PAX 3 vs Crafty Plus

Crafty Plus and Pax 3 vaporizers are the two products that are the best thing customized by their respective manufacturers.

People smoke a lot these days. Some smoke to handle depression while some smoke to make their life fun. Considering the rising demands, companies have started making vaporizers for youngsters.

This article will identify all the comparative differences between the two and help you decide which one is the best bet for you.

PAX 3 vs Crafty Plus: Detailed Comparison

Manufacturing Quality

Pax 3 Vs Crafty Plus Manufacture Quality

The Pax 3 Vaporizer is sleek and stylish like all the other members of the Pax family. It is simple, compact, and shiny. The outer core is made of a tough aluminum coating. Another thing that Pax 3 brings with itself is a 10-year warranty contract.

Many consumers critic the vaporizer for having the same shape and design as Pax 2 but the structure is almost flawless as compared to all other vaporizers.

Crafty Plus Vaporizer contains a coating made of plastic. This does not sexier and is duller than Pax 3. This drawback causes the formation of spots and patterns if it is not cleaned regularly. The mouthpiece contains a cooling system that coordinates well with hot vapors for a better user experience.

One major disadvantage that Crafty Plus carries with itself is the lower durability of the batteries. According to the reviews, the batteries have an overall life of 40-60 hours. The two-year warranty is way lower than Pax 3 as well.

The Vapor Quality

Pax 3 Vs Crafty Plus Quality Vapor

Pax series is well known for the quality of vapor that it produces. Pax 3 emits dense and flavorful clouds of smoke at a high and consistent temperature. The only problem that lies in the vapors produced by the Pax 3 vaporizer is that the heating is not convectional.


You might experience vapors at a higher temperature than demanded. Moreover, the flavor diminishes on occasions and there is a restriction in the airflow feel like you are sucking dense liquid like a milkshake.

Crafty Plus, on the other hand, is one of the most efficient portable vaporizers. It uses conventional heating in which the hot air is blown through the herbs instead of burning the herbs directly. The Crafty Plus produces consistently hot smoke with uninterrupted goodness of flavor.

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Pax 3 Vs Crafty Plus Portable Compare

Pax 3 is the best suitable vaporizer for those who always travel. The size is very compact and the magnetic lid at the bottom of the body makes it safer to carry in the bags and luggage.

The charger cable is separate from the vaporizer which needs to be carried and kept along with it. This small demerit brings difficulties in carrying the product.

The Crafty Plus is less portable than the Pax 3. It is bulkier, larger, and more noticeable in your pocket. The battery life is also not as long as the frequent flyers would like.

There is one big advantage that adds up to the portability factor which is the charging system. Crafty Plus can be charged using a micro USB port.

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Pax 3 Vs Crafty Plus Usage Comparison


Both Crafty Plus and Pax 3 operate using a 1 or 2-button setting. Apart from the buttons, the product requires a mobile app for modified temperature settings.

Pax 3 comes with four different pre-set temperatures. These temperatures can be switched by pressing and holding the power button and then selecting the desired mode of temperature.

A 5th temperature setting is also available, which is manual. This can be set using the mobile app at a customized temperature. Crafty Plus runs a 2-level operational mode system. The first mode is normal while the other is boosted.

On default settings, the normal mode will draw a 180C cloudy from the vaporizers while the boosted mode will produce the 195C fumes. Furthermore, the base and boosted modes can be customized using the mobile app.

These features make Crafty Plus conveniently operative while using the mobile app but limited (with 2 temperature settings) without the app.

Apart from the mobile access, the smoke produced by the Crafty Plus is draw-free and fluent. This is why it is less tiresome as compared to Pax 3.

Battery life

Pax 3 Vs Crafty Vaporizer Battery Life

Customers using the Pax 2 vaporizers were demanding an increase in the functioning duration of the product. Pax 3 answers all those demands with a raise in the overall timing from 1 hour to 1.5 hours.

This allows the user to enjoy a couple more sessions than the previous models in the series. Crafty Plus fails to satisfy the users when it comes to operating over a longer period.

The vaporizer works over 45 minutes, providing 2-3 sessions completely. The reason behind such a low production period is that Crafty Plus runs convectional heating technology. This technology consumes a lot more energy than orthodox conduction heating.


Temperature Settings

Pax 3 contains 4 presets when it comes to temperature settings. These presets are 182C, 193C, 204C, and 215C. There is an additional temperature setting available. The 5th temperature can be set using the mobile app between 182 and 215C, so the temperature cannot go over 215C eventually.

Crafty plus operates using 2 preset options. Both the automatic presets can be customized using the mobile app and the temperature can range from 170C to 215C. The temperature settings are more accurate than Pax 3 vaporizers.


The Pax 3 and Crafty Plus are as similar and identical to each other as twins born from the same parents. Both models carry their advantages and disadvantages. Although, both the models are user-oriented, it all depends on the customers’ preferences.

If you ask us for our suggestion then we will advise you to go for Crafty Plus. Though Crafty Plus does not look sexier and the battery life is lower than that of Pax 3 several other things outweigh these deficiencies.

The temperature range is wider, the heating system is convectional, the size is portable with USB support and it can be accessed through a mobile app. All these features make it the best option for you at such a justifiable price.

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