pro offer a one-year warranty with Puffco, covering any defects in materials or workmanship.

Winner: Tie – Both devices come with the same warranty period.


Both devices come with a rich set of accessories. The Proxy kit includes a carrying case, Proxy Base, Borosilicate Glass Pipe, 3D Chamber, Cable, Loading Tool, and Dual Tool.

The Peak Pro kit is equally impressive, featuring a Vaporizer, Chamber, Oculus Carb Cap, Jacket & Tether, Dual Tools, Loading Tool, USB-C Cable, AC Adapter, and a Carrying Case.

Winner: Tie – Both devices have comprehensive accessories that enhance the user experience.

Additional Features

The Proxy has a boost mode, providing extra heat for those who prefer it, and an auto-sleep function to conserve battery life.

On the other hand, the Peak Pro has several advanced features, including Bluetooth app connectivity, wireless Qi charging, a custom LED light band, and a “Sesh Mode” for extended sessions.

Winner: Puffco Peak Pro – Its advanced features offer an enhanced, customizable user experience.


In the battle between the Puffco Proxy and the Puffco Peak Pro, the Peak Pro takes the crown. Its unique design, advanced heating system, larger chamber, longer battery life, and additional features like Bluetooth app connectivity and wireless charging make it a superior choice for those seeking an advanced, customizable vaping experience.

That said, the Puffco Proxy is still a fantastic device. Its compact design, impressive battery life, and unique features like the boost mode make it a great option for those seeking a portable, straightforward device that gets the job done.

In conclusion, while both devices offer high-quality vaping experiences, the Puffco Peak Pro edges out the Proxy thanks to its advanced features and greater flexibility.

However, the final choice comes down to individual preferences and needs. Whatever device you choose, Puffco’s commitment to quality ensures you’re in for a great vaping experience.

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