Pax Plus vs Crafty Plus – Is Pax Plus better than Crafty Plus?

In the world of portable vaporizers, the Pax Plus and Crafty+ Vaporizer stand out as two of the most popular and innovative devices available today. Both vaporizers are known for their compact size, powerful performance, and user-friendly design.

In this detailed product comparison article, we will examine the features of both products, comparing their battery life, dimensions, temperature settings, warranty, and more. We will also provide a clear conclusion on which vaporizer best suits your needs.

To ensure a comprehensive and engaging reader experience, we will combine paragraphs, lists, and tables. So, let’s dive into the world of portable vaporizers and find out which one, the Pax Plus or Crafty+, comes out on top.

Pax Plus vs Crafty Plus: Comparison Table

FeaturesPax PlusCrafty+
Battery Life2 hours on single charge~6 bowls per charge
Dimensions3.85 x 1.22 x 0.86 inchesPortable, pocket-friendly design
Heating Modes/Temperature4 preset heating modes3 manual temperatures + Superbooster
Warranty10-year limited warranty3-year warranty
Vapor QualityDense, smooth, flavorful vaporExcellent flavor delivery
Dual-useDry herbs and solid concentratesDry herbs and concentrates
Manufacturer ReputationPax LabsStorz & Bickel

Key Takeaways:

  • The Pax Plus offers a longer battery life, slimmer dimensions, more diverse heating modes, and a longer warranty than the Crafty+.
  • Both vaporizers are portable and designed with on-the-go use in mind, but the Pax Plus has a slight edge in dimensions and portability.
  • The Pax Plus is better suited for users seeking simplicity, discretion, and performance in their portable vaporizer.
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Pax Plus vs Crafty Plus – Is Pax Plus Better than Crafty Plus?

Battery Life

One of the most important aspects of a portable vaporizer is its battery life. The Pax Plus boasts a 3000mAh battery, which provides a solid 2-hour battery life on a single charge. This is impressive for a compact device, ensuring you can enjoy multiple sessions without recharge. The charging process is also convenient, thanks to the magnetic USB charging dock included with the Pax Plus.

The Crafty+ has an optimized battery for a 30% faster heat-up time than its predecessor. While it doesn’t specify the battery capacity, the Crafty+ can deliver approximately 6 bowls per charge. This makes it an excellent option for casual, on-the-go users who want a device that can last throughout the day.

Winner: Pax Plus – Although the Crafty+ offers more bowls per charge, the Pax Plus has a higher battery capacity and longer overall battery life, the better choice for those who prioritize longer vaping sessions or less frequent charging.

Dimensions and Portability (200 words)

The Pax Plus is a compact and discreet vaporizer, with dimensions of 3.85 inches in height, 1.22 inches in width, and 0.86 inches in depth. Its slim design makes it easy to slip into a pocket or small bag, allowing for effortless transportation and use on the go. The Pax Plus is ideal for users who value simplicity and discretion without sacrificing performance.

The Crafty+ is also designed with portability in mind. Although it does not provide specific dimensions, its design allows it to fit comfortably in a pocket. It is described as half the weight of The Mighty+, another popular vaporizer from Storz & Bickel. This makes the Crafty+ suitable for casual users who want a reliable and portable vaporizer for on-the-go use.

Winner: Pax Plus – While both vaporizers are designed with portability in mind, the Pax Plus has a slight edge due to its slimmer and more specific dimensions.

Temperature Settings and Heating Modes (200 words)

The Pax Plus offers four preset temperature settings controlled by a single button. These settings cater to various preferences and include:

  1. Stealth Mode: minimal vapor, added discretion, 360°F (182°C)
  2. Efficiency Mode: gradual temperature increase, slow sessions
  3. Flavor Mode: heating initiated by inhalation, strong taste profiles
  4. Boost Mode: maintains heating, fast sessions, suitable for concentrates

These heating modes allow users to customize their vaping experience based on their preferences and the materials they are using.

The Crafty+ offers manual temperature selection, with three preset temperatures of 356°F, 383°F, and 410°F. Additionally, the Superbooster feature can increase the temperature by 27°F (15°C). Temperature control is achieved via an Android Remote Control App, which gives users greater control over their vaping experience. The Crafty+ also features a hybrid heating system, utilizing conduction and convection heating for optimal vapor production.

Winner: Pax Plus – The Pax Plus has a more diverse range of heating modes, allowing users to fine-tune their experience without needing a smartphone app.

Warranty and Manufacturer Reputation

Pax Labs, the manufacturer of the Pax Plus, offers a 10-year limited warranty on their device, demonstrating their confidence in its durability and performance. Pax Labs has a strong reputation in the industry, with the Pax Plus being their newest offering and a worthy successor to the popular Pax 3.

Storz & Bickel, a company with a longstanding reputation for reliability and quality, manufactures the Crafty+. They offer a 3-year warranty on the Crafty+, which, while shorter than the Pax Plus warranty, still provides users with peace of mind regarding the device’s durability.

Winner: Pax Plus – With a longer warranty period, the Pax Plus edges out the Crafty+ in terms of manufacturer support and confidence in the product’s durability.


After comparing the features of the Pax Plus and Crafty+ vaporizers, it is clear that the Pax Plus emerges as the overall winner. With a longer battery life, slimmer dimensions, more diverse heating modes, and a longer warranty period, the Pax Plus offers a superior vaping experience for users seeking simplicity, discretion, and performance.

While the Crafty+ is a strong contender with its unique temperature control system and portable design, it falls short in some key areas compared to the Pax Plus.

In summary, the Pax Plus is the better choice if you’re in the market for a portable vaporizer with excellent performance, customization, and a user-friendly design. Its diverse heating modes, compact design, and impressive battery life make it ideal for casual and more experienced users.

Although the Crafty+ has unique features and offers a great vaping experience, it falls behind the Pax Plus regarding overall value and versatility.

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