Puffco Peak vs Focus V Carta

Focus V and Puffco are two of the top-notch vape brands in the industry. I have done a detailed comparative review of the products by each brand; Puffco Peak vs Focus V Carta.

Each of them offers supreme performance and a unique dab pen appearance. The features of each device make it exciting when comparing both with one another.

Nonetheless, after comparing every detail of both products, check out which vaporizer holds the crown.

Puffco Peak vs Focus V Carta: Comparison Table

Puffco Peak Vs Carta Comparison
Puffco PeakCarta
Temperature260 to 332°CCustomizable
Battery2400 mAh1200 mAh (2x)
Heating time20 sec5-8 sec
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Puffco Peak vs Focus V Carta: Detailed Comparison

While comparing both vaporizers, the big question comes: Which is the best? Today, I will analyze different aspects of Puffco Peak and Focus V Carta Vaporizer. So, let’s proceed with our first aspect.

Manufacturing and Structure

The Puffco Peak vaporizer is super durable because it is made of excellent glass. This vape comprises a stable 2.75” base to make it hold evenly.

However, this vaporizer has a triangular shape pen-shaped appearance, making it easier to hold it with two hands or one hand effortlessly. This vape is 7 inches long, portable, and can be fit anywhere while traveling.

The Puffco Peak is hardly the size of a pen, yet stylish and trendy. While purchasing the Puffco Peak vape, you will discover plenty of color options.

On the other side, the Focus V Carta is also 7 inches long and has a round-shaped base. However, this vaporizer is not as stable as the Peak vape.

Thus, this vaporizer comes with a carrying case, enabling you to put it in and move it wherever you want. Although this vaporizer is pen-shaped, its structure is heavier and chunky, dominated by its competitor Puffco Peak.


Both vaporizers are the same size, yet their weight varies, enabling you to move them. The Puffco Peak is compact and lighter in weight, which is more bag-friendly and fits into your pocket.

However, the bulkier and thicker Focus V Carta vaporizer could be more challenging to hold everywhere. Although this vaporizer has the same length and height, it weighs more than the Puffco Peak vape. Hence, the Peak vape is preferred by most vapers who travel frequently.

Vapor Brilliance

The Puffco Peak delivers high-class vapor quality and is considered the first dab rig vape with excellent performance.

Besides, this vaporizer provides enormous flavorful and exceptional hits. Moreover, water filtration cools down the vapors before sending them directly to your lungs.


On the flip side, another vape, Focus V Carta, is ideal for wax vapors, which are easier to handle a decent amount. This vape delivers smooth and thinner bubbles.

However, this flavor provided by the Focus V Carta is not as pure as Puffco Peak, but the cooling system is considered a better feature than its opponent’s.


As compared to all other wax pens, the Puffco Peak is straightforward to learn, and it needs no instructor to get to know how to use this vaporizer. This vape is very friendly towards the beginner as well as the pro.

You need to do nothing other than long your concentrates in the glass and start the button to let it heat up. Once the device starts vibrating, it is ready to go. For beginners, this vape is very proficient and all set. Just inhale and enjoy!

Meanwhile, the Focus V Carta by Focus V is tricky to handle, specifically for the first time. This vape does not offer you the option of cold or hot load; you must learn how to use it to operate its rig.

In comparison, this vaporizer’s cleaning is relatively easy since this device comprises a cleaning kit that lets you maintain it often easily.

About its ease of use, the Puffco Peak takes the medal again. This vaporizer is ideal for both beginners and regular users. Once they get this vape, they can easily understand every feature without any trouble.

Temperature Adaptability

The Puffco Peak has four pre-resolute temperature settings ranging from 232 to 315°C. This vape has a versatile temperature range that comprises premium technology to load different materials and heats it outstandingly.

On the other hand, Focus V Carta vape is more innovative in technology regarding temperature modifications. This device has temperature options that can be set using Bluetooth or a smartphone application. Using these connections, you can easily customize the temperature per your preference.

In short, by controlling the Focus V Carta vape through apps and Bluetooth, you can wonderfully set the temperature to whatever you want.

Battery Life

The Puffco Peak vaporizer holds a 2400 mAh battery that can be entirely charged within 2 hours. You would get a USB cable and a power adapter to charge the vape quickly along with this device. However, once the device has entirely charged, you can expect 15 to 20 impactful sessions continuously.

Furthermore, the Focus V Carta vape consists of two 1200 mAh batteries holding a pair of batteries. Although this vape comprises a small battery of the Puffco Peak device, you can easily attend 40 to 50 sessions once it charges completely. This vape also comes along with a USB cable to charge the device.


Both tremendous vaporizers hold unique price tags that provide first-class vapor qualities. However, by comparing each device’s aspects, I conclude that the Focus V Carta vaporizer by Focus V triumphs over Puffco Peak.

The most significant benefit of this vape, which cannot be overseen, is that you have absolute control over this vaporizer through exclusive Mobile Apps and Bluetooth connection technologies and can adapt to the temperature.

Besides, if you are traveling a long way and there’s no way to charge the device often, just let it charge entirely once, and you can enjoy approximately 40 to 50 intense sessions through Focus V Carta.

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