Mighty vs Volcano Hybrid: Who Wins? Volcano vs Mighty (+20% OFF)

You must have seen a bulky, steely, durable, and stylish-looking vaporizer placed on the tables during night parties and even the smaller gatherings.

People usually like smoking with their friends, and this is the only reason why many seasoned smokers love the Volcano Classic.

The Mighty vaporizer is also an efficient vaporizer that has held a fair share in the market. Many users have asked us to compare both these devices, so here is the head-to-head comparison you will surely like.

Mighty vs Volcano Hybrid/Classic Comparison

Mighty Vs Volcano Comparison

Battery Life2 hoursNo battery
Temperature range40 to 210 °C130 to 230 °C
Heating time90-120 seconds3 minutes
Heating MethodConduction and convectionConvection
Mobile AppNoNo
Warranty2 Years3 Years
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Mighty vs Volcano Hybrid/Classic: Detailed Comparison

The outer look and feel

The Mighty vaporizer is not among the top-notch stylish products available as the shade is pretty dull, and the design is not that great either. When you hold it in your hand, the bulky look does not look as compact as any other vaporizer in the market.

On the other hand, a shiny stainless-steel coating on the Volcano Classic is something to look forward to. It can be used at parties and other social gatherings.

Battery life

Volcano Vaporizer does not have any battery inside. A significant drawback for those who want a quality smoking session outdoor. You can only use this vaporizer while you have plugged it into an electric socket in your home.

The Mighty vaporizer is an entirely different product when it comes to a heavy-duty battery. This device has the ever-so-popular 2-hour battery life to let you smoke your heart out during traveling or video streaming.


The previous feature has pretty much explained the portability factor that both these vaporizers will provide you. The Mighty vaporizer is an incredibly portable device to carry with you during travel or parties.

The size and weight enable you to fit this masterpiece inside your pocket. The Volcano Classic is a very orthodox kind of vaporizer where you will not find a battery to power your smoking sessions. The weight and size also do not provide a very portable experience.

Technology involved

The Mighty vaporizer comes with an orthodox cooking technique that involves real-time functioning where the vapors are heated at the user’s received at the same time.

The Volcano Classic has a whole new working mechanism where you would experience a consistent flow of vapors. First of all, the vapors are heated by a stream of hot air blown by a fan. The heated vapors are then accumulated inside a plastic balloon.

After this, the vapors are continuously pushed towards the mouthpiece. These vapors stored inside the balloon can be smoked for about 8 hours after production.

Temperature range

The temperature range is admirable and wide in both the models as the Mighty provides a 40 to 210 degrees Celsius diversity while Volcano Classic has a 130 to 230 degrees range.


If you like cooking your fillings at a mild temperature, then the Mighty vaporizer is the option to consider. Moreover, there is another thing to look at.

Volcano Classic comes with 9 preset temperature levels to allow you a specified temperature for each type. The Mighty vaporizer provides better temperature control for experienced smokers who know what they are doing.

Heating method

Both the Mighty vaporizer and the Volcano Classic have an extremely high-quality heating method that includes a dual action of both conduction and convection heating.

The herbs and concentrates equally get cooked by the direct flames, and once the vapors are produced, then hot air is blown to increase the temperature to the required level. There is a definite tie here.

Heat-up time

Volcano Classic takes almost 3 minutes to heat the herbs and fill the balloon before it is ready to be used. This is considered the longest time taken by a vaporizer to heat the fillings.

The Mighty vaporizer takes 90-120 seconds to cook the stuff properly. Though this time is not as perfect as you would time but, in the end, it is better than the Volcano Classic.

Quality of vapors

The vapor quality is admirable in both models as there is no metallic or plastic smell in the vapors. A complete aromatic and dense stream of smoke is what you would get while using these vaporizers.


Many experienced smokers like the ceramic chamber because this utilizes the herbs till the drop of vapor blown, and the flavor is not sacrificed either.

Easy to use

You would come across electronic devices with advanced features on many occasions, but the complexity makes it almost impossible to enjoy these features. The same thing applies to some vaporizers.

The Mighty vaporizer and Volcano Classic, however, are very easy to use as there are limited buttons installed on the body with a specific function for each one. There is no Bluetooth app available to make remote handling possible. 


You will receive a secure warranty contract when buying either one of the two vaporizers under consideration. There is a 2-year contract offered by the Mighty vaporizer manufacturers, while a 3-year deal comes with the Volcano Classic.

Feel free to invest your money in these products as a solid warranty contract backs your investment.

Should You Buy Mighty OR Volcano Hybrid?

The conclusion is a pretty straightforward one as both the mentioned models are almost contrary to one another. The Mighty vaporizer is more of a device that is used by those people who like smoking outside.

Better battery life, smaller size, lighter weight, and high-quality vapors are those factors that will definitely help you with your traveling routines. The Volcano Classic is an entirely different product with a bigger and bulkier structure.


The worst thing that you will find in this vaporizer is the absence of a battery. However, the vapor quality and efficient technology are what you might like when you buy this gadget.

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