PAX 3 vs Magic Flight Launch Box

Portable vaporizers are excellent because they offer many facilities that a desktop vaporizer might not provide. These vapes are lighter in weight, easily movable, compact-sized, and usually offer higher temperature options.

Not only this, but these are also highly preferred and recommended vaporizers by many vapers. Yet, there are so many portable vapes on the market, making it difficult for a buyer to pick one.

However, the comparison I am going to do today is PAX 3 vs. MFLB. Each device is from a top-notch vape company and has been built by excellent engineers.

No doubt, both devices have some great features, but there are certainly some distinctions between them. Let’s discuss each device and discover the most appropriate one for you.

PAX 3 vs. Magic Flight Launch Box: Comparison Table

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Pax 3 vs. Magic Flight Launch Box

I have reviewed and compared both devices based on personal experiences and customer reviews. Each device is effortless to carry and has been considered a great vape amongst several vapers. Yet, what makes them different from each other? Check out each review and see which to opt for.

Construction Quality

pax 3 vs mflb construction

Pax Labs always delivers ultra-quality products to its customers. However, the Pax 3 vape came up with some innovations, but it looks similar to its previous series, Pax 2.

The Pax 3 vaporizer has a glossy and shiny appearance constructed with excellent aluminum material to give it a robust look. Besides, its smooth exterior is straightforward to wipe out the fallen residue from it.

On Contra side, the Mflb vape by magic flight has been manufactured by keeping in view the decent heating system. However, it has a wooden exterior to give a traditional and light note to the spectators.

Also, there is a lid of glass acrylic on it, through which one can see inside the pipe. Other than this, its stainless steel heating chamber heats up to a great extent and delivers first-class vapors.

Anyhow, this multi-material product would give you a fantastic experience and provide you with a classic feel while holding it.


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Vapor Quality

pax 3 vs mflb vapor quality

The Pax 3 vaporizer is adequately hot and satisfying when it comes to vapor quality. This device is ideal for using dry herbs, and it offers exceptionally condensed vapors, which are common amongst most users.

However, while relating this device with the Mflb, this Pax 3 delivers lighter, decent vapors with moderate flavor. Besides, you can customize the cloud quality between the flat elevated mouthpiece. A 20-second heating system can quickly heat this device.

On the other hand, this vaporizer has a straightforward heating system, yet a small unit generates sufficient quality vapors. Although the unit is smaller in size, it also delivers smooth vapors with big clouds.

Moreover, it filters the vapors before sending them to your body. Hence, if you are looking for thicker, denser, and more significant clouds, choose the MFLB.

Temperature Options

pax 3 vs mflb temperature

Talking about the Pax 3 device, this device has specific temperature options which can be set between 182-215°C. Nevertheless, this vaporizer comprises five different temperature modifications and can control it by connecting it with your mobile phone or tablet. Once you have connected the device and turned it on, it would probably take a half hour to heat up thoroughly.

Other than that, the Mflb is more convenient and more comfortable to set the temperature. This device takes no longer than 5 to 10 seconds to heat the system and provide you with intense flavor.


But it has a consistent temperature that is already set, and you cannot modify it as per your need. No matter the temperature, it warms up the system within seconds and produces a strong flavor.


pax 3 vs mflb user friendly

The Pax 3 Vaporizer is very basic to control and maintain. As I discussed above, this vape is very similar to the Pax 2 vape, which means that if you have ever used any product of Pax Labs, then it is easier for you to manage this device.

Moreover, you can easily connect this vape with your smartphone or tablet and control the device from anywhere. Not only this, once you have associated this device with your mobile phone, you can see its temperature status on your screen and modify it as per your preference.

However, the Mflb vaporizer is also easier to use, but you need to understand if you are using it for the first time. No doubt, it takes only seconds to heat the whole system by just pressing the battery in.

You can quickly push in its battery, and it would instantly start. A little light occurs under the herb, which means that the device is ready to use. This process needs a little learning, and you would get the best experience.


pax 3 vs mflb portability

You need your vaporizer to be as portable as possible, and both devices are famous for their compact sizes and portability. Thus, the very sophisticated and compact design of the 3rd series of Pax comes in a very convenient size.

When you peep on this vape, it appears just like lipstick in a larger size. Therefore, this vaporizer measures 98×30×21 mm in size. Pax 3 is only 93 grams, which is exceptionally lightweight and easy to carry. Its thin and long size aids you put it inside your pocket or bag.

Alternatively, the Mflb has intended explicitly by considering the portability. However, this vaporizer is not bigger than a car key, which is very tiny and easy to carry in a bag or even pocket.


Moreover, its wooden construction also makes it super lightweight, which you can take anywhere, anytime. However, comparatively, most people keep the Mflb device on priority in terms of portability.

Pax 3 vs MFLB: Which is better?

Hence, both of these vaporizers are incredibly cool in terms of every aspect. But there should be one device that is better than its competitor. However, if we analyze both devices, you know that the Magic Flight Launch Box wins this comparison.

Although Pax 3 vaporizer is very convenient, it is expensive to purchase. Who does not like to buy a vaporizer with the same features yet at an affordable price?

Since you can see the price gap between the two devices, you should pick the Mflb vape, which can heat up within a few seconds. You do not need to wait for an extended period, but it would rapidly warm up and generate dense and thick vapors.

However, its temperature is constant but delivers intense flavors. Other than this, once you have purchased this device, you would get a lifetime warranty.

Notwithstanding, both devices are worth buying, but you should use and keep them with reasonable care and high maintenance to make them go long-lasting.

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