Pax Plus vs POTV One – Is Pax Plus Better?

In the world of portable vaporizers, two products have risen to prominence: the Pax Plus and the POTV One.

Both these devices are designed for users seeking optimal flavor, discretion, and performance, but each offers unique features that set them apart.

Today’s objective is to dive deep into comparing these two vaporizers, highlighting their differences and strengths to help you make an informed decision.

Pax Plus vs POTV One – Comparison Table

FeaturesPax PlusPOTV One
CompatibilityDry Herb, ExtractsDry Herb
Warranty10 Years2 Years
Body MaterialMetalAluminum
Mouthpiece MaterialSiliconeGlass
Precise Temp ControlNoNo
DisplayLED IndicatorsLED Indicators
Mobile AppNoNo
Haptic TechYesYes
Oven MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Oven Capacity0.5gr0.15gr
Temp Settings4 Levels (Preset Temperatures)320-430°F
Heating MethodConductionConduction
Heat Up Time20-30s20-30s
Battery TypeInternalInternal
Battery Capacity3500mAh1600mAh
Charge Time2-3 Hours1-2 Hours
Sessions Per Charge6-92-4
Charger TypeMagneticMicro-USB

Key Takeaways:

  • Pax Plus is compatible with dry herbs and extracts, while POTV One is limited to dry herbs.
  • Pax Plus has a significantly larger battery capacity and offers more sessions per charge.
  • POTV One is more budget-friendly, with almost half the price of Pax Plus.
  • While Pax Plus is lighter, the POTV One provides a glass mouthpiece that some users might prefer for flavor.
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Pax Plus vs POTV One – Detailed Comparison


Pax Plus: The Pax Plus is versatile, compatible with both dry herbs and extracts. This allows users to have a broader spectrum of vaping experiences.

POTV One: The POTV One is solely designed for dry herb vaping, which could be limiting for some users.

Winner: Pax Plus offers a broader usage spectrum due to its dual compatibility.


Pax Plus: With a price tag of $225, the Pax Plus is on the pricier side.

POTV One: Priced at $99.95, the POTV One is much more wallet-friendly.

Winner: POTV One offers significant value given its lower price point.

Body Material:

Pax Plus: The Pax Plus boasts a metal body, offering a sleek appearance while ensuring durability.

POTV One: With an aluminum body, the POTV One is designed for aesthetic appeal and resilience.

Winner: Tie. Both vaporizers offer robust and durable materials, ensuring longevity.


Pax Plus: Weighing in at just 91g, it is lightweight and highly portable.

POTV One: Slightly heavier at 130g, the POTV One is still reasonably portable but might feel a tad heftier in your pocket.

Winner: Pax Plus takes the lead with its featherweight design, ideal for those on the move.

Mouthpiece Material:

Pax Plus: The silicone mouthpiece on the Pax Plus is designed for comfort.

POTV One: The POTV One stands out with a glass mouthpiece, often preferred for preserving flavor purity.

Winner: POTV One, as the glass mouthpiece, is often linked to a superior flavor experience.

Heating Method:

Pax Plus and POTV One: Both vaporizers utilize conduction as their heating method, which involves direct contact of the herb with the heating surface.

Winner: Tie. Both devices employ the same heating method, ensuring consistent vapor production.

Battery Capacity and Life:

Pax Plus: With a battery capacity of 3500mAh, users can expect between 6 to 9 sessions per charge.

POTV One: The POTV One comes with a 1600mAh battery, yielding about 2 to 4 sessions per charge.

Winner: Pax Plus clearly outperforms in this category, offering a more prolonged vaping experience on a single charge.

Charger Type:

Pax Plus: Features a magnetic charger, ensuring a secure and hassle-free connection.

POTV One: Uses a Micro-USB charger, which is universally available and convenient for many users.

Winner: Tie. While the magnetic charger offers a unique connection method, the ubiquity of the Micro-USB might appeal to many users.

Oven Capacity:

Pax Plus: A larger oven capacity of 0.5gr lets users enjoy extended sessions or share with friends.

POTV One: A smaller oven of 0.15gr is more suitable for individual sessions.

Winner: Pax Plus, with its larger oven, offers flexibility for both solo and group vaping sessions.


Pax Plus: A whopping 10-year warranty is a testament to the company’s confidence in its product’s longevity.

POTV One: A 2-year warranty, while decent, doesn’t match the assurance provided by Pax Plus.

Winner: Pax Plus, with a substantially extended warranty period, assures users of its commitment to quality and durability.


When it comes to selecting a vaporizer, the specifics of individual needs come to the forefront. With its superior battery life, larger oven capacity, and extensive warranty, the Pax Plus is a powerhouse. It is suitable for those willing to invest in a premium experience.

However, the POTV One, with its glass mouthpiece and attractive price point, shouldn’t be overlooked, especially by those prioritizing flavor and budget.

Ultimately, both vaporizers are a testament to advancements in vaping technology, and users can’t go wrong with either choice. Consider what aspects matter most to you—whether it’s battery life, material quality, oven size, or price—and make your selection accordingly.

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