PAX Era Pro vs Juul

An overwhelming majority of smokers are now turning to vapes as it’s safer and cheaper. This shift makes them search for quality vaporizers like Pax Era Pro and Juul Vaporizer, as they are new in the field and don’t know much about the devices.

Henceforth, we have picked the two best vapes to make it easier for you. Below is a comparison of Pax Era Pro and Juul Vaporizer, with their descriptions alongside some pros and cons for further elaboration. Choose what best matches your interest!

PAX Era Pro VS Juul Vaporizer: Comparison

Pax Era Pro Vs Juul Vaporizer Comparison Table
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PAX Era Pro

Pax Era Pro Vs Juul

So Pax Era Pro also called PaxSmart Pods for their prominent figure, is an updated and improved version of the Pax Era.

It’s more tech-savvy owing to its multiple functions that can be done through the app. Pax Era Pro is a slender, sharp-edged vape that will not only work profoundly but makes the holder look dope.

The device is available in 4 colors, red, grey, jade, and black the perfect pitch-black color makes it look even cooler.

  • It is UL certified, so the user never experiences something harmful.
  • You don’t have to worry about fixing it repeatedly each time you use it. It remembers your favorite temperature.
  • Pax Era Pro also knows what dosage you want with each strain; you must tell it once.
  • With its PodID, you can connect it to your Android to see the details of what you are exhaling at the moment.

Juul Vaporizer

Juul Vs Pax Era Pro Compare

This vaporizer was designed for adult smokers, especially as it would be harder for them to shift from cigarettes to vapes. Its slate figure is quite attractive and easy to handle for grown-ups.

  • Juul Vaporizer comes with a USB port, making it easier for you to charge it whenever you want
  • It functions with a relatively low dose of nicotine, as much is present in a cigarette.
  • Juul vaporizer knows what a standard smoker wants, so it provides them with enough of everything to keep them satisfied
  • The vape does not function like an e-cigarette which has free-base nicotine, which can be pretty annoying for an adult and chain smoker
  • Instead, it contains liquid forms of nicotine, propylene, glycerine, benzoic acid, and the artificial flavors

Should You Buy Pax Era OR Juul Vaporizer?

So now you have both vaporizers’ qualities, descriptions, and design information, though both are certified and quality vapes. We hope it is now easy for you to pick the least harmful one that matches best with what you are looking for.

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