PAX Era Life vs PAX Era Pro

PAX Era PRO and PAX Era Life, both devices are oil-based vapes and offer perfect functionality and ease of use.

Like most oil-based pod vaporizers the device is instantly activated as you start to inhale. Both the devices do not have an on or off button.

The pod system makes it even easier as you just have to remove the pod and place a new one and you can instantly start inhaling.

Charging the device is necessary during sessions. Apple or IOS devices have stopped supporting the applications for the vaporizers and oil-based vaporizers as well.

The app however does offer a lot of functionality and makes you adjust features of the device that you cannot otherwise. Such as monitoring the oil, temperatures, the pod’s legitimacy, and other safety-related issues.

The clip in the assembly of the devices makes it very easy to switch pods as it is extremely hassle-free and simple. PAX Era life has a step up over the PAX Era pro where the device has a remote locking system.

PAX Era Life vs PAX Era PRO Comparison Table

(Only the differences are mentioned in the table.)

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PAX Era Life vs PAX Era Pro: Detailed Comparison

Built quality:

The durability of PAX Era Life and PAX Era Pro is uncompromised despite there being a difference in the price tag. PAX Era Life and PAX Era Pro, both have an intuitive design and consist of a very sleek and stylish look.

Precise machine zinc-aluminum alloy accompanied with the anodization process brings about beautiful vibrant colors in the PAX era life.

While the PAX Era pro also comes in some very unique and vibrant colors. Along with the simplistic body design and the manufacturing that is super durable and easy to use with the clip-on pod system. These devices are certainly one to use if you enjoy oil vaporizers.

Add the application and the modifications you can make with the help of the app is beyond anything we have ever experienced in an oil-based pod system vaporizer. Not only that, PAX Era Life and PAX Era Pro both devices have haptic feedback incorporated in them which is a plus one to the set of features it has to offer.

Power Flexibility:

The fun part about PAX Era Life and PAX Era Pro is that they both have a setting built-in that allows you to switch the cartridge or pod and the device actually remembers the temperature settings for each of your cartridges.

This is a very helpful feature if you like switching up the pods or cartridges often. The benefit of the app plays a key role in setting the power and temperature as per your liking.

Vapor quality:

The PAX Era pro and PAX Era life both have the technology of low heat that ensures you do not get a burnt taste in your mouth. PAX Era life provides an excellent vaping experience to its users.

It is hard to describe how good the vapor is. Especially adding the variety of different cartridges and prefilled pods you can choose and enjoy any flavor you want.

PAX Era Life comes with a large variety of pods that makes the user’s life much easier. The 2mm silica wick on the device helps in releasing and absorbing some of the most subtle notes and hints that other vaporizers will miss.

PAX Era Pro comes with multiple pods and cartridges as well and the best part is they have taken the guessing game of temperature away from the hands of the consumers.

The PAX Era Pro users can simply clip in the new cartridge and the PAX Era Pro will automatically go up to the temperature setting that is required for that pod.

Battery life: PAX Era Life vs PAX Era Pro

The PAX Era Pro has a USB C type changing and charges in under 45 minutes. Once fully charged it gives you around 100 to 150 puffs which is a lot considering the size of the device.

PAX Era life however still uses the micro USB charging port and does not have a USB c type charging port. However, the good thing is that it also gives 150 puffs easily.

That too considering the small size of the device. The PAX Era life takes about 45 minutes to charge completely and then it can be used for up to 150 puffs.

Portability: PAX Era Pro vs PAX Era Life

PAX Era Pro is already a very small device and then if you compare it to the PAX Era life that is even smaller than the PAX Ero Pro. The PAX Era Life weighs lesser than 50 grams and outweighs all the other oil-based vaporizers. Carrying it around is even easier and both the devices can be carried around safely without being noticed.

In fact, you can also carry the pods if you want, and since it lasts as long as 100 to 150 puffs easily. That means that you can easily carry the portable device around and it will last for a couple of days easily.

Ease of use:

Counting all the amazing features that these portable vaporizers offer, there is not much to discount. The devices provide an easy clip-in pod system and also the USB C-type charger in PAX Era Pro that makes the charging much more quick and simple.

Along with that 100 to 150 puffs in both means that both the devices can last for several days before needing to be charged again. Not to forget the vapor quality that is spectacular in both the devices. There is not much to dislike about these vaporizers.

If you love oil-based vaporizers and you enjoy trying out different flavors. The difference in flavors as well as the temperatures that are adjustable and in most cases adjusted according to the pods makes the whole difference. It makes the vapor quality even better than ever.

PAX Era PRO vs PAX Era Life: Which is best?

Comparing both the vaporizers, the PAX Era Life and PAX Era Pro there is not much difference in the quality of the vapor and the design. The manufacturing quality is also very good and a wide array of flavors are also available. Furthermore, the battery life and the clip-on pods make it super easy to use these devices.

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